Best 7 Pin Bow Sight for Hunting Reviews 2022

The higher number of pins promotes elegant range calibration and less guesswork.

Many times, prey jumps to random spots and it is the most shit thing near predators. They repeatedly need justification of targets through the defective short-range bow sights but now it’s no more!

A multi-pin, even 7-pin bow sight offers a mathematically precise target picture at over 150 yards. It features an ease of use panel and clearly distinct pins with a wide-field view.

Reviews of Best 7 Pin Bow Sights 2022

In this article, we have designated a list of Best 7 Pin Bow Sights to boast of functionality and affordability.

IQ Define Pro 7-Pin Bow Sight – Best Overall

IQ Define Pro is a best-illuminated bow sight intended for hunting at dusk or dawn. It features a 3-digit OLED display with the yardage battery indicators. 

These indicators can glitter in yellow and blue different lights and also add 2 min scan mode. We’ll mark it 1-grade higher than alternatives opinions, it is starring a separate red dot visible laser for calibration. 

IQ Define pro sigh is a full package of precision and durability that is available at a cost-effective price.

Design & Visuality

Define Pro 7 pin bow sight has Retina Lock incorporated technology with the micro-adjustable pins. 

The built-in bubble level continuously indicates the position of the bow with the ground surface level. The entire panel is tool-less and flexible without Allen keys, IQ designed easily driveable metal knobs for the panel settings. 

The 2nd and 3rd axis is flexible for optimizing the distance. Integrated sight light offers 5-levels for rightness according to the environment.

Brand & Affordability

IQ Sports is the name of authenticity that has been serving long-range compound bows sights at very affordable prices. 

Define Pro 7-pin sight is an incredible opinion that is featuring range and confidence. The CR2 battery is pretty impressive and helps in finding the powered range with +/- 1-yard resolution. 

Its yard display is the horizontal distance (angle compensation) with the 0.19” pins. 

Overall, the Define Pro sight exclusively deals with all the visual problems of archers, it is available with all the components for under 200$.

  • 3-digit OLED display, multiple indication light color.
  • Micro-adjustable pins, Retinal lock technology.
  • It is available with improved range and confidence.
  • Extremely accurate micro pins can be a perfect choice for 150 yards.
  • It is not a reversible bow sight.


According to the editor’s opinion, IQ Define bow sight is best for long-range shooting. 

It is featuring all the modern factors that predators consider in premium bow sights. Overall, the resolution is impressive, you can shoot over 150 yards distance. 

Furthermore, a high-quality CR battery is also included for illumination and scanning modes.  

Trophy Ridge React Pro 7 Bow Sight – Ultimate Accuracy

As it is manifest, Trophy Ridge Pro Bow sight is featuring React Technology. it imperatively extends the range of sight and puts an automatic scanning mode. 

Make easy corrections and bring the micro pins to an optimized position using finger drive-able knobs. 

Overall, the Trophy React Pro is a considerable choice, it is equipped with all the necessary components and available at a very reasonable price.

Design & Visuality

Trophy Ridge React Pro is an extremely accurate bow sight that is available with rheostat light and bright fiber optic pins. 

It offers an easy configuration with the tool-less nobs, you can adjust elevation and windage using the fingers. 

Ultra-bright vision ensures the strengthening accuracy at several angles over long distances. 

Archers can increase or decrease the brightness level according to the environment. Glow in the dark sight rings has mathematically formed small bars that add precision.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is the richest reliable archery brand that has been serving accurate bow sights for over 6 decades. 

Its bow sight is adjustable with 3 axes and also adds metal knobs for configurations. 7-Pins are positioned accurately in the sight ring and have attached bright ends in green and red lights. 

CNC machined aluminum unit adds no weight on the bow riser and lasts long. Trophy Ridge React Pro 7 bow sight is a perfect opinion for shooting over 150 yards, it is available for under 250$.

  • Auto-Pin configuration, tool-free adjustments.
  • High calibrated view, brightness controls, mathematical precision.
  • Easy correction with the micro clicks windages and elevation.
  • Best 7 Pin bow sight under $50.
  • Needs Allen key for many adjustments.


If you are looking for an accurate bow sight to shoot over 80 yards then the Trophy Ridge React Pro 7 is a perfect choice. 

It is available with a 7 pin configuration setup and reversible unit. Furthermore, it is a little pricey sight but noteworthy for predators.

Axcel 7 Pin Bow Sight Armor Tech HD – Economical Choice

Axcel 7-Pin Bow sight is recognized for its accuracy over 100 yards. its windage knobs feature adjustability of 20 clicks per revolution. 

A light-weight but sturdy frame is 100% tested to withstand uncertain conditions. It is featuring a very adjustable unit with all the necessary components and available at a pocket-friendly price.

Design & Visuality

Axcel 7-Pin bow sight supports a built-in bubble level for the continuous position indication. 

Its modern unit includes 7-horizontal sight pins with bright ends. it is compatible with all the compound bow models but doesn’t include the reversible panel. 

3-axis adjustments add comfortability, archers can position the sight where they easily sight in.

Brand & Affordability

Axcel is a well-known archery company that has been working with a team of qualified engineers. It was recently voted as the best buy winner from the inside archery magazine. 

ArmorTech HD sight is specifically designed for shooting over 100 yards with enhanced accuracy. You can get it with all the necessary components for under 200$.

  • The lightweight frame, colorful fiber optic pins.
  • CNC machined unit, adjustable knobs, dual-coated.
  • Best for money, bright sight ring.
  • Allen keys needed for adjustments.


According to our editors, Axcel 7-Pin bow sight is a durable opinion and good package with affordability. 

Its unit is made with aircraft-grade aluminum and coated with superior material. 7 pins are pretty adjustable with knobs and incorporate the bright colorful ends.

Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight – Best for Low Budget

If you are looking for a straightforward flexible bow sight with dependable precision then meet the Trophy Ridge’s Fix Series. 

it needs micro-adjustments for trustworthy accuracy over long distances. The adjustable brightness suits all the conditions whether you are hunting dawn or dusk.

Design & Visuality

Trophy Ridge fixes series sight is available with the added glow in the dark bright sight ring. Accurate 7 pins have LED battery bulbs on the head in multiple green and red colors. 

it is pretty adjustable with 3-axis, you just need to drive the knobs for changing the configuration. Rheostat light is also attached for hunting in low light.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is the most popular archery brand that needs no compliments on its products. 

Fix Series bow sight is one of most demanded sights in the market which is available for under 100$. It is a perfect opinion for heightened accuracy over long distances.

  • A built-in bubble level, 3-axis adjustments knobs.
  • CNC Machined unit, elevation, and windage settings.
  • Best 7 pin Bow Sight under$100.
  • Not easy to accurate on targets.


If you are looking for an accurate bow sight with a low budget then the Trophy Ridge Fix Series is a perfect choice. 

It is made with durable aluminum material and coated in black color. Highly bright sight rings help in shooting at dusk or dawn.

TRUGLO Hyper-Strike Bow Sight – Best for Long Range

Hyper-Strike Bow Sight is the particular product of TRUGLO that is available in DDP design. 

As you decrease the pin diameter, it becomes more effective on the range and targets. It is more accurate, more precise, and available at a great discount, you can order now!

Design & Visuality

The solid thing about the Hyper-Strike Bow Sight, it is made with high-quality Carbon-composite and Aluminum material. 

Micro-adjustable windage and elevation settings with a 2 axis make the sight more comfortable. 

MAXMOUNT Bracket offers more options to mount the sight low or high on the bow risers. A highly accurate bubble level is fastened in a ring that indicates the position of bows.

Brand & Affordability

TRUGLO is the world’s #1 archery brand and has been serving durable goods for over 3 decades. 

Hyper-Strike is an incredible bow sight that is designed for hunting over long distances. It is available in all the necessary components at a cost-effective price. 

You can buy the Hyper-Strike Bow Sight full package for under $100.

  • Nobs for the axis adjustments, pretty adjustable with bracket.
  • Windage and elevations setting, bubble level.
  • Best 7 Pin bow sight under $100.
  • Worse sight ling system.


In the list of top 7 pin bows sights, TRUGLO Hyper-Strike stands high due to its versatility. It can be mounted at an adjustable position in the bow riser due to MAX AMOUNT Brackets. 

Overall, it is a perfect choice for all level archers.

IQ Store Bow Sight Pro – Best for Right-Hand

IQ Bow Sight stands 1-grade up than alternatives due to its Retina Local Technology. 

It features an ultra-bright unit that is specifically intended for long-range shooting in low-light. The 2nd/3rd axis is adjustable and can be configured with the tool-less nobs. 

We hope you will love using the IQ’s Bow Sight, instantly order now.

Design & Visuality

The IQ bow sight is admired more due to its tool-less laser etched windage and elevation adjustments. 

Highly durable bow sight includes 7 adjustable pins with bright LED ends for accurate shots in low-light. 

The unit is designed with multiple bows and quiver mounting points that is another considerable thing.

Brand & Affordability

IQ is a big outdoor store that is known for the durability and affordability of its products. 

Hunters PRO bow sight is the most interrogated bow sight that is a full package of accuracy and precision. it is available for under $250 with the seven-pin setup and CNC machine unit.

  • Inclusive IQ Retina Lock technology, Tool-free adjustments.
  • Laser-etched windage and elevation settings.
  • Include options for multiple bows 
  • It is over pricey.


IQ 7 pin bow sight is an appropriate option for archers who love hunting on long-range. It is made with durable aluminum material and adds no weight to the riser. 

Furthermore, Retinal lock technology makes the sight more precise and accurate.

HYF 7-Pin Compound Bow Sight – Reversible Bracket

HYF 7-Pin bow sight is designed to keep maximum versatility in mind. it incorporates a reversible mounting unit that offers both hand orientation. 

An extremely lightweight unit adds no weight on bows and is very easy to install on risers. 

We hope you’ll love using the versatile light-weight bow sight, it is compatible with all the models of compound bows.

Design & Visuality

Ultra-bright 0.19” fiber optic pins compensate for all the environment; you can switch five different brightness levels in low-light. 

Durable stainless steel made unit is 100% tested to withstand in uncertain condition and lasts long. 

The horizontally attached built-in bubble level makes the sight more accurate with the ground surface level.

Brand & Affordability

HYF is a world-wide bow sight company and that proved its iron by bringing the most durable products. 

HYF 7-Pin Compound bow sight is a reliable option for the archers and available for under $100.

  • Stainless steel made unit, includes a built-in bubble level.
  • Sight ring light, nobs for adjusting the elevation and windages.
  • Best for money, easy to install on all the compound bows.
  • Weak accuracy over the long distance.


If you are looking for a smart bow sight in a CNC machined unit then the HYF’s 7-Pin bow is a perfect choice. it is pretty accurate, precise, and includes several adjustable axes.

Southland Archery Supply 5 Pin Bow Sight – Best for 80 Yards

SAS is King in producing bow sight with strengthened accuracy. Its 5-pin bow sight is the toughest illuminated scope designed for compound bows to shoot in low-light. 

A high-quality bubble level is helpful in preserving sight position and accuracy. 

Its bracket is compatible with all the modern bow sights and also features different options for mounting sight high or low.

Design & Visuality

SAS bow sight offers heightened accuracy over 80 yards distance. 

its bright setup is sufficient for shooting in low-light. High-quality fiber optic pins with the LED ends extend precision in the entire shooting system. 

2” diameter housing offers an enlarged field view. Its all parts are made using light-weight aluminum material and last long. 

Detachable reversible brackets allow archers to mount the riser in left-or right their comfortable side.

Brand & Affordability

Southland Archery Supply (SAS) is a well-known archery brand that has been serving durable archery products at very affordable prices. 

SAS 5-Pin bow sight is an incredible scope that is available at a cost-effective price. You can get the full compound bow sight package for under $60.

  • Accurate view over long distances, bubble level.
  • The bracket can be installed on all models of bows.
  • Metal knobs used for adjusting the axis.
  • Its parts are poorly machined.


SAS bow sight is a durable opinion for the limited 80 yards shots. It is made with stainless steel and aluminum material and is dual-coated with a quality lubricant. 

Overall, it is a perfect choice for archers who want to shoot in low-light.

TOPOINT Archery 3-Pin Bow Sight – Best for 40 yards

Single pin bow sights are considered straightforward in narrowing aim on targets but over 25 yards they stand less chance of successful shots. 

TOPOINT 3-pin bow sight designed for shooting over 50 yards distance. it incorporates a highly accurate bubble-level horizontally fastened in the frame.

Design & Visuality

TOPPOINT 3-pin bow sight is an extremely accurate scope available with the 3 micro pins with the bright ends. 

These ends illuminate naturally due to their quality manufacturing material. 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment with the Allen keys, you can set the bow sight at your comfortable position.

Brand & Affordability

TOPOINT Archery is a famous outdoor brand that is known for its quality products. The 3-Pin bow sight is its extremely accurate scope which is available at a pocket-friendly price. You can buy it for under $20.

  • High-quality sight ring, mathematically precise.
  • Options to install high or low in the bow sights.
  • Best 3-Pin bow sight under $20.
  • Need batteries for illumination.


If you love to hunt whitetails and look for an accurate bow sight then the TOPOINT is a perfect choice. It is available with the 3-pins set up at a very affordable choice.

Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight – Best for 80 Yards

Volt 5 bow sight is a full package with accuracy and durability. It incorporates 5-Ultra bright 0.019” fiber optic pins for finer visibility in low-light. 

The bracket includes different options for mounting the sight high or low on the riser.

Design & Visuality

Trophy Ridge Volt 5 is a best-illuminated bow sight with a 5-pin setup. It is made with CNC machined aluminum and high-class fiber material. 

An extremely bright sight ring defines the sight housing and offers an extended field view. Pin ends include bright ends of green and red lights. Bubble level used to maintain the position of sight.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a well-honored archery company that is famous for manufacturing bow sight series. 

Volt 5 is the improved version of React Pro sights that is available at a great discount. You can buy it with all the necessary Allen keys for under $50.

  • Bright sight ring light, five optic pins in different colors.
  • 0.019” medium diameter of pins, flexible mount bracket.
  • Best 5-Pin Bow sight under $50.
  • Light often doesn’t work.


If you are looking for the best 5 pin bow sight then the Trophy Ridge Volt 5 is a perfect choice. It is made with state of art durable aluminum and coated with high-quality lubricant.

A Buyer Guide To Best 7 Pin Bow Sight

A good bow sight assists the shots in accuracy even from unpredicted high distances. Many states legally authorized its use for animal hunting and now it is being held as a part of the game. However, bow sights are available in a wide assortment from single pin to hybrid units but investing in anyone is still critical for all-level archers. Here you have a detailed article on the buyer guide for Best 7 Pin bow sight.

Things to Consider While Buying a Bow Sight

Most of today’s bow sights are manufactured using high-quality composites and CNC machined aluminum (aluminum alloy). A traditional concept of seeing polymers is now as invalid as it was considered beneficial at that time.

High-quality plastic bow sights have now counted a competition for metal scopes, these are comparatively light-weight as well as durable and also available at affordable price ranges. However, here I walk you through some highlights that you would review while buying a bow sight.


Although you are buying a CNC machined bow sight, you are still dealing with thin material that is truly needed for pinpoint accuracy. Consider the importance of durability and make sure the replaceable pins, because they’ll be best to withstand later if you tend roughly on housing or gear. Further, check the pierced holes on the mounting unit and also make sure the comfortable mounting side.

Fiber Optics

Ordinally, fiber optics used to gather light and transmit it to the end tip of aiming pins. In full daylight, you’ll get even brighter illumination if you secure the high-quality fiber optics, further, it also creates a bright point of light without batteries under marginal conditions. These optical reflectors are located on the outside of the entire housing unit.

Bright Housing

Many wide games are deemed comfortable to hunt in low-light. Predators apparently need ultra-bright bow sights for these situations. Miniature flashlights that are also called the first innovation to hit bow-sights, are more effective to brighten the pins using small flashes, make sure its installation, and long battery backup guarantee.

Tritium Elements

Tritium element -a radioactive elements added to paint the gathered light in dark. I refer to luminous watches to understand these elements better, they get brighter in green light in low-light. Although, it is an additional thing but useful when the battery backup ends. Furthermore, you separately buy these elements to install on the housing rings and many other components. 

How much I would spend?

Generally, it depends on the shooting standards and type. Suppose, if you are holding a 3D archery shooting with a point-on-point aim then it can cost $200 or more for a 3D competition Sights. However, a hunter needs the most deluxe sight with polymer fiber optics and many other adjustments while taking games down.

Many predators buy mid-level bow sights that feature less-overboard and premium highlights. These sights are deemed perfect to use in uneven fields over long distances. Normally, you can spend $40 to 60 but if you go further, then $80 is enough.

IQ Define Pro 7 Bow Sight is considered perfect to invest in especially if you want a long-range 7 pin scope. An Impressive factor about the sight is its ultra-bright OLED Display that indicates the maximum properties from muscle memory to an accurate picture.

These were a few concepts of pros; they recommend to beginners while buying a bow sight.

Peep VS. No Peep Sight Better?

A peep sight adds a tiny ring or aperture in bowstrings to aim through the sight pin for measuring accurate distance. it establishes the anchor point that is an effective part of shooting packages. Ordinarily, peeps are available in different sizes and sometimes aligned by rubber wire attached to the frame.

Newly concept about using a peep sight, large aperture rings can align to the circular frame of the bow sights. Small apertures are tough to sight in low-light but the solution was viewed in large peep sights. One more thing to consider about large peeps, they produce errors while margin.

The concept of eliminating the peep altogether might be beneficial especially if archers wear glasses. Many times, peep becomes painful, and here appears the concept of holding electronic enhancements or Hind sights. You can use a kisser button that has a consistent anchor point.

However, peep sight can be beneficial in many cases according to your hunting environment. We suggest pros shops or leading professional hunters either for selecting the peep sights.

How Important is The First, Second & Third Axis?

Perhaps, one of the most underthought highlights about the sights that come useful near every archer is its axis adjustments and exclusive bubble level. Many shooters keep wondering about their premium bows and they don’t know the reasons why the bow is shooting arrows in diagonal patterns over 50 yards. Hand torque and many other segments come repeatedly in the answer to this most asked issue.

While group shooting, the first-axis can be the most culprit -hitting on the left or right side especially. Considering the new mounting unit for its correcting, it is not a plum to bow. The lens follows the same lean with the sliding movement up and down. It always occurs in the moveable bow sights; fixed pin bow sight users feel free if they are reading now.

2nd axis adjustments allow vertical accuracy of the pins on bow sights. You would note that the 1st and 2nd axis work evenly with each on the ground. If the axis is out of whack, you’ll notice the shots deviate to the left or right of the intended target.

I refer to a door swinging on its hinges for understanding the third-axis. With any up or down in angles, you’ll note bubbles sliding to the left or right. So always read the indication of the bubble before shooting the bows especially on even grounds.


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