Benefits of a Single Pin Bow Sight

With the hunting season, there is a great controversy among two tough choices: single pin sight and multi-pin sight.

Luckily bowhunters have options in equipment these days and this is a great time to discuss the contention truly the benefits of single pin bow sight. 

Single Pin Sight (Benefits)

Benefits of a Single Pin Bow Sight

Single pin sights are super easy to adjust and sight in at various ranges. It eliminates multi-pin distractions clogging up to the objective picture.

Entry-level archers often have struggled with acquiring the marks when it’s in the third- or fourth pin and typically at the condition when the deer are moving.

To be honest, let you think how many times you bracketed the target and released the arrow. I probably missed it many times and missed it!

Adjusting the distance wheel is not critical, it just takes 1-2 seconds and generally becomes automatic with proficiency. The first time it might be intimidating but after – a simple demonstration & Education – everyone turns to believe (Pros shop dealers may be relating).

Further, single pin sights are more accurate due to the simple housing dial. You can accurately target long-distance with the micro memorable wheel adjustments. No obstructions, no guesswork, most instant to aim at targets.

  • Widefield view with the open sight picture.
  • Best for instant target acquisition.
  • Exact yardage accuracy.
  • Need to adjust the sight with each movement.
  • Cost of opportunity in the field.

Advantages of Single Pin Hybrid Bow Sight

Hybrid bow sights feature outstanding options with micro memorable adjustments. These sights include horizontal and vertical axis adjustments for suitability with Treestand shooters. If you want the best of both worlds, our editor recommends CBE’s Engage Hybrid Sight. it merges the accuracy of moveable pin sight and reliability of a fixed pin into a single unit. The sight is entirely made with aluminum and can be switched to either mode instantly.

Single Pin Moveable Sight    

  • Accurate sight picture.
  • Always use the right pin.
  • Offers precise aiming (exact yardage)
  • Single pin to focus.
  • Widefield view.
  • Faster target acquisition.
  • Ni pin gaping, adjustability.
  • Flexibility to adjust the yardage
  • Take more time to aim.

Single Pin Fixed Pin Sight

  • Adjust different pins with the movement of objects.
  • Low light situations.
  • Simple panel controls.
  • Fewer movements for aiming.
  • Clutter with many pins.
  • Confusion to use a pin.

Multi Pin Sight VS Single Pin Sight Which One to Choose

Fixed Pin bow sight: Usually includes a huge stack of pins ranging from 20 to 60 yards.

Single Pin Moveable Slider: With the “floater” you can set it to fixed or moveable for either distance. Pin variable also enables adjustment for yardage past to bottom pin.

Each variant feature effective benefits but the market is dominated by fixed pin sight. Most bowhunters are accustomed to hunting using this style, so it is the simple reason behind the trend. Regardless of the popularity of Fixed pin bow sight, many hunters favored the moveable pin sight because it pumps out the accuracy and more chances to kill the prey cleanly.

Sight Picture Clutter

Fixed pin bow sight is available with optional configurations of pinning either a horizontal for the left to right or a vertical from bottom to a high of the housing. The common thing is the clutter. You create a blind spot with the increasing number of pins that obstruct your view. A fiver-seven pin bow sight actually obstructs the 40 to 50% sight picture. As obvious, it takes more time and there are more chances you miss the opportunities. On the other side, a single pin bow sight keeps the picture clear.

Even Clutter Confusion

When you have a bunch of pins with 5,7 or 8 variables, it covers the entire window of housing and also leads to confusion. Clarity standpoint, the vertical stack of pins is the appropriate situation here. Most hunters confuse, they aren’t able to decide the pin to shoot.

The difficulty arises in these uncertainties when you start finding the fourth pin from the top. Numbering the pin with the tiny pieces of paper is a big deal with confusion and adds only further clutter to your sight windows. Today’s bow reaches a speed of 350 fps, the gaps are going too small. It means that your 20- or 40-yards pin might be staked due to which the decipher becomes tough for the pin selection. 


As I described first, bowhunters are lucky because there are plenty of equipment choices available. Single pin sights are best for aiming within 60 yards and 25 of them more accurately. If you are a simple archery shooter then we highly advise it because you get huge time in competitions but hunters need to adjust the sight with the movement of animals. They have less time to shoot, so a multi-pin sight is the best option.


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