Apex Gear Covert Pro Review 2022

Apex Gear proudly continues to advance rear-facing the most versatile bow sight on the market.

Covert Pro maintains all the benefits of long-range sliding sight with the PWR-Dot LED Technology. it simplifies the use in the field with a gear-drive elevation dial and offers a precise flat adjustment. The sight is available with standard green and red apertures.

Adjustable pointer sill improved and adjustable for the end of travel elevation stop. It automatically turns off after 4 hours without even a little bit of adjustment. The panel features ultra-smooth one-hand adjustments especially as a blessing for entry-level archers.

Note: The Red LED stabilizes the secondary pin when the green used to set at 20 yards.


TypePower Dot
Item Weight0.75 Pounds
MaterialCNC Aluminum
Dot ColorsRed & Green
TechnologyPower Dot LED
Ratings4.3 Stars

Prominent Features

  • Light-weight bow sight adds neglectable impact.
  • Covert Slider and PWR-Dot Technology included.
  • 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments with windage and elevation.
  • 4-Hour LED operation with the auto-off benefit.
  • Provides rotational adjustments in its Gravity Line.


  • Easy and instant to set up – best for entry-level archers.
  • Improved adjustability yardage pointer, enhanced accuracy.
  • Adjustable for left-handed and right-handed users.
  • Ultra-smooth and easy with one hand adjustments.
  • Tactical Push button for controlling brightness.
  • May be hard to maneuver.
  • Found issues with power backup.

Detailed Review of Apex Gear Covert Pro Bow Sight

Covert Pro sight is typically intended for 3D archery shooting meant for accuracy but you also can use it for hunting either large or small games. It features a pro illuminated dot aiming point replaced with a huge wide diameter pin. Rear-facing sight is thought more accurate than the single pin sights, it is pretty easy to adjust.

Here’re a few impressive characteristics to know about the Apex Gear’s Sight.

Wide Field View

Single power-dot sight is more precise and instant to shoot. Instead of using a pin with a huge diameter, Apex Gear preferred a PWR-Dot technology that narrows aim from point to point. Since the pins are made with fiber-glass so they take a little bit of space in housing it can cause issues while aiming near the field. Whether the dot bow sight is out of it. Furthermore, it is also featuring 11 settings for controlling the size and brightness in the aperture.  

Instant Assembly

One of the most irritating things near archers is the complicated portability of sights. Apex Covert sight eliminated it with an instant portable system that can be derived with a tiny Alan-wrench. Just keep in mind the Alan key is tiny, so make sure to put it into screws all the way down and apply pressure gently.

Mounting Comfort

As I described earlier, Covert Pro sight is quick and easy to set up. It features gravity-line technology for aligning the pin with gravity. So, one of the major problems is resolved that archers had to keep in mind. Apex gear designed it with the reversible mounting unit that allows users to install the sight low or high either left or on the right side of the bow. A few Allan keys are still needed for tightening the sight permanently on the riser of bows.

Windage & Elevations

Covert Pro sight included micro-adjustable windage for the finer tuning of sight. The rear-facing tape is more visible and incorporates yardage indicating a pin. There is just a micro-click needed for setting up elevations according to users. Moreover, Red LED acts as a secondary pin if you set the sight to 20 yards. it’ll be variable with the conditions.

Design & Construction

Apex gear Covert Pro is a durable bow sight that is made with computer numerical controlled grade aluminum. Sight is less-complicated and its panel features all possible controls that archers ever want. Dural coated frame 100% guarantee to withstand all uncertain conditions. The mounting unit is pretty adjustable and made with an aircraft-grade for long-life use.

Brand & Affordability

Apex Gear is a well-honored company known for its innovative archery products. Covert Pro is a power dot bow sight that is designed for rapid focus over several angles. It is made with state of art durable material and the best long-lasting use. Price ($200) is really reasonable according to sight; we don’t think of any other sight with the same highlights at this price range.

Frequently Asked Question

Apex Covert Pro sight is a hunter’s most favored bow sight for archery shooting tournaments. It is ready to use just out of the packaging and includes all the necessary components that archers needed for mounting. One of the best things is, you can attach the sight low or high on either side. Read the query, these are the most asked confusion of archers about the cover sight.

Does the sight fog up?

It depends on the environmental conditions and the state where you are shooting. Wrapped housing gets the least chance of fogging up the lens but if you still have issues then you can ask glass people about the defogging stuff and etc.

Is it including yardage tape in the package?

Of course, there are a bunch of yardage tapes available but you need to check all these to find one matching the distance. You also can use black yardage tape for marking your own. Furthermore, the pros shops are suggested for maintaining the accuracy of bows.

Can we use the Apex Covert Sight without a battery?

Cover Pro sight includes a power-dot technology that needs a battery to work in low-light. The best part is, you can also use the site without a battery because it needs hairs to cross but not light.

Does the Apex Sight work with a Recurve bow?

Apex Covert Pro sight is designed with an adjustable mount for maximum flexibility. Widely pierced holes help to set the sight high or low on the riser. Furthermore, besides the recurve bow, you can use it with all the bows if you find that way to mount it. Alan wrench is needed for tightening the screws.

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