Best Bow Sight Under $100 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2022

Looking for a fully functional bow sight under $100?

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Even many crazy archers will spend whatever a reputed bow sight takes, which probably doesn’t make sense.

On the contrary, a lower-priced sight can work well for them.

It doesn’t impact bow hunting as much as does on your pocket.

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Reviews of Best Bow Sights Under $100

We have listed here what our team tends to believe the best bow sight under 100 bucks.

These sights are rated for their durability as well as performance and other features.

Trophy Ridge Fix Series Bow Sight

To be the best in both worlds, Trophy Ridge Fix Series Bow Sight features its onboard one-handed adjustments. It gashes the wind and takes down a stout whitetail for you. It is available in 3, 5 and 7 pin models and equipped with a mounting unit with reversible brackets.

Prominent Features

  • Provides Onboard adjustments that make it easy to use.
  • Has an Additional light source as a green accent ring.
  • Add 2nd and 3rd axis leveling as well as adjustments.
  • Featured lockable knobs for customization of bow sight.


ModelFix 3, 5, 7 Pin (Optional)
MaterialCNC Aluminum
Mounting SideRight
Pin Diameter0.019”
TypePin Sight
Weight 0.53 Pounds
  • Micro-adjustable pins for dependable precision.
  • Available in 3-5-7 pin configurations.
  • Ultra-bright fiber optic pins for ultimate visibility.
  • Precision installed bubble level.
  • Radioactive elements added.
  • Just for right-handed bows.

Detailed Review of Trophy Ridge Fix Series Bow Sight

Fix series is an accurate bow sight designed with the maximum adjustments and added versatility. Either you shoot far away or near to 20 yards, it delivers heightened accuracy. Trophy Ridge added high-quality crystal fiber-glass to convey light on pins, you don’t get any glare or obnoxious while hunting in daylight.

On-Board Tools

To reduce the clutter in the image, many archers use bow sight with the least number of pins. Fix series is entirely out of it because its pins are configured evenly and best for consistent accuracy in the field. Pins are micro-adjustable and have dependable precision. Once you set them to the right distance, you can lock them permanently using onboard adjustments.

Outstanding Visibility

The Fix series is an ultimate bow sight that has added sources of light. It is best to use for hunting all seasons as it has a green accent peep ring which is radioactive. Rheostat system features freedom from the dark picture, you can use it to hunt in dusk or dawn. It is removable which is a good thing for state legalities.

2nd Axis Adjustments

Fix series bow sight is the best customizable unit and features 2nd axis adjustments as well as levelling. Trophy Ridge promises heightened accuracy over a long distance. It has a built-in bubble level that indicates the position of the riser in the field. Moveable knobs are wheels used for shifting the settings.

Design & Construction

Trophy Ridge Fix series is a durable bow sight made using CNC machined alloy material. It is light-weight yet durable and coated with soft copolymer material that reduces vibrations. The rest includes tool-less adjustments with lockable knobs.

Pins are made using durable fiber and have bright LED ends for aiming at targets. Unfortunately, it hasn’t a reversible mounting unit and is available for just right-handed bows. Furthermore, you get options for the anchor points settings.  

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a well-known archery company that has been producing durable gear for over a decade. Fix series is the most demanded bow sight for precision shooting and available for under $100.

Why should you buy it?

Fix series bow sight is an accurate unit best for shooting archery and Bowhunting both worlds. It is sturdy and supports all the customization available in standard bow sights. Furthermore, you can buy it with a 3,5 or 7 pin model for under $100.

Truglo Carbon Hybrid Bow Sight

With a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio Carbon Hybrid Bow Sight is manufactured using strengthened carbon composites and aluminium material. It supports a PRO-BRITE Pin design that keeps durability and optimal brightness for a finer view. It is equipped with extra-long fibers and the ultimate length of reversible brackets for maximum versatility.

Prominent Features

  • Long fiber reversible brackets move sight further away from the eye.
  • Micro-push buttons for switching LEDs and other adjustments.
  • Has a 1.9” huge aperture size for wide windows and filed view.


Range100+ Yards
Pin Diameter0.019”
Aperture1.9 Inch
Weight0.5 Pounds
MaterialCarbon Composites & Aluminum
ColorBlack /real tree Camo
  • Transfusion Hybrid Technology.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy made.
  • Includes reversible brackets.
  • Available in Xtra Camo and black color.
  • Rheostat Light LEDs for low light hunting.
  • Sight lights don’t work properly.

Detailed Characteristics of Truglo Carbon Hybrid Bow Sight

If you get the right model, Carbon Hybrid Bow Sight can’t be beaten in any world. It is available in black and Xtra Camo Real-Tree colors don’t disarrange the target eyes. The rest is constructed with an optimum combination of carbon composites and aluminium. Here’re a few noteworthy features of Carbon Hybrid sight that you must read.

PRO BRITE Pin Design

With the state of art housing design, Truglo bow sight delivers clear visibility with great brightness. Due to hybrid construction, the rest transfer fewer vibrations while the incredible PRO-BRITE design offers an exclusive view with enough brightness. It is straightforward to sight in and has a micro-adjust feature to reach the destination.

Sight-ring is equipped with an accurate bubble level that keeps the riser level in an uneven field. It has huge windows and hoods covered with fiber optics to convey light while hunting in daylight. Pin ends are bright enough to sight in low-light, they have colorful LEDs on the end for distance dedication.

Vertical Adjustments

One useful aspect of Hybrid bow sight, it has maximum long vertical fibers to increase vertical adjustments. Interchangeable colored dampening inserts add customization, especially for women hunters. The sight has a light for hunting in legal hours and there’s a micro-push button located to switch it.

Axis adjustments add versatility to set its choices accordingly, you can customize using knobs. A great confusion about the sight pins, you have to set each pin manually. It doesn’t support knobs for distance adjustments, there’re Allen nuts added to the panel.

Design & Construction

Carbon Hybrid is a lightweight yet sturdy bow sight made with the maximum combination of carbon composites and aluminium. Since the unit is hybrid, it is flexible and transfers fewer vibrations. Providing a wonderful strength-to-weight ratio, it keeps the durability for life-long.

Hybrid bow sight has reversible brackets for adjustable mounting on bows. Extra-long fibers move it away from the archer’s eye and increase accuracy. It has extra holes to keep the anchor points, you can set it high or low on the bow riser.

Brand & Affordability

Truglo is a world-wide archery company known as a leader in the industry. It has promises for the durability of products and possible them to archers at affordable prices. Carbon Hybrid is an excellent opinion for the archers who want a micro-adjustable bow sight at a low-price. It packages a durable unit with all essential components and available for under $80.

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking for an accurate 5-Pin bow sight with a micro-adjustable panel then there’s nothing better than Truglo Carbon Hybrid. It is made using a combination of composites and aluminium and provides an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Furthermore, you can buy it in two colors black and Realtree Xtra Camo.

CBE Tactic Bow Sight

The tactic is the name pros use to get buyer’s trust in the archery accessory. It covers all incredible features that hunters even seek in the most expensive compact packages. However, CBE Tactic bow sight is typically intended for precision hunting. It is incorporated with blade style pins and features you perfect in both worlds.

Prominent Features

  • Ambidextrous design flips the housing for left-handed archers.
  • A radioactive Fluorescent peep sight ring helps to focus on the target.
  • Incorporates blade-style pins for precision aiming.


BrandCBE Tactic
Aperture1.9 Inch
Type3 Pin
Pin Diameter0.019”
Weight7.1 Ounces
Range60+ Yards
MaterialCNC Aluminum
ColorBlack (Green Peep)
  • Micro-adjust and second axis levelling.
  • Elevation gang-adjustments with tool-less customization.
  • Smart mounting system.
  • Ultra-bright rheostat light and housing.
  • Light-weight yet sturdy.
  • Pins are not visible enough in low light.

Detailed Characteristics of CBE Tactic Bow Sight

CBE Tactic has long been synonymous as the most accurate bow sight on the market. It is pretty manageable and has a smart panel for customizations. From the long-fibre brackets to the end of the housing, the entire sight is adjustable and supports smoothly moving knobs for alterations.

Gang Adjustments

The tactic bow sight is equipped with outstanding windage and elevation setup. It has gang adjusting levers for elevations and supports tool-less knobs for windage. With visual laser engraved marking, CBE has made the adjustments more memorable and accurate for archers.  

The bow sight is adjustable with anchor points as it has extra holes on brackets. It is compatible with all models of compound bows and should even work on recurve bows if you find a way to mount accurately.

Ambidextrous design

One of the best things to know about the Tactic sight, its housing can be flipped for left-handed archers. State-of-art housing design is ambidextrous and considered more versatile. It supports 0.019” blade style pins that are sturdy and allow more light to through fibers tough to snap.

Pin ends have colourful LEDs for specific yardage indications. The housing end is equipped with a fluorescent alignment ring that helps to focus on targets in low light. There’s an accurate bubble level located in the bottom of housing useful for hunting in uneven fields.

Design & Construction  

CBE Tactic bow sight is purely crafted from CNC machined has hybrid construction that breaks vibrations to move in other parts. Overall, the bow sight is bright enough to hunt in legal hours of dark. It has wide hoods in housing that bring extra light to pins while hunting in daylight.

Mounting brackets support multi-positioning holes and are flexible for the anchor points. The sight can be flipped for the left or right-handed compound bows. It is also made using machined aluminium and provides enough string mounts with bows.

Brand & Affordability

CBE is known for best competition bow sights for hunting and target shooting. The tactic is a well-known bow sight series that has ranged its iron in performance as well durability. It is available with all essential components for under $60.

Why should you buy it?

If you’re looking for a bow sight with all essential axis and windage adjustments then the CBE Tactic is the best opinion. It is 3-pin bow sight and supports gang adjustments for windage and elevations. You can use it in all seasons because it has Ambidextrous housing which is bright as well adjustable.

Truglo Pendulum Treestand Bow Sight

Finally, we have an incredible bow sight that needs no manual involvement for angle compensation for under 35 Yards. Truglo Pendulum ultimate bow sight is typically designed with Treestand Shooters in mind. It features a moveable dial that works on level ground as well as from a height.


TypeSingle Pin pendulum
Pin size0.019”
Weight8.48 Ounces
MaterialCNC Aluminum
Mounting TypeReversible

Lockable Dial

Taking away the disadvantage of manual angle compensation, it features an automatic system that brings the dial-in sight in either condition, you are shooting from hill or Treestand position. Its sighting dial is lockable and features you best in both worlds ground fields and mount height. Exclusive bow sight adjustments make it the best option for most hunters.

Sight in & View

Being a single pin bow sight, it is straightforward to sight in for long-distance. Sight ring movement is breakable which is best to use in even filed. It has extremely bright housing and fiber optic pins for aiming in daylight. A Thin blade pin has a colored end which is another good thing to aim at targets. Beside it, the bow sight comes with a rheostat light system which is removable and approaches the legalities of states.

Design & construction

Truglo Pendulum Ultimate bow sight is a simple yet durable scope made with CNC machined aluminum. It features windage and elevation settings and has knobs to do all. A versatile mounting unit is added with reversible brackets that allow you to attach the bow sight on your most comfortable side.

Brand & Affordability

Truglo is a well-known archery company and known for its affordable and practical gear for all seasons. Ultimate pendulum bow sight is typically intended for hill shooters, they can use for aiming accurately from a height. It is available for under $70 and you can order now!

  • Automatic compensation till 35 yards.
  • Light-weight but enough durable.
  • Reversible mounting unit.
  • Knobs for adjusting axis.
  • Thing blade pin for aiming at targets.
  • Exclusive rheostat LED system.
  • Quality issue with sight lights.

Why should you buy it?

If you are keen on hunting with a Treestand position and looking for an accurate bow sight for shooting from a height then the Truglo pendulum bow sight is a perfect choice. It is cheaper to buy but durable enough to withstand uncertain conditions.

Trophy Ridge Drive Slider Bow Sight

Looking for the best Single Pin bow sight? Trophy Ridge Driver Slider perfectly fit the archer’s needs in the field. It has a single pin to shoot which can be set for either distance. Ultra-bright fiber optics compensate for low-light environmental conditions.

Prominent Features

  • Micro tool-less adjustments for windage and elevation.
  • Single pin sight reduces obstructions chances in pictures.
  • Has reversible mounting brackets for sight orientation.


Aperture1.9 Inch
Pin Diameter0.019”
Weight0.5 Pounds
Range60+ Yards
MaterialCNC Aluminum
BrandTrophy Ridge
  • Has nylon bushing over the housing for breaking metal contact.
  • Precision installed bubble level.
  • Optimizes the sight pin length for finer view.
  • Support axis customizations.
  • Accurate shots over long distances.
  • Not easy to adjust for far distances.

Detailed Review of Trophy Ridge Drive Slider Bow Sight

Driver slider is a single pin bow sight that is straightforward to assemble and use. It supports all adjustments including windage and elevations for additional versatility. Aiming at the target is very easy through its bright housing, a large bubble level is visible while focusing.

Tool-less Adjustments

Trophy Ridge drive slider bow sight is extremely easy to adjust using tool-less knobs. Its as301 is further upgraded with the wheels for smoother mode shifting. Huge windows around the moveable pin offer a wide field view and provide price alterations.

The Rheostat Light system is effective for hunting in low-light. It is removable and features brightness options to suit environmental conditions. Furthermore, the rheostat also gives light to the pin for clear visibility.

Design & Construction

Driver slider bow sight is sturdy yet durable and made using CNC machined alloy. Its user-friendly panel is very easy to adjust for beginners and support maximum sight customization. Soft ballistic copolymer coating preserves the rest from uncertain conditions and also reduces the vibrations.

The best part is, the Driver slider bow sight has a reversible mounting system that enables you to attach the sight on left-handed and right-handed both compound bow models. It has anchor point adjustments with extra drilled holes.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is the world’s #1 bow sight company known for its highly precise crossbow scopes and sights. Driver slider is a single pin bow sight designed for point-to-point accurate shooting. Its pins are moveable and can be set for long distances. You can buy the incredible bow sight with all components for under $60.

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking for a moveable single pin bow sight then the Driver slider is perfect. It is sturdy enough for life-long use and coated with composites to preserve the rest from uncertain conditions. 


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