Best Bow Peep Sight For Hunting Reviews + Buyer’s Guide 2022

While buying a bow sight setup, the most inexpensive yet effective piece of apparatus you probably purchase is a peep sight.

And believe me, peep sights are very helpful and can improve your aim to the next level.

So, it is always recommended to purchase the best bow peep sight for hunting.

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Buyer’s Guide for Choosing Best Bow Peep Sight

For newbies or for those who are relatively new and don’t know much or just want to know how to choose the best peep sight for bows is always a headache.

That’s why we have written a detailed buyer’s guide below.

What’s the Purpose of Peep Sight?

For aiming perfectly at any point/target the best way is to have multiple points of references in your anchor.

For instance, when aiming through any regular bow sight your string may not be correctly aligned with your sight, in this way actual arrow may hit slightly above or below the target.

While a bow peep sight works as a reference between your actual bow sight and your eye and you get maximum accuracy.

What’s Perfect Bow Peep Sight Size?

The most commonly asked question about peep sights is their diameter.

Most of archers and hunters are confused that what peep size should they choose.

There is a simple rule; if you want higher accuracy then consider a smaller diameter sight while for more light or dark conditions where light is low consider larger sights.

Well, for most hunters 1/8”, ¼” and 3/16” is the perfect size.

What Peep Sight Style Should You Choose?

Peep sights can be in two styles as tube peeps and tubeless peeps (free float).

The decision between these styles is effective to your practice as if you use a low-quality bowstring with a tubeless peep it will become dry rot after a time and overall fit nuisance.

On the other hand, silicon tubing sounds durable and lasts much longer than tubeless peeps.

Reviews of Best Bow Peep Sights

Today’s article covers the reviews of Best Bow Peep Sight 2022 beside the proper instruction which is most suitable for your bowstring. Here where we get started.

G5 Outdoor Meta Pro Peep Sight – Best for Budget

The best piece of gear available today is G5 Outdoor Meta Pro Peep Sight. It is crafted from durable 7000-grade aluminum and has radical groves for frequent movements in bowstrings. The unit protects you from the glare of the sun or other lights. It is available in 7 different colors including women hunter’s special choices.

Prominent Features

  • Has durable radial string grooves for frequent rotations.
  • Available in 7 different colors and also ideal with size.
  • The convex interior is responsible for the image.


ModelMeta Pro
Size3/16” & ¼”
Material 7000 Aluminum
TypeRadial String Groove

A breeze to Mount

Being with the convex string grooves, the bowstring keeps in contact with the lesser surface. It is significantly helpful in reducing string wear and enables frequent movements. An additional edge is specially crafted for fixed aperture while hunting or practicing archery. It rotates itself as you draw the bowstring which is another good thing for sight durability.

Design & Availability

G5 Meta Pro peep sight is made using a 7000-Grade Aluminum alloy that lasts much longer than silicon material. It features an abrasive coating that gives a soft touch and preserves it from uncertain conditions. The convex interior consistently catches the target in the round picture.

Meta Pro sight is available in two sizes 3/16” and 1/4″ for additional versatility. You can buy it in 6 different colors including blue, green and red allowing you to match it with your bow. It is sturdy-built enough to use in all seasons with a patented convex interior.

Brand & Affordability

G5 Outdoors is a well-honored company and known for its durable as well as affordable products. Meta Pro is an accurate peep sight designed to aim at targets. You can use it in bowstrings of either bow including compound bow and recurve bows. It provides a maximized round view and available in different sizes, you can order now for under $10.

  • Durable construction with 7000-grade alloy.
  • Has enough grooves for rotations in the string.
  • Colors and size choice is optional.
  • Rounded view with the convex interior.
  • Best Peep sight under $10.
  • Might be difficult if you wear glasses.

Why should you buy it?

While buying a bow setup, peep sight is an important piece of gear. It is the best thing to aim through for beginners, they can start uses of sight from the initial bow peep sight. G5 Outdoor Peep sight is available for under $10 and you can order now.

Specialty Archery Pro Series – Best hood Peep Sight

A versatile 37-degree bow peep sight offers a wide-field view and great value for money. It is clear to aim through, manageable and can be used with glasses of either color. The sight is sculpted to improve the performance in the field and reduce the weight at the same time. 

Prominent Features  

  • Light-weight peep sight increases the arrow speed.
  • 37 Degree super ball peep design adds versatility.
  • Very instant to install in bowstrings without aperture tools.


ModelPro Series 37
TypeBall peep
Weight0.16 Ounces
Dimension15 x 10.41 x 7.8 cm

37 Degree Ball Sight

Archery Pro series peep sight is a 37 Hood that offers excellent field view. It is lighter on strings compared to the original hooded peep housing and effective to arrow speed. The 37 peep unit is generally used on bows measuring 40” or shorter. It eliminates the clarifier glare on the lenses and features better vision.

Design & Construction

Pro series 37 ball peep is one of the best versatile bow sights ever designed. Its opening is 3/16” and accepts all the super peep apertures. High-quality grooves enable soft contact of a string with the sight and keep in rotation while drawing the bow.

It is designed with the convex interior that is responsible for the rounded accurate aiming. Inserting the sight in the bowstring is just a breeze away, you can use an aperture wrench for installing it. Furthermore, it is made using alloy and coated with an abrasive material for a soft touch.

Brand & Affordability

Specialty Archery is a well-known company known for its innovative archery products. Pro series peep sight is intended for beginners practicing archery or hunting. It is made using high-quality material and best for a long-lasting hunting experience. Furthermore, you can buy it for under $25.

  • Versatile peep sight best for all quality bowstrings.
  • Made with durable aluminum material.
  • Enough aperture for wide-field view.
  • Coated with an abrasive material for a soft touch.
  • Covey glare more than other sights.

Why should you buy it?

In the list of bow peep sights, there’s nothing better than Pro Series 37 degree bow sight. It is 25% lighter than other bow sights and considered effective to increase arrow speed. It packages a high-quality peep sight with improved grooves that you can order now for under $25.

Truglo Centra Peep Pro – Best Overall

Next up, we have a unique piece of gear for precision shooting, Truglo TG76C Center Peep. It is CNC machined and has a wide aperture to see through. Unlike other peep sights, it has an angle designed for shorter axle-to-axle bows. You can use Truglo peep Pro sight for recurve bows, compound bows and as well longbows.

Prominent Features

  • Has angled designed for shorter axle-to-axle bows.
  • Versatile to use for archery as well as hunting.
  • 25% lighter in weight than other bow peep sights.


ModelTG76C Center Peep
Weight0.05 Pounds

Exclusive Sight-in

Truglo Center pro is one of the best Versatile Peep sights available today, it has an angle designed to align with targets perfectly. The string grooves frequently allow rotations with the strings and sport shorter axle-to-axle bows. It is compatible with 40” or shorter bows, you don’t need to use aperture tools to install it.

Design & Construction

Center Pro peep sight is a state of art sturdy unit made using CNC machined aluminium. It involved molded technology to give a convex shape and a rounded picture. High-quality string grooves are intended to keep the sight in strings.

1/4” aperture size is suitable for glasses in either color. It is coated with soft composites and available in blue, black and red colors. Furthermore, Truglo peep sight is considered 25% lighter in weight than other units, you can buy it in two different sizes 3/16” and 1/4″.

Brand & Affordability

Truglo is one of the most-popular bow Sight Companies that are passionate to bring the most functional sights and scopes. Center peeps Pro sight is one of the most demanded products available in packages of single and 50 units. It ranges from $6 to $190 and you can order now.

  • Very easy to install in strings.
  • Has close tie space, needs no maintenance.
  • Includes color and size variations.
  • Length to use with peep is not specified.

Why should you buy it?

Truglo Center Peep Pro is an accurate bow sight that offers great value for your money. It has high-quality grooves to work with bowstrings and provides soft string contact for frequent rotation. Furthermore, you can buy it in your favourite color and suitable size for under $10.

Truglo Versa Peep Sight – Best for Practicing Archery

For the rough bowstrings, the best revolutionary sight is the Versa peep sight. The smart and manageable peep is designed for practicing archery and has patented angled grooves to work goodly with strings. It is light-weight and adds no effect on arrow speed and accuracy.

Prominent Features

  • Features convex interior for rounded shape picture.
  • Precision Machined Groove to work accurately with Bow Strings.
  • Has angled design for shorter axle-to-axle bows.


Weight0.02 Pounds
Dimension6.9 x 5.8 x 0.5 inches

Unbelievable Revolution

Truglo Versa peep sight is equipped with an interchangeable insert, it has options in size and color. 1/8, 3/16 and 5/32 ideal sizes crafted for suiting with the hunter’s choices. Its aperture is convex and features a round picture of targets.

Design & Construction

Truglo Versa Bow sight is crafted with CNC machined aluminium material. It is 0.02 pounds in weight considered 25% lighter than other peep sights and effective to increase the speed of arrows. Its grooves are precisely machined and have an angled design for short axle-to-axle length.

Another good thing about the reverse peep sight, not it is possible in three different sizes (1/8″, 5/32″ or 3/16″). The insert color is red, green and black that you can suit your compound bow.

Brand & Affordability

Truglo is a world-wide archery company known for the durability as well as affordability of its products. Pros often advise a beginner to use its peep sights. You can install versa sights for your recurve bows, compound bows, and longbows. It packages 9 multicolor units with different sizes and available for under $20.

  • Made with CNC machined aluminium.
  • Color choice is optional.
  • Can be used for colourful glasses.
  • No need for aperture tools.
  • Expensive than other peep sights.

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking for a high-quality peep sight with a convexly rounded interior then the Truglo Versa is an ideal choice. It is accurate and gets the target in an instant. Furthermore, you don’t need to use any aperture wrench for installing it in strings. 

RAD Super Deuce Peep Sight – Best for Low Budget

If you are confused with the size of peep and looking for a versatile peep sight then there’s nothing better than RAD Deuce. It is possible in 4 different aperture sizes and has no glare while used with hunting glasses. Pee is durable and finished well with soft composites to keep it in contact with the bowstring.


ModelSuper Deuce
Aperture1/8, 3/16”
Dimension6.5 x 3.25 x 1 inches
Weight0.15 Pounds

Unbelievable Versatility

One of the best things about Super Deuce Peep sight, it is available in 4 different sizes. Its versatile grooves are functional to keep the string and stay in place to improve the accuracy. It can be served in 38-degree angles providing the archer with a true picture even at full draw. Dual radius slotting virtually eliminates string cutting burrs.

Design & Construction

RAD Peep sight is a sturdy unit made with anodized aluminium. It is coated with soft composites to keep the rotations in the string. Convex sight interior provides an accurate picture of the target. Euge grooves around the aperture are intended just for safety from peep loose accidentally while hunting. 

Brand & Affordability

Radical Archery Design a big corporation and known for producing #1 bow sights. Deuce bow peep sight is its remarkable product designed for practicing archery. It can be used with hunting glasses and available in 4 different sizes. You can order now for under $5.

  • Available in 4 different sizes.
  • Anodized aluminum construction.
  • Tru Rounder aperture 38 degrees.
  • Grooves protect peep losing.
  • Best Bow peep sight under $5.
  • Sharp grooves are not best for bowstrings.

Why should you buy it?

For the archer who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on archery, RAD is a convenient option. It is sturdy yet light-weight and features a convex interior for a rounded picture. You can buy it for all recurve bows, compound bows as well longbows.


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