Best 3 Pin Bow Sight 2022 For Hunting, Target Shooting

Having the best 3 pin bow sight is a must accessory of predators in overall bow sight stock.

It is an outright auto-precise device and has a set of pins for various yardage configurations. 

Due to the remarkable accuracy of the 3 Pin system mostly hunters endorse it for long-range shooting.

However, multi-pin sights are available in an extensive variety from metal to fiber units. So, buyers often puzzle on which one is suitable for them. 

Reviews of Best 3 Pin Bow Sights

After spending a lot of precious time and researching from many resources, I have designated 10 Best 3 Pin Bow Sight 2022 here that are appropriate for all-level archers.

Topoint Archery 3 Pin Bow Sight – Best for Low Budget

Topoint 3 pin archery sight is an excellent choice for hunters. 

It is made with specific salient material and 100% tested for accuracy as well as long life-span. 

The simple and flexible unit brings all the adjustments under the fingers, you are easy to configure pins and position of sight on compound bows. 

We hope you’ll love using the Topoint 3 pin archery sight, it is available at affordable deals.

Design & Visuality

Topoint 3 pin bow sight is a simple but aesthetic sight that is made with classic fiber material. 

its light-weight structure is durable and compatible with the bow’s designs. Sight ring includes 3-fiber optic pins with the brightened ends. 

These pins behave illuminated in dark by their nature and there is no need for additional batteries whenever you hunt in low-light. 

Built-in bubble level enhances the astounding impact of the ring and also useful while hunting in different positions.

Brand & Affordability

Topoint is a well-honored archery brand that has been serving its durable products for over 6 decades. 

3-pin bow sight is a CNC machined product that includes 0.029” red and green fiber optic pins. The simple sight can be installed on the riser of the bow easily. 

The cost-effective package includes all the gear that is necessary to install the bow sight on bows, you can get it for under 20$.

  • The light-weight unit, made with CNC machined aluminum material.
  • Compatible with all models of sight includes knobs for adjustments.
  • Best Bow Sight under 20$, elevation, and windage markings.
  • A bit clunky to adjust.


According to us, if you are a beginner and mid-level archer then you would buy the Topoint 3 pin Bow sight. 

It is pretty adjustable and adds no weight to the compound bows. its price is really affordable and there is nothing extra needed to install it.

Trophy Ridge Fix Series – Best Bow Sight for Low Light

Trophy Ridge fixes series bow sight meets the interests of archers and offers all that they hope to be premium options. 

It is available in 3-different pin configurations and choosing the setup is entirely up to the archer. 

a 3-5-7 worthy set of pins with the illuminated fiber optic ends by its nature, we don’t think it to be in any other bow sight except the Trophy Ridge Fix Series.

Design & Visuality

Trophy Ridge Fix Series is a modern bow sight and made using CNC machined aluminum material. 

it offers dependable Precision with the micro-adjustable needles. Go on longer yards with the heightened accuracy, you just need to adjust the 2nd axis. 

Infinite visibility through the classic illuminated 0.019” horizontal fiber optic pins and clear sight ring. 

It also provides an onboard pin adjusting tool which is another exclusive highlight by trophy ridge.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a famous archery brand and has been producing durable outdoor gear for over 6 decades. 

Fix Series is the best right-handed bow sight which is available with all the necessary equipment at a cost-effective package. 

Its price varies with the pin configuration but you can get it with the 3-pin setup for under 80$.

  • Its unit is made with CNC machined Aluminum.
  • Available with a different pin configuration.
  • Exclusive black and green ring color, easy elevation settings.
  • Hard to adjust the settings.


If you are a mid-level archer and looking for a featureful bow sight then the Trophy Ridge Fix Series is a perfect choice. 

It offers multi-pin configuration with the on-board tool and you have no need for any type of gizmo for driving its screws or nobs.

IQ Bowsight Micro 3 Archery Sight – Best 3 Pin Archery Sight

IQ Bowsight is one of the loudest compound bow sights in the market that is prized for its incredible compatibility and adjustments. 

It is manufactured with premium Retina Lock Technology helpful inconsistency of shots. 

The quick feedback is supportive to predators and defines the slightest torque and anchor point. IQ Bowsight will be an exclusive experience for beginners, you’ll be narrow on targets.

Design & Visuality

Unit of IQ Bowsight is made with CNC machined aluminum and 100% tested to perform in uncertain conditions. 

Simple but quick nob adjustments offer the precise position of windage and elevation with manageable marking. 

Its nobs are fully tool-free and you can drive using your finger. 0,019” horizontal fiber optic pins offer stack tight targets and narrow even at 60 yards for deer.

Brand & Affordability

IQ Store is known for incredible Compound bow sights and Crossbow Scopes. It has been working with a team of experienced engineers and ensures the quality of its products. 

3 Pin bow sight is an exclusive choice especially for shooting on long-range. It is available in three different pin configurations and you can buy a 3-pin bow sight for under 100$.

  • The high-quality unit, windage, and elevation adjustments.
  • Compatible with all models of compound bows.
  • Best Bow Sight under 100$, illuminated pin ends.
  • A bit heavy.
  • Not entirely tool free adjustments.


The IQ bow sight is specifically designed for archers who love long-range shooting. It is made with durable material and a 100% guarantee for long-lasting use. 

High-quality fiber optic pins are used and there is no need of adding any battery because these are illuminated by nature.

Trophy Ridge Hotwire – Best 3 Pin Bow Sight Overall

Deer are thought a perfect shot of low light but you need an illuminated bow sight for it. 

Many premium bow sights are available with battery illuminated fiber optic pins but as usual, it needs a replacement after a specific time period.

Trophy Ridge introduced a Hotwire exclusive Compound bow sight with the naturally illuminated 3 pins that you can use in all seasons.

Design & Visuality

Trophy Ridge Hotwire is a modern bow sight that includes windages and elevation settings, nobs. 

Its unit is manufactured with compact metal and lasts long. Sight ring includes 2 micro-adjustable pins for the fixed short distances. 

Use too-free nobs for adjusting the pin. It is extremely accurate bow sight and capable of shooting over long distances.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a well-honored archery company and has been serving accurate bow sights for many years. 

Hotwire 3-pin bow sight is a durable aluminum made unit and designed for shooting over large distances.

It is available for under $150 with all the necessary components in the package.

  • Highly durable aluminum unit.
  • Best for long-range shooting, easy to install.
  • Modern frame, illuminated fiber optic pins end.
  • Adjustments knobs can be a bit stiff.


Trophy Ridge Hotwire bow sight specifically designed for the archers who love long-range shooting. 

High-quality sight rings offer a clear narrow view of targets even from high yardages.

CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight – Best for Long-Range Shooting

Love a long-range shooting event? Engage Hybrid bow sight is particularly designed for aiming at the targets. 

Highly durable CNC machined unit guarantee long-lasting performance. It has a dual mounting capability which means you can ascend sight on both sides of the bow riser.

Design & Visuality

Engage 3 pin bow sight is available with hybrid elevation adjustments. 

Micro-adjustable slide pins are more accurate than round pins and include illuminated colorful ends. 

The 2nd and 3rd axes are adjustable and best for narrowing targets on the specific targets. 

Adjustable dovetail mounting system adds versatility and makes it easy to use for beginners. The sight includes sight-light for hunting in low-light.

Brand & Affordability

CBE Archery is a well-honored outdoor store and known for the quality of products. 

Engage Hybrid Bow sight is the best illuminated visual device which is more accurate in measuring and narrowing the target over 60 yards distance. 

It is available with all the necessary equipment at a very cost-effective price. You can get the full package of Engage Hybrid Bow Sight for under $300.

  • High-quality sight ring, many elevation adjustments.
  • Compatible with all the models of Compound Bows.
  • Illuminated fiber optic pins.
  • May be pricey for some users.


CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight is a premium device and specifically designed for shooting over long distances. 

It is a pretty good choice if you are buying for a team. Exclusive visuality is suitable for all times of day whether low light or high-light.

HHA Optimizer Lite Bow Sight – Best 3 Pin Slider Bow Sight

HHA Optimizer is an excellent alternative if you want to give someone a valuable bow sight. Its unit is made with high-quality CNC Machined aluminum and best for long-lasting use. 

A simple and manageable panel has located all the controls supporting the fingers. 

All the essential parts are proffered in a package, you don’t need to buy anything apart to fix the sight on compound bows.

Design & Visuality

The more loved thing about the HHA Optimizer bow sight, it has a built-in lever to punch the different modes. 

Slides like accurate pins have ended with different illuminated colors dots. Compact design type is 100% tested for standing in uncertain conditions. 

its visual lens is compatible at any time of day or dark. It includes a highly accurate bubble-level which indicates the position of the bow according to ground level. 

Tool-free windage and elevation settings, I don’t think you’ll find in any other bow sight.

Brand & Affordability

HHA Archery is a well-known brand and needs no compliment. 

It has been working with a team of expert engineers and particularly focuses on the quality of the product. 

Optimizer 3-Pin bow sight is a durable choice and has virtue due to its exclusive features. It is available with all the needed accessories in a package for under 100$.

  • Adjustable bow sight, finger driven metal knobs.
  • CNC machined aluminum unit, best for long-range shooting.
  • Best 3 Pin bow sight under $100.
  • There is nothing bad reported about the product.


If you are looking for a simple manageable 3 bow sight then the HHA Optimizer is a perfect choice. 

It is crafted especially from aluminum material and passed through CNC technology. Furthermore, its rheostat features are helpful for illumination in low light.

Axion Archery Soul Hunter – Best Bow Sight for Women Hunters

Axion 3 pin bow sight is somehow suitable for women archers. Its panel is more versatile for windage corrections and visuality. 

The apparatus unit is compatible with all standards of compound bows, it originated with the little extended holes for the excellent fixing on the bow risers. 

Where we discuss the price of Axion soul bow sight, it is pretty even according to the product.

Design & Visuality

Axion is a durable 3-pin bow sight that is made using high-quality aluminum material. 

Remarkably accurate bow sight pins are made for the fixed yardage measurement. These pins have illuminated red and green ends for shooting in low-light purposes. 

The unit is compatible with all the models of the compound bow. Windage and elevation settings are positioned supporting the fingers and anyone can easily drive nobs using fingers.

Brand & Affordability

Axion Archery is a well-honored brand and known for the durability and affordability of its products. 

3 Pin Soul hunter is a remarkable bow-sight which is ideal for shooting in 40 yards. It includes a built-in bubble level that indicates the position angle of bows.

  • Highly durable sight ring, made with aluminum material.
  • Best for shooting in 40 yards, illuminated pins.
  • Pocket-friendly package.
  • There is nothing bad reported about the product.


Axion Archery 3 pin sight is designed for beginner women hunters and available in an exclusive color. 

its fiber optic pins are extremely accurate and offer a precise view over 40 yards. Furthermore, there the unit is also best to install on any bow riser, it includes pretty extended holes for bolts.

Black Gold Ascent Verdict Sight – Best for Shooting Over Yardage

Ascent Verdict bow sight is a simple and manageable visual device designed for the latest models of compound bows. 

It has moveable 1st, 2nd and 3rd axes that mean the archers have to set the pins manually. 

The multi-coated unit is long-lasting and very smooth to install on the risers.

Design & Visuality

Black Gold Ascent Verdict Sight features an angled sight tape and photo dramatic shell for brightness optimization.

The yardage adjustments are very quick and smooth, the company used knobs instead of bolts that means you can modify windage and elevation settings with fingers. 

It is pretty adjustable and works well with the 1-piece arrow quivers.

Brand & Affordability

Black Gold is a popular company that manufactures visual gadgets.

It mainly focused on the quality of products and coated 2 times for their good presentation and durability.

 Ascent Verdict is one of the most demanded archery products which is available at a very affordable price. Archers can get its full package with all the necessary parts for under $100.

  • Highly durable frame, adjustable pane.
  • Windage and elevation settings, bright pins.
  • Precise indicators.
  • May be difficult to install many models on compound bows.


If you are looking for an accurate bow sight then the Ascent Verdict is a perfect choice. It is specifically designed for short-range shooting and excellent to use in low light.

Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight – Best three Pin Colorful Sight

Trophy Ridge Joker is an ultra-bright bow sight designed for hunting in low-light. 

it covers horizontal 0.019” medium pins that offer precise measurement to targets. The versatile bow sight can be mounted on both sides of the riser. 

Its visuals are fully illuminated and best for hunting in low light.

Design & Visuality

One most exciting thing about the Trophy Ridge joker sight, it has a reversible mount unit that can be installed on the left and right sides of compound bows. 

Built-in bubble level designates the position from ground level. The simple but appreciative panel has brought the controls under fingers.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is the world’s #1 archery label and its products are considered worthy. 

Joker is one of the most demanded archery sights and available at a very cost-effective price. 

its package covers all the crucial parts and you don’t have to buy anything for the induction of Trophy Ridge.

  • Rheostat light-adjusting system.
  • Elevation and windage settings, Well-aligned shots.
  • Greater accuracy, easy to install, best for money.
  • It is based on plastic construction.


If you are looking for a tough but solid bow sight then the Trophy Ridge Joker is a perfect option. It is made with CNC machined aluminum material and best for long-lasting use.

Furthermore, price is also feared according to the product.

IQ Bow sights Pro Hunter – Best Adjustable 3 Pin Sight

Cock a powerful but accurate shot through the IQ Bow sight. It includes retina lock technology and specifically designed to aim at targets on over yardages. 

The overall unit is highly durable and 100% tested to perform in uncertain conditions.

Design & Visuality

Most archers judge a bow sight with its visual quality, IQ PRO sight is an extremely accurate scope for a compound bow that includes illuminated fiber optic pins. 

The pins have colorful ends for fine visuality in low -light. Laser-etched windage and elevation settings are the things that you’ll love more for the IQ PRO Bow Sight.

Brand & Affordability

IQ is a highly well-known brand and known for the incredible bow sights.

Where we consider its pro model, it is right-hand orientated and designed for the latest models of compound bows. You can get its all parts in a package for under 300$

  • Highly durable bow sight, accurate optic pins.
  • Illuminated adjustable axes, finger driven nobs.
  • Retina technology, long-range shooting.
  • It doesn’t include a sight tape.


IQ Bowsight is a manageable bow sight which is available with all the features that archers expect to be in premium sights. 

Although it is a little pricier still includes retinal lock technology. Overall, it is the perfect choice for long-range shooting.  

Guide to Choose the Best 3 Pin Bow Sight

Whitetail is an excellent shot of dawn or dusk.

Most wildlife becomes active at the end of light and probably go for fodder on unpattern landscapes. 

Animals grazing on different pastures are considered more relaxed and it is the perfect spot when hunters can take down clean prey. You of course need a bow sight that is particularly designed for hunting in low-light. 

Here I am going to put some meaningful factors knowing them you’ll be able to find a good bow sight.

How Many Pins Should You Shoot?

Keep the sight picture simplified with a small number of pins. 

Using the additional optic pins extends the chances of blunders while narrowing the arrow on targets. A single pin is considered enough for shooting over 30 yards. 

Suppose you are aiming a whitetail, so position the pin to 25 yards, it’ll be within a few inches of your aim.

“Rule of Thumb: Never use more pins than you needed.”

If you plan to aim at targets in over 30 yards then a three-pin bow sight is the better option. it has a defined capability of aiming at 20, 30, and 40 yards. 

The tangible range makes a great deal of flexibility and archers don’t need to stay confused.

In the scenario, you plan to shoot over 40 yards distance (rare opportunity to aim accurately) then you need more pins. 

Setting the 5 pins will make you capable of precise shooting on over 60 yards.

Appropriate Sight Pin Diameter for Hunting

Bow sights are available in a huge variety with 0.029” to 0.010” pin diameter. There are different scenarios to hold with different diameters of pins. 

Large fiber optic pins will be more helpful while hunting in low-light but as these pins cover up more thus shooting on large distances will be inaccurate.

The most used strategy “mix up the pin size to match the distances”, you can choose large diameter (0.050”) pins for shooting in short-range and obviously small pins (0.010”) for long-range. 

Most archers consider the 0.019” diameter pin, they feel comfortable shooting with these optimized pins.

Benefits of Using the Round Pin Guards

Modern bow sights are available with a built-in round pin guard feature that imperatively makes the center within round peep sight easier for increased accuracy. 

It profits plenty of significant features over the square bow sights.

In order to center the pin guard, the predators have to use a large peep sight and it’ll give them another advantage. 

A great number of peeps lets you through more light for a better picture in dawn or dusk. 

The peep system is now becoming modern, companies are offering different colors including yellow, orange, and green.

Additional Crucial Factors at 2nd Observation

A bow sight is a condensed combination of visuals and hardware parts. It is available in optional panel configuration for the different games. 

Archers blindly invest in the unknown Sights and at the end of the day become hopeless. 

Here are a few critical aspects knowing which you can buy the best three bow sight for games.

Illuminated sight: Since in the east, most predators favor going hunting at dawn or dusk. There are more chances of healthy prey in low-light, you would imperatively consider a best-illuminated bow sight. 

Many compound bow sights behave brightened in dark. It is a remarkable factor to probing their quality, the sights function illuminated due to high-quality manufacturing material.

Go for the naturally illuminated fiber optic pins and sight ring. 

Always consider the bow sight that has apparent indicators of green or red color on forward on ring and pins. 

In any other case, archers need to range batteries for ensuring accurate shots in low light. They’ll stand less chance of successful hunting without illuminated bow sight.

Suitable Pin Decision: Single pin bow sights are deemed honest accurate for hunting but the most important thing that buyers often overlook, they are only perfect in the case of the shooting last on 20 yards. 

Fast target acquisition sounds good but if the scenario comes over 30 yards, it is a guarantee you’ll miss the target.

On the other hand, the multi-pin bow sight is pretty flexible with yardages. 

All the axes are alterable and archers can shoot accurately over 70 yards with the little pin modifications. High-quality visuals offer frequent shots to release over long distances.

Hunting a mule deer, antelope and caribous can be successful using the multi-pin bow sights. Make sure you are buying a sight that supports maximum pins, it’ll bring you narrow on targets. 

Keep Them Fine: Hallmark is all about the fitness of bow sight whether you are archery shooting or hunting. 

The big end of the pin covers the sight ring and reduces the chances of narrowing aim on targets. 

So always go with the patterned modification of fiber optic pins that are easy to adjust in the sight ring.

Keep resembling the size of a pin with the target. Predators would have an honest intention of games for which he is buying the bow sight. 

Precise hunting always reserves successful prey, so hunters would choose the size of fiber optic pins according to the animals and specific hunting state.

Ease of Adjustments: Windage and elevation settings that are apparently difficult to do, a good bow sight comes with metal nobs for tuning the sight panel. 

Instead of using some old-schooled Allen keys and many other tools, what do you think of nobs? Anyone can drive nobs with fingers for bringing them on propriety.

On the Level: A built-in bubble level indicates the level of the bow according to the surface of the ground. 

Leave using the traditional leveling devices and replace them with the latest bow sights. It’ll improve the accuracy in shots and extend the chances of successful prey. 

Furthermore, it also helps in reducing the canting of compound bows.  

Specialty Sight: A pendulum Bow Sight usually considered one-grade up comparatively than other sights. 

These sights accomplish their niche application simply by self-adjusting the pendulum and assistance of gravity itself.

Final Verdict

Even experienced hunters stand fewer chances of shooting accurately without a bow sight. 

Many times, archers buy the sights with unknown pin and panel configuration that goes worse with the suitability of their games. 

Maddi tried to walk you through the crucial aspects of a bow sight that archers would keep in mind while buying a bow sight.

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