Best Bow Sight for Mathews 2022

Mathews is one of the best archery gear manufactures and their archery equipment are always perfect and meets the quality and performance standards of hunters and archers.

If you own a bow manufactured by Mathews Archery then you should definitely purchase a bow sight compatible with your bow.

We have shortlisted the Best Bow Sight for Mathews with detailed reviews.

Reviews of the Best Bowsights for Mathews

Each bow sight is advertised with its unbelievable specification and now it is up to you what your ideal bow sight looks like?

Do you go with best for budget one, great with features or a brand on which you frequently trust?

Garmin Xero – Best Bow Sight with Rangefinder

An auto-ranging bow sight that measures the distance without manual involvement has long been synonymous with Garmin Xero. It has dual LED pins that feature a clear picture unobstructed with physical pins. Using modern technology to experience long-range hunting, it is famous for its incredible cutting-edge. It packages AAA batteries and is available in dual-color and lasers.

Prominent Features

  • Excellent Laser range-finder for reduced guesswork.
  • LED Pins are unobstructed by physical pins – A1 Red color.
  • Built-In rangefinder system measures distance.


Aperture1.8 Inch
ColorDual color + laser locate
TypeRangefinder sight
Weight14.7 ounces
Mounting TypeLeft/Right
Ratings4.5/5 Stars

Clutter-less filed View

Taking disadvantage of dealing with the fiber optics pins, you get a clear view through Garmin Xero A1 bow sight. Optic pins mostly cover the space in housing virtually and block the picture from one side. An additional thing, the size of the pin which is the dot is customizable, you also can change the colors for aiming at targets.

Built-in Rangefinder

Xero bow sight is pretty instant to get the distance. It features accurate pins LED to narrow in target and visible in all environments. Micro-click with the silent button to change the settings, it enables you the range either it is the full draw at 300 yards or range in rest.

Another thing sounds good for the fans of fiber optic pins, it has selections for single and multi-pin. Reduce guesswork with the exclusive range-finding system, it composite for the distance without manual involvement. With the least movements, you get the distance either you’re on height or in an uneven field.

Design & Construction

Xero range-finding bow sight is made with durable composite material. It uses long-life AAA lithium batteries to operate the bow sight and is available with a 2-year guarantee. Simple and smart panel is user-friendly located under the fingers that make the sight handy. Yardage measurement can be displayed on your androids after the display screen on bow sight, it can be wirelessly connected.

Brand & Affordability

Garmin is a well-known bow sight company and known for its Xero range-finding bow sight. A bow sight is a 2-in-1 gadget for aiming at targets and measuring distance. Its versatile mounting works on models of compound bows even you can use for recurve bows if you find the way to install it. It packages all necessary components and is available for under $800.

  • A silent bow sight for hunting.
  • Easy to operate with Mathews.
  • Measure distance accurately.
  • Features a wireless display to the phone.
  • Maximum customization with a view.
  • A built-in bubble level for leveling sight.
  • Not exact with curve-rail adjustments.

Why Should You Buy It?

Garmin Xero is a modern bow sight with 2-in-1 gadgets. It covers an accurate bow sight and rangefinder in one unit. Although it is very expensive to buy 100% guaranteed.

Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight – Best Overall

Most animals, especially whitetails, are considered perfect shots of low-light. It compels hunters to go to states at dusk or dawn. They imperatively need an ultimate bow sight for narrow-in targets in dark. Trophy Ridge React Pro sight is intended for shooting at the same time when animals mostly considered grazing.

Prominent Features

  • Automatically bringing the pins are the optimal location.
  • Used ballistic copolymer coating for reduced vibrations.
  • Tool-less micro-clicks for easy correction.
  • Has a versatile mounting unit with extra drilled holes.


ModelReact Pro
TypePin Sight
Pin Diameter0.019”
Weight13.28 Ounces
Range100+ Yards
Material6061 Aluminum
Aperture1.8 Inch
Ratings4.7/5 Ratings

Unobstructed View

To eliminate the distraction in view, React One Pro located the pins with even space. Optimized pins size is best for narrow-in targets on animals either in long-range or short-range. One of each pin is accurate with the distance marking tape.

It has a built-in bubble level located at the bottom of the sight ring which is visible while aiming. Ultra-bright rheostat light system features an ultimate bright picture with the lighted pin ends. Its intensity level is controllable as you get options for brightness. High-quality radioactive elements add another source of light and equip the sight with a peep ring.

Maximum Versatility

Trophy Ridge React Pro is a relatively more adjustable bow sight and features knobs for all customizations. Its pins can be located to the optimal location using a master screw. Loving thing is, once you accurate 2 yardage marks, all indicators out of 60 yards will set automatically.

It features windage and elevation adjustments and also uses knobs for their adjustments.

Design & Construction

React Pro is a light-weight yet durable bow sight that is intended for long-range hunters. It includes a ballistic copolymer system for reducing vibrations and also helpful in eliminating hard-touch. CNC machined aluminum used for manufacturing the 1-piece rest, its mounting brackets are versatile over then thoughts. You can install the bow sight on all compound bow models with a breeze.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a world-wide bow sight company and has been a leading archery organization for years. React Pro bow sight is one of the most asked products by hunters which is available for under $250. It packages reversible brackets to mount on left and right-handed bows.

  • Huge hoods on housing convey light.
  • Pins are accurate with the distance tap.
  • Instant to mount on bows.
  • Innovative bow sight design.
  • Ballistic copolymer coating.
  • Need tools for many adjustments.

Why Should You Buy It?

Trophy Ridge React Pro is the best bow sight for Mathew compound bows. It is durable enough to withstand all the seasons. It is crafted from alloy and coated with ballistic copolymer material for a soft touch and reducing vibrations.

HHA Optimizer Lite Bow Sight – Best Single Pin Bow Sight

HHA Optimizer has long been synonymous as the Best Single Pin Bow Sight. It is available in basic versions “Lite” and “Lite-Ultra”. The upgraded lite ultra-bow sight adds much exclusive stuff as it is accurate with the distance range strip, and has a moveable dial for shifting settings.

Prominent Features

  • Armor mode indication and pin shifting.
  • Uses Radioactive Glow-in-dark elements for an added light source.
  • Ultimate-Rheostat Light LEDs with brightness control options.


Aperture1.9 Inch
TypeSingle pin
Pin Diameter0.019”
Weight0.8 Pounds
Ratings4.7 Stars
Range60+ Yards
MaterialCNC Aluminum

Tool-less Adjustments

HHA Optimizer Lite is a versatile bow sight that has added tool-less adjustments. It is straightforward to assemble and narrow in targets on uneven distances. Many knobs are replaced with moveable wheels for smoother mode shifting. Loose the thumbscrew and turn the crossbeam for customizing the horizontal axis.

It sports an incredible system for vertically gaining adjustments when flying. You can get more perimeter itself using a wheel, it has yardage marking which is useful for hunting uneven fields.

 Exclusive Sight-In

The craziest thing in Optimizer Lite bow Sight, it sports Armor pin Technology that emphasizes a generous curve with a stout fiber housing. Preserving fiber from the uncertainty of the environment it’s a useful feature. The sight ring has a built-in bubble level that consistently indicates the level of compound bows. For making a peep sight, the bow sight used a green peep ring that also adds another source of light.

Design & Construction

HHA Optimizer bow sight is made with the toughest aluminum material. It has a durable coating apart from sturdy fiber optics that are 100$ guarantee life-time. Rheostat light system features options for controlling the intensity of light. The bow sight is equipped with a reversible mounting unit that can be installed on all compound bows.

Brand & Affordability

HHA Optimizer has been one of the leading archery companies for over 14 years. Single pin bow sight is an accurate scope for hunting and target shooting. it has a removable rheostat system and fulfills the state legalities. The package carries a durable bow sight with all essential components to install for $ to $140.

  • Reinforced pins are consistently durable.
  • Features various models for hunting.
  • Round-out radioactive elements for illumination.
  • Options for brightness control.
  • Enough durable for lifer-long use.
  • Not better than a dial sight.

Why Should You Buy It?

 If you are a single pin shooter and want an upgraded bow sight then HHA Optimizer Ultra-Lite bow sight is a perfect choice. It is simple, light-weight and easy to operate on targets. Furthermore, the price is also reasonable according to the package, you can buy it for under $100.

Spot Hogg Grinder Micro Bow Sight

The grinder Bow sight is built as the hardest hunting sight busting hunter in mind. No frills, once you set for the target just forget it and start rapid shooting. It is a fixed pin sight very easy to adjust and capable of withstanding most rigorous hunts.

Prominent Features

  • A breeze to mount on bows with versatile brackets.
  • Toughest Material used for construction.
  • A bright rheostat LEDs system for hunting in low-light.


Number of pins5
Aperture1.9 Inch
Weight0.8 Pounds
Pin Diameter0.019”
Range100+ Yards
Ratings5/5 Stars

Easy Adjustments

Spot Hogg grinder bow sight is a light-weight scope and has fewer complications in its assembly. Its initial pins are micro-adjustable that you can set using a knob. Other pins are entirely moveable that can be set for a longer range. Beside it, you can adjust the Grinder bow sight from the horizontal to the vertical axis.

Long-Range Shooting

As Grinder bow sight has a rheostat system, you can use it for hunting in dusk and dawn without adding any clutter. MRT alignments are very easy to use in legal state hours. On the front-side of housing, there’s a free space which is equipped with a peep sight. Its extra size MRT Program fills all space and provides extra space.

For a clear unobstructed view, the pin size is optimized and provides huge windows to see through. A precision installed bar level helps in shooting accurately in uneven fields.

Design & Construction

Spot Hogg Grinder is a sturdy bow sight made with alloy and durable composites. Fiber optics pins are fully enclosed for life-long use. Radioactive elements and crystal optics convey maximum light to the sight. The pin ends are bright enough to see in low-light.

Brand & Affordability

Spot Hogg is a famous company for producing durable archery gear. It is passionate to bring innovation to the field. Grinder micro is an accurate bow sight designed for long-range shooting. It packages mounting screws with durable bow sight and available for under $250.

  • MRT Pin Guard Technology.
  • Instant to use and adjust.
  • Low-light visibility, peep sight ring.
  • Knobs for customizing sight.
  • Bubble level for increased accuracy.
  • Tool-less to adjust windage and elevations.

Why Should You Buy It?

Spot Hogg Grinder is a unique bow sight equipped with modern pin-guard technology. It’s adaptable to various light conditions with a removable rheostat system.

Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro Sight

React Trio Pro is a 2-in-1 bow sight intended for vertical pin fans. Three-pin bow sight helps you in your aim with vertical and 2 horizontal fiber optic pins. It is more compact, light-weight and extra with range on the strip.

Prominent Features

  • 3 mounting positions with reversible brackets.
  • Yellow accent ring instead of green.
  • Third-axis levelling with the yardage selector.
  • Unique pin setup with 1 vertical and 2 horizontal.


ColorBlack and orange
Number of pins3
Aperture1.9 Inch
Weight8 ounces
Pin Diameter0.019”
Range100+ Yards
MaterialCNC Aluminum
Ratings4.5/5 Stars

Terrific Balance

Taking away the disadvantage of a pin floating here is an ideal pin too and you can expect it if you don’t need a sidebar more. A bubble level keeps the bow level balanced, you can use a pin for instant shooting over 20 to 40 yards distance. You get micro adjustments and a third centerline as well with React Technology. It allows you to catch up on targets from over 100 yards.

For shifting settings smoothly, Trophy Ridge used entirely tool-less knobs.

Design & Construction

The React Trio Pro bow sight is crafted from alloy material but its components are made using composites. The best combination of materials makes the sight sturdy to withstand all uncertainties. The best part is, its mounting unit is CNC machined and has extra holes drilled for high and low positions.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a well-known bow sight company and known for its durable as well as affordable products. React Trio Pro is one of the most demanded bow sights and available for under $230.

  • Enough durable for all the seasons.
  • A breeze to mount bow sight.
  • Too-less locking knobs.
  • Colored pin ends for low-light visibility.
  • May be complicated to adjust the sight.

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking for an innovative bow sight with new additional features such as locking knobs and fluorescent ring then the Trophy Ridge React Trio is the most suitable choice. It is light-weight, durable and best to use in all seasons.

A Few Popular Bows of Mathews

Mathews being one of the most popular archery brand manufactures the best bows for both hunting and archery.

Below are a few popular brands by Mathew.

  • Mathews VXR
  • Mathews Triax
  • Mathews Vertix
  • Mathew Halon


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