Best 3 Pin Slider Bow Sight 2022

A multi pin adjustable bow sight provides the features of both a fixed as well as a slider sight.

Normally, in a single pin slider sight, there is only one pin that needs to be adjusted again and again as your target moves.

But in a 3 pin slider sight, you get the freedom of adjusting your sight as you have the first two micro-adjustable pins which can be adjusted to any fixed yardages like 20 and 30 yards while the 3rd pin is moveable/slider which is free for adjustments.

And if you were looking for the best 3 pin slider bow sight then you are at the right place because here we have reviewed the best 3 pin moveable bow sights for hunters and archers.

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Reviews of 3 Pin Slider Bow Sights

Best 3 Pin Slider Bow Sight

We at spend a lot of time researching the top-rated sights, buy them and use them personally after researching, using the actual sight, and getting its ins and outs. We have reviewed the best slider bow sights below.

CBE Engage Hybrid Adjustable Bow Sight (3-Pin)

A good bow sight just can make accurate shots in either archery competition. CBE Engage Hybrid is a 3-Pin bow sight superlative for all worlds. It’s equipped with a rear-facing sight tape for the angular view and accurate with pins. Laser engraved aluminum sight scale features you perfectly on targets.

Prominent Features

  • Stainless steel made indicator needle – powered by Rheostat lights.
  • 2nd axis leveling for further stability and entirely tool-less to drive.
  • Has a rear-facing sight tape that you can see from any angle or side.


BrandCBE Engage
Pin size0.010”
ColorBlack (Green Ring)
Range100+ yards
MaterialCNC Aluminum
Mounting TypeDovetail
Side OrientationRight
  • Tool-less micro-adjustments.
  • Detachable Rheostat Light System.
  • Crafted from machined aluminum.
  • Light-weight and hybrid construction.
  • A handy panel to customize settings.
  • 12 fiber to transmit light to the pins.
  • No engraved elevation marking.

Detailed Review of CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight

Engage Hybrid bow sight is featuring Revolve Micro Pin System to make micro-adjustments with each pin using just a hex screw. It supports blade-style pins with the fully enclosed fiber construction, it has added reinforcement for extra durability. The dovetail mounting system provides a consistent platform to mount the sight and gives an extension to it.

Blade Style Pin

Hybrid CBE Engage bow sight is equipped with blade pins protected with reinforced fiber to make ultimate visibility and accuracy. it has a standard housing with sliding pins, once you set the pin on optimal location, you can easily lock them permanently. Initial pins can be used for fixed distances and third pins can be slid dramatically for unpredicted distances.

The housing of sight also has a precisely installed bubble helpful while hunting in uneven fields. Radioactive bright green rings on the open ends keep a clear view in low-light.

Adjustability & Portability

The CBE Hybrid bow sight is equipped with an extremely versatile panel that supports maximum adjustments for archers. It has tool-less knobs to drive adjustments even if you can customize the height of your aiming view.

As it has a dovetail mounting bar, so it’s your choice where you set the bow sight. The dovetail system adds an extension to move the sight head further away from the eyes as it is considered more accurate for aiming. Besides windage and elevation adjustments, you can even customize the sight axis according to your needs.

Design & Construction

Engage Hybrid bow sight has a user-friendly interface with handy adjustments though built-quality. The rest is made using machined alloy and to preserve it from uncertain conditions, CBE used copolymer coating. Its two pins are micro-adjustable and the third pin can be set for unpredicted distances.

Brand & Affordability

CBE (Custom Bow Equipment) is one of the popular archery companies known for its innovative bow sights. Engage a Hybrid bow sight is a precise unit designed for killing games. Although it is a 3-Pin sight but has micro-adjustability to aim over longer distances. You can buy the incredible bow sight for under $300.

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking for the best 3-Pin sliding bow sight then there is nothing better than CBE Engage Hybrid Sight. It is sturdy yet light-weight and supports micro-adjustments for the pins to acquire fixed distances.

Black Gold Ascent Verdict Slider 3 Pin Bow Sight

To have a kind of precision and accuracy without a cluttered view, Ascent Verdict by Black Gold is the most appropriate decision. Even with intimidating customization, the sight is straightforward to assemble and use. You can set 3-pin to 20, 30, and 40 with micro-adjustments emphasized by its handy panel.

Prominent Features

  • A dovetail mounting extension to move sight away.
  • Pre-marked distance tape with the rear-facing feature.
  • Knobs are equipped with a superlative rubber grip.


BrandBlack Gold
Pin Diameter0.019”
Range100+ Yards
  • The multi-pin head is straightforward to zero.
  • Has pre-distance choices for instant shooting.
  • Includes a standard size dog guard.
  • Enough durable to use in all seasons.
  • Micro-adjustments for fixed distances.
  • There’s nothing bad reported about the product.

Detailed Review of Black Gold Ascent Verdict Bow Sight

The verdict is now in! Accurate 3 pin bow sight has an incredible pin sliding system to serve best in both worlds. It features axis adjustments for the added versatility. Machined X-frame is equipped with SkyCoil which gathers 300% more light and maximum reduces obnoxiousness.

Extra Range & Adjustability

The black Gold bow sight is a more precise and adjustable unit than traditional moveable sights. It has a vertical dovetail so you can zero out the sight at the dial of death. With the wisdom, you will be able to put the preset for distances especially helpful while hunting in low-light.

The best part is, it indicates the pin is index-able for instant re-sighting and changes your setup. The 45° faceplate lets you see the distance from each side. It features stream-line vertical adjustments with extra sturdy Y-beams than other bow sight models.

Level Head Sight

Ascent Verdict bow sight is equipped with a level head one of the most secure levels available. Adjusting the level is considered finicky and difficult but Black Gold also features an easy-to-adjust level head setup. You can replace the bubble level with a large one for ease of visibility.

Besides the precision setup of Black Gold Ascent sight, it also has solved maximum light issues that are encountered while hunting in low-light. A high-quality PhotoChromatic Shell is added just for optimized brightness level regardless of the situation in hunting states. 

Design & Construction

Being one of the most functional bow sights, Black Gold Ascent is built-well. It is crafted from a machined alloy that lasts a long-life and maintains the solid shape of rest. As it has “Dial-of-death” so adjustments are very easy and instant to be done without using tools.

One of the best things about the Black Ascent sight, it has a splined vertical drive gear for 800% increased durability. Dial grips are made using rubber to sure grip in sweaty conditions. The versatile mounting unit is compatible with all models of compound bows and also adds anchor point adjustability.

Brand & Affordability

Black Gold is a popular bow sight company known for its quality products. Ascent verdict is an accurate sight to shoot long-range distances. It is light-weight yet sturdy and features fewer adjustment options. Furthermore, you can buy it for under $250.

Why should you buy it?

Archers who are looking for the best adjustable bow sight for shooting all fields must buy the Black Gold Ascent Bow Sight. It features SkyCoil to eliminate the need for light and up to 300% is effective.

IQ Pro Hunter 3 Pin Moveable Bow Sight

Pro Hunter bow sight is aesthetically appealing and well-built. It’s designed with the maximum precise adjustments in mind and features a flexible setup to drive customization. The unit is equipped with iconic Retina Lock Technology for deadly hitting with every-shot.

Prominent Features

  • Iconic Retinal Lock Technology is used to standby distances.
  • Support ports to attach more devices with sight – light plugin.
  • Water-proof yet pre-marked distance tapes aligned with pins.


ModelPro Hunter
TypeSlider Sight
Pin size0.019”
Weight8.6 Ounces
ColorBlack (Green Ring)
MaterialCNC Aluminum
Side OrientationRight Hand
  • Smooth 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments.
  • Crafted from durable aluminum material.
  • Locks to hold settings permanently.
  • Has versatile mounting brackets for bows.
  • Extra ports to attached devices and quivers.
  • Equipped with laser etched windage.
  • Difficult to plug-in devices.

Detailed Review of IQ Pro Hunter Bow Sight

Pro Hunter is the deadliest accurate bow sight from IQ Bowsights and is known for its iconic Retina Lock Technology. Although RT technology isn’t new in 2022 still it is considered taking the archery world by storm. Move to the setup and align the center with a black dot, you’ll be more confident while taking each shot.

Accurate Sight Head

With the western Spot-and-stalker precision, Pro Hunter bow sight works in multiple camps. It supports 0.019” three pins for fixed and unpredicted distances. There are levers used to adjust the initial pins for fixed distances and floater pins to make a change while flying.

Bow sight features exclusive two distance taps that are water-proof yet pre-marked. You can mark manually according to your hunting needs accurately. The tape mount pattern is pretty cool as it has one fastened inside of the sight head and the second is on the outer edges of the head.

With an instant moveable system, you can set up windage and elevations accurately. It’s also tool-less to customize these settings, you don’t need to use Allen keys.

Exclusive Sigh Lights

IQ Bow sight is powered by one of the best Rheostat systems to eliminate the light needs while hunting in dark. For the added light source, it has a green peep sight ring with the glow-in-the-dark feature mounted on the open edges of the head.

To control brightness, the rheostat system takes micro-clicks and features options. The best part is, it is removable and you don’t need to use tools for it. Pin ends also have piece radioactive edges for enough visibility in low-light.

An accurate bubble level is located in the bottom of the head, helping while hunting in uneven fields. It’s entirely anti-glare and easily visible to archers.

Design & Construction

The aesthetically appealing IQ Bow sight is crafted from sturdy aluminum. It is designed for 3D archery shooting competitions as it has a deadly accurate head. The sight rest is coated with copolymers which give a soft touch and reduce vibrations.

Although IQ bow sight doesn’t support reversible brackets it has anchor point adjustability for right-handed bows.

Brand & Affordability

IQ Sport is a world-wide archery company that has been producing durable archery products for over 3 decades. The IQ bow sight is one of the most demanded bow sights which is designed for archery shooting and available for under $230.

Why should you buy it?

IQ Pro Hunter is the most reliable bow sight equipped with the latest technologies. It is durable yet light-weight and best to survive in both worlds. You can buy it for right-handed bows now.


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