Best Bow Sight Under $200 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2022

Every hunter knows the value of a bow sight in his hunting pack and wants to buy the best bow sight.

Whether you’re an entry-level archer or expert, $200 is enough worth to spend for a valuable bow sight.

Even you can get a functional unit with cutting-edge features being on a budget of $100 or less. But if you want a bow sight under $200 then its great as you can get a featured rich sight in that amount.

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Reviews of Best Bow Sights Under $200

Best Bow Sight Under 200

But today I’m listing the best bow sight under $200 that will blow your mind.

These sights put great value on your money and I’m pretty sure you’ll be surprised after knowing the versatile models.

IQ Bow sight – 5/7 Pins Archery Sight 200

Control consistency and muscle memory in archery through IQ’s best Compound Bow Archery Sight. It features exclusive RETINA LOCK TECHNOLOGY that provides instant feedback and also helpful in detecting even the slightest torque. The best part is, IQ Bow Sight provides knobs for adjusting windage and elevations, and it is the single bow sight under $150 that has knobs to do all.


ModelIQ Micro
MaterialCNC Aluminum
Number of pins3, 5, 7
Mounting SideLeft/Right
Pin Diameter0.019”
TypePin Sight
Weight8 Ounces

Retina Lock Technology

For the serious hunters who want rapid shots, IQ Bowsight features a Retina Lock Technology. It controls muscle memory for maintaining the consistency for shooting over long distances. With extremely tighter groups. Extraordinary accuracy for itself while shooting from height, it allows tighter groups to shoot.

Micro-Adjust Knobs

With an instant, IQ Bowsight enables archers to do all windage and elevation customizations. It has moveable knobs to bring the settings to a precise position using adjustment markings. Knobs are Tool-free and lockable and you can set for specific distances.

Bow sight dial is extremely easy to adjust and has huge fiber optics for getting light. You can cover hood in daylight for reducing obnoxiousness. It has green radioactive elements mounted on the housing and in front of the sight ring. Furthermore, pins are also bright and have colorful ends for aiming clearly.

Design & Construction

IQ Bow sight is a lightweight yet sturdy scope that is crafted from CNC machined aluminum. It has a built-in bubble level that consistently indicates the position of the riser from the surface. A bubble is very easy to see while aiming at targets, it is located inside the ring.

The reversible mounting unit adds versatility, you can install the bow sight on the left or right-handed compound bows. Furthermore, it has extra drilled holes for positioning the sight high or low on the riser.

Brand & Affordability

IQ Bowsight is a reliable company and expert in producing the same as its name indicates. It is passionate to bring innovative bow sight with more useful features. Compound Bow Archery bow sight is a durable and affordable choice and also packages all the necessary components for under $150.

  • Lightweight yet enough durable.
  • Easy adjustments with knobs.
  • Includes a Retina Lock Technology.
  • Versatile to use for everyone.
  • Radioactive elements – added light source.
  • Reversible mounting unit.
  • Pins are a challenge to see in low light.

Why should you buy it?

IQ Bow sight is a durable scope that is typically designed for shooting over a long distance. It has knobs to customize all windage and elevations. We don’t think any bow sight that has knobs for customizations and available for under $150.

Apex Gear Covert Pro Bow Sight

Proudly continuing the series of advance rear-facing sights, APEX has introduced Covert 1-Dot Pro. It covers all the advantages of long-range sliding sights with the premium PWR-Dot LED Technology. With the gear-drive elevation, it keeps the use of sight simple and offers flat precise adjustments.

For the end of travel elevation stop, Apex still improved the pointer dot that tends to shut off after 4 hours. The closest one-hand adjustments are wonderful gifts for beginners. When the green light used to set at 20 yards, generally the red dot in its panel indicates the secondary pin.

Prominent Features

  • Very instant to assemble (handy for beginners).
  • Adjustable yardage point is being improved for enhanced accuracy.
  • Has reversible brackets to mount on left and right-handed bows.
  • Has easily accessible adjustments with the tactical push button.


TypePower Dot
Item Weight0.75 Pounds
MaterialCNC Aluminum
Dot ColorsRed & Green
TechnologyPower Dot LED
Ratings4.3 Stars
  • Adjustable for both left and right-handed users.
  • Ultra smooth and easy adjustments.
  • Tactical button for brightness adjustment.
  • Manoeuvring is tough to do.
  • Has no longer power backup.

Detailed Review of APEX Gear 1-Dot Cover Pro Bow Sight  

APEX Covert Pro is an accurate dot bow sight meant for heightened accuracy. It features outclass convex view from far distances. Huge diameter pins are replaced with pro illuminated dots and have rear faces for precision shooting. Its user-friendly panel offers easy customization for windage, elevation and all axis.

Wide Field View

A single dot bow sight is more accurate to shoot as it has huge windows and housing space. APEX preferred PWR-Dot Technology to hit point-to-point accuracy. As fiber pins include mass so they also cover the housing space due to which the closest games become a challenge to take down. For controlling the size and brightness of the display, it features 11 aperture settings.

Cover Dot Pro sight is straightforward to assemble just out of the package. It has eliminated all the issues about the portability of sight, you can use knobs to fix the customizations. However, after a few axis adjustments, the bow sight is entirely tool-less. Allen wrench is only needed for heightened adjustments, so make sure its gentle application.

High Mounting Comfort

Covert Pro sight is equipped with easy to assemble components. It includes a gravity-line technology for aligning the needles with the gravity scale which had been considered a major issue in bow sights. Its reversible mounting brackets enable you to attach the sight on the left and right-handed compound bows. Furthermore, the additional drilled holes also decide the anchor points.

It features micro-adjustable windage and elevation customization. The rear-facing tape is visible in all light conditions. Elevation adjustments are just micro-clicks away to be done, it has a secondary red LED pin after setting the initial to 20 yards.

Design & Construction

Apex Gear covert pro sight is crafted from CNC machined aluminium. It features maximum customization is its durable coated rest. The mounting unit is also made with alloy material and has options for anchor points. Furthermore, the sight-ring also has a built-in bubble level to keep the sight in balance.

Brand & Affordability

APEX Gear is a well-known bow sight company known for its lined-up technologies. Cover Pro dot sight is an accurate unit designed for hunting. It is sturdy enough to withstand all uncertain conditions and available for under $200.

Why should you buy it?

For the beginner archer, Cover dot bow sight is a perfect opinion. It is straightforward to assemble and adjust in the field. The rest is supportive and features all windage and elevation customization. Furthermore, it packages all essential components and bolts beside the bow sight and available for under $200.

Truglo Range Rover Pro Bow Sight

Truglo Range-rover pro sight is known for its efficient centre dot technology. It enables rapid adjustment ability and makes a true picture precision. The convex lens provides a wide-field view without adding glare on the screen and features models to shoot in.

A Bow sight with a built-in rangefinder is no doubt the best option but Range-Rover provides a scaled view and you don’t need to use handheld rangefinders. Add more lenses to increase the magnification and objective range.

Prominent Features

  • Expensive technology to boost range.
  • No obstruction in field view over the long-distance.
  • Has adjustable orientation with the mounting brackets.
  • The entire sight panel is tool-less and uses ultra-smooth knobs.


Aperture1.8 Inch
Range100+ Yards
Ratings4.5 Stars
MaterialAluminum & Composites
  • A lighted dot screen of targets.
  • Zero in adjustment dial.
  • Smoother yardage adjustment wheel.
  • Built-in bubble level for accuracy.
  • CNC machined aluminum construction.
  • Need replacement of batteries before time.

Detailed Review of Truglo Range Rover Pro Bow Sight

Truglo Range-Rover is a most demanded archery sight these days. Although it has no pin to shoot the power dot technology enables you to sight in long distances. For the added comfort, it has brightness options that eliminate all issues about low-light illumination. Rather than mechanical sliders, the sight features zero-in ability that brings the target in range.

Power Center Dot

The best thing about Range-Rover sight, it works with power zero dot technology that is more accurate than the pin sight. it encompasses the circle for outstanding precision using a centre dot in the circle. The revolutionized housing is pretty impressive and a good opportunity for 3D archery shooters.

Truglo focused on maximum comfortability as it has a zero-in dial slider. A smooth sliding system narrows the target without taking the time and also keeps the accuracy consistent. Yardage adjustments are ultra-fast to be done using sliders, hunters love it.

2nd Lens Kit

The housing of the Truglo sight is sold separately with the just range purposes. Now it is up to you which colour and number lens you decide for your range-rove bow sight. Keeping the anchor points, its mounting unit is made with CNC machined alloy and has reversible brackets for the side profile.

It is entirely tool-less and supports windage as well as elevation customization for added versatility. Precision micro click design helps while shooting in uneven fields. A finger driven metal wheel enables to gently shift the modes and brightness settings.

Design & Construction

Truglo Range-Rover bow sight is a well-built unit that has a machined rest. Its entire frame is made with sturdy alloy material and lasts a lifetime. Optical fibreglass is durable enough for uncertain use in the field and covers the hood when you want. Knobs are made with durable plastic.

For added precision, Range-Rover bow sight also has a bar level that indicates the riser balance.

Brand & Affordability

TRUGLO is a reliable worldwide bow sight brand that has been leading the industry for over a decade. Its crossbow scopes and bow sights are significant and more accurate than others. Range-Rove is a centre dot bow sight that is typically designed for hunting standard games. It is available for under $160 and you can order now.

Why should you buy it?

The bow sight is an important piece of gear in the bow setup. Truglo range-rove is a standard centre dot bow sight designed for hunting all games. It features maximum customization that makes the sight one of the best versatile bow sights available on market.

Trophy Ridge Alpha React 1 Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Alpha React 1

To creep up best in both worlds, Alpha React 1-Pin sight is the ultimate opinion. It has an inverted v-shaped 0.019” pin to see targets uniquely. Angular pin shapes naturally draw the archer’s eye to the focus while their hand is busy maintaining the unobstructed field view.

Prominent Features

  • Inverted pin design naturally guides the eye to the target.
  • After two yardage adjustments, React Technology set the remaining pin.
  • Includes second and third axis levelling for increasing accuracy.


ModelAlpha React 1
Range100+ Yards
TypePin Sight
Aperture1.8 Inch
Weight 0.8 Pounds
MaterialAluminum & Composites
  • Options for adjusting brightness level.
  • Ultra-bright fiber optic pin to aim through.
  • Improved accuracy over severe angles.
  • Features react technology.
  • A bit complicated to use.

Detailed Review of Trophy Ridge Alpha React 1 Pin Bow Sight

See your target as you have never seen before! Trophy Ridge Alpha bow sight has an inverted pin to aim at targets. Its unique style brings the eye naturally into the guide. The V-shaped pin doesn’t block the vital even providing huge windows around it. Overall the sight is sturdy enough to use on both worlds.

React Technology

The most useful thing Alpha react pro sight, it has react technology that automatically sights in the pins after the first two yardage customizations. It enables precision sight in for unparalleled performance when it is needed most in the field.

To eliminate the dark situation, Trophy Ridge also added a powerful rheostat system. It provides options for controlled brightness without any glare. The rheostat LEDs are removable to creep-up in the state’s legalities. You can detach it without using tools.

Prominent Sight-in

A unique V-shaped pin in the Alpha bow sight is intended for precision shooting. Its inverted design naturally guides the eyes for targets. Pin end is extremely bright and visible in all lighting conditions. A built-in bubble level is located at the bottom of the sight ring.

Design & Construction

Alpha React One is a well-built bow sight featuring a functional panel and customization. It supports tool-less windage and elevation settings, you can use lockable knobs for their customization. The rest is made using CNC machined aluminium which is light-weight and rust-free.

The bow sight is equipped with reversible mounting brackets that enable you to use it for left-handed and right-handed both bows. It has extra drilled holes for the low and high anchor points.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is the world’s #1 company known for its devastating bow sights. Alpha React 1 is one of the most demanded archery sights available for under $160. It packages all essential components and is ready just out of it.

Why should you buy it?

Trophy Ridge Alpha is an ideal bow sight available with a unique inverted pin design. As it has reversible brackets, so you can mount it on all models of compound bows. The best part is, it has a V-shaped pin that naturally guides the eyes on the target.

IQ Define Pro Range Finding Bow Sight

Either you are a beginner archer or expert, IQ Define Pro bow sight features you perfectly on targets. It provides an OLED display (3-digit) with yardage and battery indicators. The sight has an incredible concept of an application that aims and finds the range at the same time.

Prominent Features

  • Has a built-in rangefinder with an OLED display screen.
  • Increase the range and confidence with great distance compensation.
  • CR2 powered range finding unit with +/-1 yard resolution.


Type7 Pin Sight
Construction:Aluminum & Composites
Weight1.6 Pound
RangeUp to 200 yards
BrandIQ Sports
  • Micro-adjustable pin for increasing range.
  • High-quality metal knobs.
  • Tool-less windage and elevation adjustments.
  • 2nd axis adjustments and leveling.
  • Not an accurate sight for long distances.

Detailed Review of IQ Define Pro Range-finding Bow Sight  

For the archers who don’t want to spend their lot of money on archery, IQ Define PRO is a perfect opinion. It has an OLED screen to display distance and other indicators. An accurate bubble level is installed for added precision in shooting, it is pretty helpful while hunting in uneven fields.

OLED Display

IQ Define Pro is a 7 pin bow sight featuring an external trigger with an adhesive dot laser for calibration. It has added new technologies with an OLED display that meter the distance for accurate hunting. Beside the yards reading, blue indicators show the yards and yellow show the battery life. The screen is very easy to read and located inside of the housing.


Define Pro sight incorporates a Retina Lock Technology and features adjustable pins. A precision bubble level is installed there that is easily visible while aiming. 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments make the sight more versatile for archers, you can use lockable knobs for customizing them.

The bow sight also has an integrated sight light that eliminates all the dark situations. It features five brightness options for getting suitability with the environment. Rheostat system is removable to keep the legalities of hunt states.

Design & Construction

IQ Define Pro is a user-friendly bow sight designed with the maximum adjustments. It has a built-in rangefinder that works at the same time you aim at target and display results on the OLED screen. Sight rest is made using alloy material and coated with soft composites for reducing vibrations.

It also preserves the frame from uncertain conditions and maintains a soft touch. The mounting unit is sturdy enough and has reversible brackets. You can buy it for both left-handed and right-handed bows, it also includes anchor point flexibility.

Brand & Affordability

Field Logic is a well-reputed archery company and has been producing durable gear concealing with pros and their experiences in mind. IQ Define Pro is an outstanding bow sight with a built-in rangefinder for measuring distance. It is best for shooting 3D competitions as well as hunting games. You can buy the incredible bow sight for under $200.

Why should you buy it?

 IQ Define Pro is a modern bow sight with built-in range-finding features. It is best for hunting large game at a distance. The sight panel is simple and easy to customize for beginners. Furthermore, it packages all the necessary components, you don’t need to buy apart from it.

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