The 20 Best Bow Sights for Hunting Reviews [2022] Single & Multiple

A good bow sight is no doubt mercy for predators. Ere a few years, various hunting states tarried it illegal but later on it was permitted to use. Now, these scopes have become a part of the sport and every archer must consider it.

That’s why we are going to review some of the best bow sights of all times that are perfect for every user and can be an ultimate tool for archers as well as hunters.

Reviews of Best Bow Sights for Hunting

We at Bow Sight Finder do a lot of research for finding the best bow sight for our readers.

Our experts had spent more than 75+ hours researching the best archery sights for hunting & target shooting.

Then we have brought you the list of these top rated sights that you can buy without any doubt.

The Best Single Pin Bow Sight

Below are the top one-pin bow sights of 2022.

1. Truglo Range-Rover – Best Single Dot Bow Sight 2022

When it comes to efficiency, TRUGLO Range-Rover sights are assumed best overall. Though it is a single dot sight, it assists in aiming at targets in straight-line without any flexibility (0.0” +/-). Unlike the single-pin bow sights, the dot scopes can shoot over 80 yards exactly. It cost a little more than other bow sights but believe me worth it.

Design & Visuality

The Range-Rover unit is made with aircraft-grade aluminum and equipped with a solid tape kit. Micro adjustments with metal knobs, you just need to move the slider toward your comfortable mode. It also features a rheostat bright light for shooting in low-light.

Incredible vertical travels are, to be honest, and helpful while taking games over long distances. Moreover, housing height is pretty adjustable and can be modified using elevation settings.

Brand & Affordability

TRUGLO is the world’s #1 archery brand and known for its quality products. Range-rove is an incredible bow sight model ever designed; it features a straight-line dot aim picture that is the best shot over 80 yards. its reversible plate is compatible with both hand-orientations.

The package includes all the necessary units; you can buy it for under $150.

  • Easy adjustments with exclusive long-range markings through sight.
  • Power dot is best for hunting in low-light adjustable brightness.
  • Best single pin bow sight under $150, easy to assemble on bows.
  • It’s not easy to adjust the housing.


Truglo Range-Rover bow sight is perfect for long-range shooting. It is compact, made with state of art aluminum material that is light-weight and best for long-lasting use. Overall, the bow experience is not-bad, it features adjustable knobs for the windage and elevation settings.

2. Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight – Trophy Ridge Scope

When predators figure the flat phase of bow sight, they need many leveling tools for the perfect marking but in the Pursuit bow sight, now it is no anymore. Pursuit bow sight is featuring a highly accurate built-in bubble level for the position indication on different angles. The brilliantly manufactured sight disk is reversible and best to install on both sides of bow risers.

Design & Visuality

Delrin bushes are the most loved highlight of the Pursuit Trophy Ridge bow sight, it avoids the metal-on-metal conduction and holds a silent operation in states. CNC machined unit lasts long and withstands in all uncertain conditions. The vertical bright pin is made with durable fiber material and includes an illuminated end for suitable vision in low-light. Sight ring behaves illuminated in low-light and it is just because of quality material used for construction.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a reliable archery company and known due to its innovative products. Pursuit is a vertical single pin bow sight that is best for short-range hunting. The pin holds a 0.019” diameter that is considered appropriate for aiming over 30 yards. Furthermore, elevation housing of bow sight also includes options for adjusting the brightness level to suitability. You can buy it with all the necessary components for under $100.

  • High-performance with a vertical pin, ultra-precise adjustments.
  • Quiet movement with the Delrin bushes, no metal-on-metal conduction.
  • Ultimate visibility, easy to install n bow risers
  • Doesn’t include the yardage tape.


Trophy Ridge Pursuit is an affordable bow sight that is designed for short-range hunting. It can aim over 30 yards perfectly on animals in all environments. Furthermore, the durable unit is crafted with durable aluminum that is light-weight and long-lasting.

3. HHA Optimizer Sight – High Rated Bow Sight

HHA Optimizer is a remarkably accurate bow sight that is recognized for precisely lining-up targets. It supports metal knobs for shifting the modes according to the environment. Sight housing includes a built-in bubble-level that consistently indicates the riser position. Glow in the dark ring behaves illuminated in low-light due to high-quality manufacturing material.

Design & Visuality

HHA Optimizer bow sight is manufactured using aircraft grade material with CNC machined technology. it has added metal knobs for the windage and elevation adjustments. Arrow finds the mark after adjusting it in the 20 to 60 yards range. The green bright ring on the entire sight housing is pretty helpful while hunting in low-light. 0.019” diameter fiber optic pin size is appropriate to aim on small and large all games.

Brand & Affordability

HHA Archery is the world’s #1 sports organization that has been proposing predators’ latest bow scope with infinite distance ranges. Optimizer single pin bow sight is one of the most asked products and considered featureful due to its useful panel. Furthermore, it is available with all the essential components at a very moderate price.

  • Offers moderated options for brightness control.
  • Best bow sight for hunting in low-light includes built-in bubble level.
  • Need less maintenance and very easy to install on every size riser.
  • Need manual adjustments for the yardage range.


HHA Optimizer is the most loved bow sight in the entire archery is considered best for shooting large games in 20 yards in low-light. Overall, the bow sight is a full package of accuracy and available at a pocket-friendly price. You can buy it now for under $150.

4. Trophy Ridge Driver Slider – Best Economical Choice

If you are looking for an outspoken bow sight with manageable brackets then the Trophy Ridge driver Slider is a perfect choice. A high-quality bubble level is attached insight housing that consistently indicates the riser position according to the ground surface level. Consider temporary marks through its transparent picture at various ranges.

Design & Visuality

Trophy Ridge designed the driver slider bow sight in a very versatile pattern. High-quality CNC machined aluminum is used for manufacturing the entire unit that is pretty light-weight and lasts long. Adjustable indicator pin improves the accuracy compensating in unparallel conditions. Unlike other bow sights, a 0.019” diameter pin is used for aiming at the targets.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a well-known archery company that is known for the quality and durability of its products. Driver Slider is an exclusive single pin bow sight that is available for under $50. its entire housing behaves illuminated in low-light due to quality manufacturing material and extends the opportunities of successful prey.

  • Tool-less elevation adjustments, pretty quick to mark targets.
  • Ideal for hunting large games brightened pin end.
  • Best vertical pin bow sight under $50.
  • It is huge in mass.


Driver Slider bow sight is an accurate bow sight available at a very affordable price. It is a full package of consistent precision over long distances. you don’t need to use Allen keys for driving the screws because it is entirely tool-free, you can use knobs for their adjustments.

5. React One Pro – Best Bow Sight For Compound Bows

When it comes to precision shooting, React One Pro bow-sight survives a grad up than other options in the store. Trophy Ridge used React Technology for manufacturing the housing unit of scope, it is extremely straighten-lined to aim. Archers don’t need to use complex Allen keys for the axis adjustments, it is pretty easy with the resilient knobs.

Design & Visuality

React One Pro sight is manufactured with CNC machined tough aluminum for consistent long-lasting survival. It holds a precise built-in bubble level that designates the position of the riser at various angles. Trophy ridge featured a react technology for the semi-auto correction of sight housing. An optic pin includes a bright end for aiming in low-light. The most loved thing about the sight, it provides multiple brightness levels for sake of suitability to the environment.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a reliable archery corporation and recognized expert in producing bow sights. It has been producing exclusive bow scopes for over 6 decades. React One Pro is an accurate sight for aiming at large games and available for under $200.

  • Semi-automatic elevation adjustability.
  • Includes premium react pro-technology, light-weight.
  • 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability, bright fiber optic pin.
  • Many times, issue with the brackets.


According to our hunting editors, React One Pro is a modern bow sight with unbelievable strengthened accuracy and exclusive features. it is salutary for shooting over 40 yards even with a single pin. Furthermore, the bow sight is available with all the essential components for under $200.

The Best 3 Pin Bow Sight

3 Pin bow sights are one of the best multiple pin bow sights as they provide a clear picture of the target as well as the ability to instantly switching the yardage for switching the pins.

Below are the best three pin bow sights you can purchase.

6. TOPOINT 3 Pin Bow Sight – Best Bow Scope

Topoint 3-Pin bow meets all the requirements of archers. it is pretty smart in mass and includes reversible brackets for flexible mount orientations. Ultra-brightened vertical pins used for aiming at targets offer a scaled view even in low-light. Overall, the bow sight is considerable and best for shooting over 50 yards.

Design & Visuality

Topoint bow sight is explicitly intended for hunting small games. its entire unit is made with state of art durable aluminum which is considered light-weight and best to withstand in uncertain conditions. Machined housing ring keeps the shape. The 2nd and 3rd axis is adjustable and can be anchored using Allen keys. Furthermore, 3 fiber optic pins are intended to aim over 50 yards with strengthened accuracy.

Brand & Affordability

TOPOINT Archery is a louder name in the bow sight market. Its bow scopes are considered reliable and accurate besides being affordable. The 3-Pin bow sight is considered an appropriate choice for women’s smart compound bow. Overall, it is a full package of durability besides accuracy, you can buy it for under $15.

  • 6061-T6 highly durable metal used for constructing units.
  • Includes built-in bubble level, vertical level bar.
  • Reversible brackets for mounting on the left or right side.
  • Best 3 Pin Bow Sight under $20.
  • Need to use batteries for illumination.


Topoint bow sight is an accurate bow sight available for under $20. It is the perfect option for the beginner archers they can use for practice target shooting. The size and color of the bow sight are optional, women archers can buy it in their favorite color choice.

7. Trophy Ridge Fix Series Bow Sight – Modern Option

Fix Series is an ideal bow sight for all-level archers. it emphasizes micro-adjustments for dependable precision and heightened accuracy over a long distance. 0.19” diameter optic pin size is appropriate for hunting large games, it has a bright dot end that helps in hunting in low-light. Glow in the dark green sight ring on the entire round housing is pretty impressive. You can buy the exclusive bow sight at a great discount.

Design & Visuality

A high-quality unit of Fix series bow sight is made with tough quality aluminum material, it is CNC machined and best to use all the seasons. Ultra-visible visual ring offers a metered picture with the 0.019” diameter 3 pins. The panel features options for brightening sight in low-light, it also incorporates a rheostat light system.  Onboard, pin fixing tools are pretty effective and profitable while hunting over long distances.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is the world’s biggest sports organization that has been producing quality archery gear for over 6 decades. Fix series is a pretty cool bow sight model that is crafted with durable material and features all the necessary scales. Its picture is exclusively clear and adjustable with elevation as well as windages. You can buy the fix series sight with 3,5 and 7 different pin setups at cost-effective prices.

  • Sturdy construction, reversible brackets.
  • Rheostat light feature, straight-lined view.
  • Loot-less adjustments, very easy to mount on bow riser.
  • Used batteries too bright.


Fix series bow sights are intended for all-level and available for under $100. It offers a built-in bubble level that consistently indicates the riser position. Overall, it is a great package of accuracy and durability.

8. IQ Bowsight – Best 3 Pin Bow Sight 2022

Steadily strengthened accuracy in shots over long distances can be just possible with the IQ 3 Pin Bow sight. it incorporates premium Retinal Lock Technology and also monitors the muscle memory as a result. Instant feedback helps in finding the slightest torque and anchor points. Overall, IQ sight displays an accurate target picture with the metered yardages, it’ll lead you to a successful hunt.

Design & Visuality

The IQ bow sight is intended to easily aim at the wide games in 60 yards distance. It used a CNC machined unit that is quite responsible for the consistent solid shape. Reversible brackets include loops for adding flexibility, you can mount it on both sides of the riser. Where the 2nd and 3rd axis is, you don’t need to use tools for their adjustments. Housing has built-in metal knobs that can be shifted to bring the screen a comfortable sight.

Brand & Affordability

IQ Bowsight is a highly well-known brand in manufacturing unbelievable range scopes. The IQ bow sight is its most demanded sight model and the reason is straightforward “Retina Lock Technology”. 0.019” pin diameter pins are used for the finer aim on the animals. You can buy IQ bow sight with all the essential components for under $100.

  • Tool-free windage and elevation settings.
  • Includes tools for adjustment of pins.
  • Ultra-bright picture.
  • Retinal Lock Technology makes it superior.
  • Not easy to use for beginners.


The IQ bow sight is a featureful bow scope that is designed for hunting large games from over 60 yards. The entire bow sight is made using high-quality fiber composites and aluminum material. it leads to a long-lasting experience with consistent accuracy.

9. Hotwire 3 Pin Bow Sight – Includes Reversible Brackets

Hotwire 3-pin bow is a full assortment of strengthening accuracy and durability. It incorporates a high-quality glow in the dark sight ring for finer picture view in low-light. On-board adjustments tools offer easy modification of 2 fixed pins. Archers can effortlessly adjust the 3rd pin using the tool-less knob. It is being said about the Trophy Ridge bow sight, it grips the accuracy consistently at severe angles over a long distance.

Design & Visuality

Hotwire bow sight is an incredible scope for shooting in 60 yards range. It represents a high-quality sight unit with an orange glow in the dark housing ring and multiple color bright pin ends. As usual, the pin size is 0.019” in diameter and perfect for large games. On-board elevation and windage adjustments make it 1-grade higher than other bow sights.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a well-honored archery company and known for its superb quality bow sights. Hotwire bow sight is the hottest pick of this month, it is an appropriate option for all-level archers. Furthermore, the company added a reversible bracket unit for comfortability, you can mount it on both sides of the riser. Hotwire bow sight is available with all essential bolts and Allen keys for under $130.

  • Exclusive onboard settings, ultimate brightness.
  • Perfect for hunting whitetails in dusk or dawn.
  • Used knobs for adjustments, pins are also moveable.
  • Adjustment knobs can be stiff.


Hotwire is an accurate bow sight that is made for shooting in limited 60 yards. It offers a real rheostat light system for hunting in low-light. Furthermore, a reversible unit is also a good thing for left-handed archers, you can mount the sight on your comfortable sight.

10. CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight – Authentic Choice

CBE Hybrid is an ultimate bright bow sight intended to hunt games in dusk or dawn. Thanks to its reversible bracket unit that adds alternatives with the dovetail mounting system to attach it on the comfortable side of the riser. Metal knobs are added for hybrid housing windage and elevation modifications. You don’t need to look for multiple Allen keys for setting up the bow sight, it is easy and quick with knobs.

Design & Visuality

CBE Engage bow sight is made for shooting games in 50 yards. The entire unit is made with CNC machined aluminum material and coated dually with soft non-conductor material. its Quad Track design makes it versatile and adds features for quivers. You can use the sight for rapid shots in minutes after adjusting the axis.

Brand & Affordability

CBE is a well-recognized outdoor store that is passionate to bring incredible archery gear. Engage Hybrid Bow sight is one of the most asked bow scopes in the market and is known for its sturdiness and versatility. You can execute over 50 yards accurately with its scaled picture housing. To be honest, it is a great choice for all-level archers and available for under $300.

  • Micro-adjustable blade-style sight pin, hybrid elevation.
  • Reversible bracket unit, very easy to mount on bows.
  • Includes quiver attachment, sight light for illumination.
  • It is over pricey.


CBE Engage Hybrid bow sight is specifically designed for expert hunters. Although, it is a pricey choice but 100% guarantee worth it. Furthermore, a premium rheostat light system is included for shooting in low-light. 

The Best 5 Pin Bow Sight

11. Trophy Ridge Fix Series 5 – Best Long-Range Bow Sight

Whitetails are deemed perfect shots of dawn and dusk. You would consider the bow sight typically for hunting in these particular periods. Fix series is the most louder bow scope that is being considered perfect for these hunting situations. The great thing about its 5-Pin bow sight, it supports an expensive rheostat light system that gives ultimate brightness to the sight housing.

Design & Visuality

Trophy Ridge fix series sight includes adjustable pins for dependable precision. it offers ultimate visibility with the bright 0.019” diameter horizontal pins. Get heightened accuracy over long distances by a little setting of the 2nd axis. Classic brightness options are added for shooting in low-light. Premium technology used for constructing the durable unit is also responsible for the consistent shapes.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a famous archery company that is known for its durability as well as the affordability of its products. Fix series bow sight is the most favored bow sight of archers that is available at a great discount. To be honest, it is a full package of accuracy for over 60-yard range and you can buy it with all the essential components for under $70.

  • Panel support adjustments, Allen keys are replaced with metal knobs.
  • Heightened accuracy over a long distance, pin adjustment tools.
  • Dependable precision, brightness options.
  • It is only right-handed.


Trophy Ridge 5 Pin bow sight is an incredible model from the fix series and available for under $70. It can accurately shoot over 60 yards in low-light. Furthermore, it is only designed for right-hand archers, they can mount it to the bow riser.

12. Apex Gear 1 Dot Cover Pro Sight – Reversible Brackets

The APEX bow sight is intended for lining up aims without any elasticity 0.0 +/-. It incorporates rare facing tape with the adjustable indicator pin that promotes a precise archery shooting system. Overall, the bow sight is illuminated and the perfect option for shooting in low-light. APEX is offering the dot bow sight at a great reduction, so plan now!

Design & Visuality

Single dot bow sight is including a reversible bracket system that gives relief while mounting it on a riser. You can install it on the most comfortable side of the riser easily. Bow sight is very easy to hand and also adds options for a quiver. Get dependable precision with the elevation modification. Sight housing displays a clear and improved yardage pointer for the end travel elevation stop.

Brand & Affordability

APEX Gear is the world’s #1 archery company and passionate to bring more useful archery gadgets. Dop bow sight is one of the best bow sights in the market that is designed for shooting over 80 yards. The clear sight features a scaled view and hunters stand fewer chances of missing shots. Moreover, the package is very affordable, you can buy 1-Dot bow sight for under $200.

  • Don’t need to adjust the axis, illuminated pointer.
  • Rear-facing bow sight, adjustable indicator pin.
  • Adjustable windages with knobs.
  • The light intensity dial doesn’t keep the dot illuminated.


APEX single dot bow sight is a good decision for taking wide games from a long distance. Although it is a pricey bow sight but worth it. Furthermore, the package includes all the necessary components with a reversible bracket system and you can buy it for under $200.

13. React V5 Bow Sight – With In-Line Bow Sight Pins 

React V5 is an improved version of React Pro trophy Ridge bow sights. It incorporates expensive React technology that allows an automatic adjustment of pins and locates them to optimal positions. Clear unobstructed view of the targets with vertical in-line pins stands more chances of a successful hunt.

Design & Visuality

React V5 bow sight is intended to maintain the level on sever angles, trophy ridge also provided a built-in bubble level for the purpose. Pin optimal systems make the tops of the line; it is helpful especially for beginners. The entire unit of the React bow sight is made with CNC Machined aluminum that keeps a long-life consistent shape. It also reduces vibrations while maintaining the strength with a ballistic copolymer system.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a tremendous manufacturer of archery sports that is passionate to bring innovative gear to us. React V5 is a fantastic bow sight with in-line 5 pins and designed for a limited 60-70 yards range. It supports a reversible bracket unit that can be used for mounting the sight on the left/right side of the riser. Its price is very affordable, you can buy a full package of React V5 bow sight for under $150.

  • Mathematical precision, scaled view over 70 yards.
  • Reduced noise while maintaining strength.
  • Best for long-range shooting, reversible bracket system.
  • In-Lin pins may not be useful.


React V5 bow sight is a powerful aiming scope particularly designed for wide games. It is made with CNC machined aluminum and supports a reversible bracket system for comfortable mounting. Furthermore, the price is very moderate according to sight, you can buy it for under $150.

14. Truglo Carbon Hybrid Bow Sight – Economical Choice

TRUGLO Hybrid is an adequate bow sight designed for strengthened accuracy over long distances. It is made with an optimized combination of carbon composites and durable aluminum material. Excellent precision in shots from sever position, you don’t need to attach any external leveling devices.

Design & Visuality

Carbon hybrid bow sight is typically designed for shooting over a wide-range (70 yards). The PRO-BRITE pin design is considered more accurate than other vertical pins, these pins have bright ends for low-light adventure. Hybrid construction transfers fewer vibrations to the unit while maintaining strength. Extra-large fibers provide flexibility and maximum relief for adjustment. 

Brand & Affordability

TRUGLO is a world-wide archery corporation that is deemed an expert in producing good bow sights. Carbon Hybrid bow sight is one of the most asked scopes that is available at a great discount. You can buy it with all the needed parts even with reversible brackets for under $70.

  • Light-weight, made with durable aluminum material.
  • Very easy to mount on the bow riser.
  • Best 5 Pin Bow Sight under $100, reversible brackets.
  • Sight light doesn’t often don’t works.


Whether you are a beginner or an expert archer, TRUGLO Carbon hybrid sight is a perfect opinion for you. It supports a reversible bracket unit for both hand orientations that is awesome. Furthermore, the price is amazingly affordable, you can buy TRUGLO sight for under $70.

15. SAS 5 Pin Bow Sight – Beginners Choice

If you are an entry-level archer and looking for an accurate easy-to-use bow sight then the Southland Archery Supply’s 5-Pin Bow sight is a perfect opinion. It entirely adds tool-less precision micro-adjustments for the strengthened accuracy over long distances. Besides it, you can install the SAS sight on the most comfortable side of the riser due to its reversible unit.

Design & Visuality

SAS is a standard bow scope available with Tool-less windage and elevation setting options. Its unit is entirely CNC machined and keeps a consistent life-long shape of sight. 0.019” fiber optic diameter pins used that are either wide or not too small on the aims. These pins are turned on a side and have brightened ends for shooting in low-light.

Brand & Affordability

Southland Archery Supply is the world’s foremost archery company that is known for the sturdiness as well as affordability of its products. SAS 5 pin bow sight is the most affordable unit available with all the standard features for under $50. It is packaged with dual mountable brackets and can be attached in no time.

  • Available in a camouflage design, adjustable knobs.
  • LED bright lights on the end of pins for shooting in low-light.
  • 0.019” diameter pins are perfect for shooting wide games.
  • May be difficult to sight in.


SAS bow sight is an accurate scope with ease-of-use features and adjustments. It can be a considerable option for beginners, they don’t need many configurations to do with sight housing. Furthermore, the price is amazingly reasonable, you can buy the entire package with reversible brackets for under $50.

The Best 7 Pin Bow Sight

16. IQ Define Pro 7- Pin Bow Sight – Best Overall

Archery shooting is a great adventure particularly when you are doing it from a horizon. As the game goes far, it becomes tough to aim at the pointer with a naked eye. IQ Define Pro sight is typically designed for the 100 yards range, it can easily take wide games from a great distance. You would buy it for the compound bows, it is available with reversible brackets.

Design & Visuality

The IQ bow sight is standard scope with a 3-digit OLED system that indicated battery yardages consistently while sighing. It features a 2-minute scan mode with the external trigger. The new housing of the site incorporates the Retinal Lock technology for the micro-adjustment. CR2 batteries increase your confidence and range, its yardage display is always horizontal.

Brand & Affordability

IQ is a big name in the archery industry and has been producing incredible bow sights with a team of expert engineers. Define Pro 7-pin bow sight is an amazing bow scope that is designed to aim over 100 yards range. High-quality reversible unit support mounting on both sides of the bow riser. You can buy it for under $200.

  • 3-digital OLED system, multiple pin indication.
  • Retinal Lock technology, windage, and elevation adjustments.
  • Available with the improved range.
  • Accurate even at a wide distance.
  • Single side mounting.


According to us, IQ Define bow sight is a considerable option for archers. It is made with a state of durable aluminum material and guarantees a life-long experience. Overall, its resolution is pretty impressive, you can buy it for hunting wide games.

17. Axcel 7 Pin Bow Sight – Best Armortech Hunting Sight

When it comes to accuracy, Axcel 7 Pin stands more chance to consider by archers. it is pretty adjustable with the sight housing; you can add a modification to windage and elevations according to your comfortability. 20 clicks per revolution offer a finer tuning and even a beginner can easily do it after just unboxing the sight.

Design & Visuality

Axcel 7 Pin bow sight is a little more supportive in leveling the riser before releasing arrows. it includes a built-in bubble level inside the sight that consistently indicates the riser level. Modern bow sight units incorporate high-quality fiber pins with bright end LED bulbs. The 2nd and 3rd axis is adjustable and you can use knobs for setting them up. Besides all these things, Axcel bow sight also features a rheostat light system for hunting in low light.

Brand & Affordability

Axcel is a well-honored bow sight company that needs no compliment. Axcel 7-Pin bow sight is the most demanded scope model which is available with high-quality reversible units at a very cost-effective price. Archery can buy the Axcel bow sight with a 7-pin setup for under $220.

  • Light-weight, easy to mount on the compound bow riser.
  • CNC machine unit, coated with high-quality material.
  • Includes bright pin end LEDs.
  • Many times, you need Allen keys for the adjustment.


High-quality Axcel bow sight designed for shooting over long distances. It can easily be adjusted using Allen keys and knobs. You can mount the bow sight on both sides of the riser easily.

18. Truglo Hyper Strike Bow Sight – Ultimate Visibility 

TRUGLO hyper strike is an ultimate bright scope that is originated typically use in low-light. its DDP design makes the sight more versatile to use. Instead of filling the housing reservation and using some large wide pins, TRUGLO used 0.019” pins that are more effective for hunting animals, especially from a far distance.

Design & Visuality

Highly durable CNC machined units are made with carbon composites and aluminum material. it supports micro-adjustments with elevation and windages. Archers don’t need to use Allen keys for setting up Hyper Strike bow sight, TRUGLO added moveable knobs for the purpose. MAXMOUNT brackets offer flexibility in mounting the bow sight, you can attach it high or low on the bow risers.

Brand & Affordability

TRUGLO is a world-wide archery company that is always intended to bring innovative archery gear. The hyper strike is an accurate bow sight that is available for under $100. It is available in modern camouflage and black in different colors.

  • Micro-adjustable windages, best for long-range shooting.
  • CNC machine unit, 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments.
  • Best 7 pin bow sight under $100.
  • Worse sight ling system.


If you are looking for a functional bow sight with a low budget then the TRUGLO Hyper Strike is a perfect choice. It is entirely made with aluminum and carbon composites and available at a very cost-effective price.

19. HYF 7 Pin Bow Sight – Includes Reversible Brackets

The HYF bow sight is designed to keep the maximum versatility factor in mind. A state of art double mounting system with reversible brackets is effective to archers, they can position it on the most comfortable side of the bow riser. Make easy corrections with tool-less micro windage and elevation clicks.

Design & Visuality

The HYF bow sight is manufactured using RL superior technology with carbon composites and aluminum.  it offers 0.019” diameter pins with the LED ends for the strengthened accuracy over a long distance. The housing includes yardage indicators for the scaled view. A built-in bubble level helps maintain the riser position from different angles.

Brackets of HYF bow sights are designed with a reversible system, you can mount them on the left and right both sides of the riser. Archers don’t need to use Allen keys due to the improved knob system.

  • Accurate scaled view over a long distance.
  • A dual mounting system for adding comfortability.
  • Metal knobs are used for elevation and windage adjustments.
  • Poorly machined body.


HYF 7 Pin bow sight is an extremely accurate bow sight intended to take wide games from a distance. it is durable, light-weight, and compatible with all models of compound bows due to its reversible unit.

20. Viper Archery Sidewinder Bow Sight – Best For Beginners

Viper sidewinder is an ultimate bright sight that is designed especially for hunting in low-light. American quality CNC T6 machined aluminum used for manufacturing the VIPER Bowsight. It offers an easy-to-use panel for beginners and needs less housing settings.

Design & Visuality

Viper single pin bow sight is available with innovative quickest elevation adjustments. Dial the ultra-smooth gear driver star knob to the desired yardage and shots. Superior visibility with ultra-bright fiber optic metal pin. Size is optional you can choose one of three 0.010”, 0.015”, and 0.019”. it is threaded for an optional lens kit and accepts most sight lights. Although, VIPER bow sight is a pricey choice but 100% guarantee worth it.

  • Durable frame made with American T6 aluminum.
  • Best for long-range shooting, micro windage, and elevation settings.
  • Its light often doesn’t work.


The viper bow sight is an innovative scope single pin bow scope that is best for all-level archers. it adds micro windage and elevation settings, you don’t have to look for Allen keys to set the sight up.

A Buyer Guide to Bow Sight

Getting the Best Compound Bow doesn’t mean your job is done. It’s time to buy the best bow sight for pleasant shooting and pointing on marks.

Ere a few years, several states tarried the use of Bowsight illegal but later on it was conceded for bows. After that spot of time, its interest as well production is unexpectedly extended. Although bow sights are being manufactured in infinite models and variety, I perceive that buying a good one is still critical for archers.

Today’s article is regarding Best Tips for Buying a Bow Sight in 2022. But before getting into it, promise with me even with your-self, you’ll consider every single-inch of the article that’ll help recognize a perfect bow sight.

First Learn About Bow Sight Terminology

I highly recommend knowing the components of bow sights and their specifications. It’ll help you in taking the choice well.

  • Understand the Range of Pins
  • Bow sight encyclopedia (Terms)

Hunting in the morning or in the evening may go worse with the same bow sights. Many games are deemed perfect shots of low-light, so you would consider the scope that is typically designed according to your hunting conditions.

Range of Bow Sight Pins

According to the bow sight algorithm, numbers of pins determine the range of bow sight on pasture. Hunters can’t use the same sight for aiming at targets at several distances. Although hybrid units are available that can shift either mode but still not sufficient for taking many games.

Archers would consider the number of bow sight pins according to his hunting provisions. Entry-level archers can estimate suitable pins to their range by given subtitles. 

1 Pin Bow Sight Range

The least number of pins is considered straightforward and reduces focus diversion. You aim 20 yards or up to 60 yards, there is only a 1-pin to shoot, in single pin bow sights. It offers an easy to use, well-built dial and stands fewer chances of guesswork. Although, you can sight into infinite range an ideal case is considered with 20-25 yards through these sights. You must think about the orientation of the pin, I recommend vertical pins because it offers an open sight window and tends to come down on targets while drawing the bow.

3 Pin Bow Sight Range

Aiming at games accurately in under 65 yards can possible with the 3-Pin bow sight. If you are supposed to haunt 70 yards, then aiming for the 2nd to 3rd pin is always considered outstanding. Now as you go between 1st to 2nd pin, 30 to 40 yards are must to sight in. However, three-pin bow sights are typically used for hunting whitetails, mule deer, elk, etc. As further the shot is, archers need more to adjust the windages for approaching the Killzone. If you have a perk where you can set the zero distance then equip your bow (CB 60) and up it to 65 yards zero.

5 pin Bow Sight Range

Ordinarily, 5 pins bow sights were intended for aiming over 80 yards but truly, it depends on the speed of your arrows and the type of shooting you do. For the casual 3D shooting 5 pins may give high results straightforwardly in a calm situation you have time to select the pin. But in the hunting case, archers usually don’t have calm selecting the pin and more chances, they make mistakes. However, in your case, if your prey is 80 yards away, then you would go for a 5 pin bow sight and after the spot, you can also drop 2 pins for 30-40-50 yards. Probably Trophy Ridge Fix Series 5 is the perfect choice for aiming accurately on the targets with 5 pins.

7 Pin Bow Sight Range

Usually, the 10-20-50 yards range is thought enough for setting up a bow sight but in exceptional cases, archers need to approximate over 100 yards. A 7-pin bow sight is ideal for taking down games from a far distance. where it helps point over long distances, it also diverts the focus of archers. At the same time, hunters don’t have calm selecting the pin while aiming at games, so they stand more chances to make mistakes.

Dot Bow Sight Range

Single dot bow sights are outstanding for aiming over 100 yards. It is a favorite of many archers due to its versatile use and range. Furthermore, these sights are also available with the rheostat light system so you don’t need to use external lamps for shooting in low-light.

Parts of a Bow Sight (Terms)

Bow sights are available in a huge diversity but it is being said, all are not great to use. Customarily, manufacturers use fiber, aluminum, and plastic as a raw material for their production but there is a great difference in the quality. Here I have pinned a few terms of bow sight that you would consider knowing before buying it.

Bubble Level

A level is located inside of the sight ring, which helps exactly what its name indicates. The bubble of liquid consistently tells the level of bow sight with the compound bow. Bubble in the center of lines, compose the shots that land arrows accurately on the point. On the other side, a bubble on the left side of lines delivers a shot that lands the arrow on the right side of pins and vice versa. Besides it, calibrating the level of equipment is also necessary whenever you change or newly install the bow sight on the riser. Error in leveling will false the readings while archery shooting or hunting.

Sight Housing

The housing unit typically works as an objective unit of crossbow scopes, it incorporates an aiming ring, fiber optics, bubble level, and aiming pins. The window makes the sight rather complex than the basic bow sights; the machined aluminum and composite offers gang-adjustments and all the pins can be moved at the same time. While buying the bow sight, you would also give attention to the quality of the pin slider and fiber optics. Furthermore, as the diameter of the pin least, it provides wide windows to aim. Normally, archers love to use 1.5” to 2” housing areas but it can vary with the several models.

Mounting Brackets

The mounting unit is intended usually to attach the bow sight on the compound bows but it also offers options for the windage and elevation settings. In traditional models, archers needed to use multiple Allen keys for adjusting the 2nd and 3rd axis but now it is entirely simple and easy. Companies added metal knobs for the finer but quick elevation settings.

Rheostat Lights

Being a predator, I love to go to states at the end of the light. The purpose is just, animals thought stiller and more relaxed while grazing. Dusk and dawn are periods while they do,  it is a great opportunity for taking down them. Due to the least light, you probably need an illuminated bow sight. Make sure the sight rheostat light system according to your hunting conditions. Many bow sights behave naturally illuminated in low light and it is just because of the quality raw material used while their construction.

Major Bow Sight Types

As I told you earlier, bow sights are being manufactured in multiple effective models from fixed pin to 3D Competition. Bowmen would consider opinion according to his hunting or archery shooting requirements. Take a short review on major types of bow sights, you’ll be clear to specific after going through it.

Fixed Pin Sights

The fixed pin bow sight is the most frequent preference of hunters and it ordinarily supports 3 to 5 individual pins. Particularly, each pin can be set up to a known distance of 70 yards. The highest pin is aimed for the closest distance and the lower pin is used to sight in far distances. Once the pins are set, they stay tightened and fixed in position while hunting.

Fixed pin sight yields excellent results for the shooters that take their time for setting the pin independently. Fixing up the pin is pretty mild and easy; it doesn’t ask for test or trail use. Most hunters used a set of fixed pins to remember the distance in 5 to 10 yards. Shooting the known distance is snap in the limited 10 yards distance.

In 30 yards, you simply sight the bow by locating the pre-set to 30 yards pin on the intended game and then simply shoot. For a change in arrow trajectory, the bow sight does all the compensations but the tricky parts arrive when you need to shoot over a long distance.  

Estimation of yardage is not so easy especially while aiming from elevated posture over uneven surfaces. But it’s the skill that every hunter would learn. On the other side, if you set the pin to 20, 30, or 40 yards (Usual Setup) it isn’t guaranteed the animal will be courteous enough to stand in under an estimated 1 distance.

To compensate for the intermediate distance for which no pin is set, fixed-pin users would learn how to accurately estimate the yardages. If your target is 25 yards, your dedicated 20 yards pin will be false and shoot too low and 30 yards high.

Many shooters don’t like to “gap-shoot” and recommend to add more pins in the bow sight. Setting the more pins straightforwardly intends to dedicate pins for smaller yardages e.g., if you are shooting 6 pins with 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 & 40 yards, more chances you’ll have the pin set for the distance.

At the extreme, many archers love to shoot with the single pin sights strategy, if the pin is set to 25 yards, with a little practice they can hold it high or low for beyond and in 25 yards distance. it can be more effective for the archers who have no time to individually set the pins.

Recent models of fixed pin bow sights, fortunately, allow easy removal and addition of pins. So, if you want a whole gaggle of the pin or single pin technique, it’ll give options.

Moveable-Pin Sights

Moveable-pins are quite different than the fixed pin bow sights. Rather than setting up different pins, you adjust the single pin before each shot. These sights have a system of leaver, worm gears, and the smoothing slides the entire housing in different ways up or down. Its bar pin can be adjusted for any distance in just a few seconds. A small adjustable pointer shows the yardages along the graduated scale. All the marks indicate the known yardages, if your target is 40 yards, simply move the pointer to the 40 yards mark.

Truly, most shooters make the yardage mark in 5 to 10 yards and then involve systems for intermediate yardages that link the fixed pin bow sights. It can be set up with the mark of 5 yards so if your target is 22 yards then you would need to adjust the pointer for bringing in 20 to 25 yards. The entire system is accurate and it allows yardages to carefully adjust before shooting.

You may be confused, is moveable pin sight better? In many cases, the answer is yes. But as you know every rose has its thorn. if you are shooting to unknown distances, then you would go with the moveable bow sights but still depends on the skill of good yardage estimation. On the other hand, the fixed pin bow sight is a perfect choice for defined/known distances.

Pendulum/Treestand Sight

A pendulum bow sight is still a classic approach. It was primarily designed for Treestand hunters due to the easy composition of elevation in downhill shots. Hunters always did a great struggle for yardage judgment from elevation positions. Pendulum bow sights make the matter worse; shots get little help from gravity and tend to land too high. It also promises to alleviate all these struggles of archers with a single mounting pin.

Usually, the pendulum sights have a single pin mounted on the hinged pendulum system. it swings automatically for compensating the downhill shots. As the shot angle steeper, more sight compensates for you.

Pendulum sight manufacturer elaborates many claims about the accuracy of sights even many scopes are advertised for 30 yards accuracy. Accuracy is having a little flexibility of 0.9” +/- but always hit within vital marks. It varies with the distance and accuracy for the specific yardages. Archers would calibrate sight according to the arrow velocity and it must be elevated to the specific height. 

However, Treestand sights are not effective to aim over long distances. it gives a respectable advantage while compensating for downhill angles at short-range.

3D Competition Sight

3D competition sights are often called target sights that are designed typically for archery competitions. Due to their size, price, and complexity, these sights are rarely used for hunting. Arguably, a 3D sight is the most accurate scope and includes a sophisticated for the axis adjustments.

Usually, target sights are too large and mount 6-12” forward on the riser of bows. it used a premium dovetail system for quick mounting on bows. 10/32” threaded receive welcomes to all types of aiming marks over unbelievable distance. Once the bow sight is properly accessorized, it’ll become the ultimate precise sight.

3D bow sights are common to use for competitions and cost over $400. The added scope and the magnifying lens are replaceable, you can use further lends for outstanding quality.

Plastic Vs Machined Aluminum Sights

Today’s quality sights are being manufactured using aluminum alloy (machined aluminum actually). It is light-weight, easily available, and doesn’t rust ever. With the critical engineering and Computer, Numeric Control Technology highly precise and intricate sights are designed.

Beside the CNC machined parts, these sights also have some plastic made components. Many modern bow sights also feature a CNC machined bracket unit with the frame but use a plastic pin guard. Some plastic parts actually work goodly and are considered quite durable.

Many outstanding bow sights are constructed with high-quality composites. These polymer sights are lightweight, highly reliable, and quiet favorites among the archers. The entire hunting industry is catching up!

A few years ago, plastic bow sights were considered a cheaper quality scope and many of us wouldn’t touch it with the 10-foot pole. But the judgment is as wrong as it was right at that time, polymer sights offer substantial weight saving and many other exclusive advantages.

How Much Should I Spend?

A basic hunting rig requires the most deluxe sight on the market. But for the uneven filed use, we don’t recommend a primary bow sight either. A durable bow sight with the machined aluminum components and polymer fiber optics and many other adjustments still hunters lack in the field

Many mid-grade bow sights offer premium features with less overboard but fewer professional hunters recommending them. With the $40 to 60 investment, you’ll get a finer bow sight for hunting. But if you plan some 3D competitions, you need more a more specialized sight and would consider the most elegant option that may cost over $200.