Best 5 Pin Slider Bow Sight 2022

Multi pin adjustable bow sights are getting popular due to their flexibility. 

While having a 5 pin slider bow sight is a win win deal.

As fixed pins help the hunters to aim at a fixed range but when your prey is beyond your maximum marked pin then you can adjust the slider pin and aim the target precisely.

Most of the hunters tend to use either a single pin adjustable bow sight or 3 pin slider sight while if you want to buy the best 5 pin slider sight then no problem. You can buy one and can hit the targets even above 100+ yards easily.

Reviews of 5 Pin Slider Bow Sights

Best 5 Pin Slider Bow Sight

After spending a lot of time and money on these slider sights we have finalized the below two 5 pin moveable sights that are perfect for all types of hunters and perform best in every situation.

Black Gold Ascent Verdict 5-Pin Bow Sight

Ascent Verdict itself is a great sight intended for keen on 5-Pin slider bow sights. It features clutter-free objective pictures with a proper scaled setup for precision shooting. Premium SkyCoil is just used to eliminate the light issue while hunting in legal hours, it gathers 300% extra light.


BrandBlack Gold
OrientationRight Hand
Pin Diameter0.019”
Range100+ Yards
  • Maximum range and adjustability.
  • The dial of death for deadliest accuracy.
  • 80% more gear surface for smoother operation.
  • Very easy to adjust and customize.
  • Has a photochromic shell.
  • 45-degree faceplate.
  • There’s nothing bad reported about the product.

Detailed Review of Black Gold Ascent Verdict Bow Sight

With a five-pin setup in a dial, Ascent verdict bow sight is best for shooting long-range distances. It is an iconic model by Black Gold which has adjustments because there are just fewer bow sights available with customization by the company.

Accurate multi-Pin Bow Sight

Ascent verdict is the best 5-pin slider bow sight including incorporated with the maximum ranging head and adjustable panel. It features an 80% extra gear surface for holding smoother operations. The level head bow sight is very instant and easy to customize and supports a PhotoChromatic shell, reduces obnoxiousness, and keeps pins more visible while hunting in sunlight. SkyCoil technology eliminates all issues about light regardless of situation and time.

Design & Construction

Being a most adjustable bow sight, Black Gold kept it with great durability. It’s made using aircraft-grade aluminum which is more light-weight yet enough sturdy to withstand all uncertain conditions. The panel features adjustments with easy-to-drive knobs. Pins are made using high-quality fiber and last a long time.

Brand & Affordability

Black Gold is a leading archery company and has been producing quality bow sights for over 3 decades. Ascent verdict is a deadly accurate bow sight available with a 5-pin sliding system. It packages all essential components and is available for under $230.

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking for a 5-Pin bow sight with maximum adjustments then there’s nothing better than black gold Ascent verdict bow sight. It is light-weight, sturdy, and equipped with maximum adjustments needed in the field. You can order it now for under $230.

CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight

Engage Hybrid bow sight puts durable and features together in its sturdy rest. It supports micro-adjustable blade pins for aiming fixed and floating distances. A unique piece of tech for fanes 5-Pin bow sight, it has hybrid elevation adjustments.


BrandCBE Archery
Pins5 Pins
Pin Diameter 0.019”/0.010”
Range 100+ Yards
Material Aluminum
  • 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability.
  • Hybrid elevation settings.
  • Support adjustable dovetail mount.
  • Options to attach quiver on sight.
  • Laser engraved aluminum construction.
  • Blade style pins to aim over distances.
  • There’s nothing bad reported about the product.

Detailed Review of CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight

Engage Hybrid is the best 5-Pin Sliding bow sight equipped with Hybrid elevations to survive in both archery worlds. it features a scaled view with 5-pin dial-in setup, you can mark fixed and floating distances through knobs.

Sight-in and Mounting

Micro-adjustable CBE Engage bow sight is typically designed for precision shooting. It supports hybrid windage and elevation settings for maximum added versatility. The sight head has a green radioactive ring that glows in low-light and is best for picture clarity.

It centers around 5 blade style pins that are more accurate, durable, and bring eyes automatically on target. Colored ends on the pinhead indicate the aiming at different distances according to distance tape. It can be calibrated for fixed and unpredicted distances using smoothly moving knobs.  

Although CBE bow sight hasn’t reversible brackets it’s available for both the left and right-handed bows.

Design & Construction

CBE Engage Hybrid is light-weight yet sturdy bow sight equipped with the latest technologies. It is the deadliest accurate and includes an anti-glare bubble level which is visible in low-light. Since its construction is hybrid, it’s effective in reducing vibration. With the anchor point adjustability, you can set it to your comfortable height.

Brand & Affordability

CBE which is also known for custom bow equipment is a leading company in producing bow sights. Engage a Hybrid bow sight is a unique unit available with possible adjustments in the 5-Pin slider sight. it packages useful features and technologies insight and available for under $350.

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking for a bow sight for long-range shooting then CBE Engage is the best option. it is available in 0.010” and 0.019” pin sizes for the left and right-handed bows.


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