Best Bow Sights with Rangefinder 2022

Looking to get most out of your single?

Consider a bow sight with built in rangefinder.

Here troops are up with combined rangefinder and bow sights using which you can measure the exact distance either with your bow sight.

Although the Rangefinder market is very slim, huge masses tried it as an experiment and for other purposes.

Many spots stayed these sights functional but sometimes you’ll get no more than a useless burden.

However, our lineup choices are well within your reach. These auto-ranging sights are best for measuring distances within 300 yards on reflective targets.

Further, you also can customize them for single-pin and multi-pin with manual selection.

Reviews of Best Archery Sight with Rangefinder

We have done a lot of research and finalized a few bow sights that have a built-in rangefinder. Our experts have thoroughly reviewed and have mentioned each and every aspect of these compound bow sights.

Garmin Xero A1 Bow Sight – Best Overall

Xero A1 bow sight features an automatic ranging function backed with the LED pins and a digital screen display. Garmin is no stranger to rangefinder technology; it has brought the Xero A1 with the possible merged rangefinder features. it is smart, durable, and exactly the unit that you need to get confidence.

Prominent Features

  • Includes an auto-ranging system – novices’ choice.
  • Lithium AAA batteries are best for long-life use.
  • 300 yardage measurement range.
  • An accurate laser finding system measures exactly.

Visual Capability

Auto-ranging Xero A1 bow sight is pretty instant to measure the distance to the target. It provides an LED pin that allows you to narrow in on targets. Silent single-button used for micro-changes, it also allows you range at rest or with full draw up to 300 yards. It is pretty customizable for single-pin and multi-pin using the manual selections.

The laser rangefinder reduces the guesswork and instantly provides compensated distance according to angles with-in 100-300 yards. Users get an exact measurement with the least movements with the digital laser system.

Design & Construction

Super smart range finding bow sight is made with state of art durable composites material. Long-life lithium AAA batteries used are available with a 2-year warranty. The simple panel is really easy to use for all-level archers. It displays yardage measurement on the small LED located in the sight ring. Red LED doted sight housing also includes a built-in bubble level for angle indication.

Brand & Affordability

Garmin is a mature bow-sight company that has been leading the industry for over 3 decades. Xero A1 is a wise choice for hunting in uneven fields. It is compatible with all models of compound bows and available for both hand orientations. You can order it now for under $800.


ModelXero A1
TypeDigital Sight
Construction:Durable Composites
Weight14.7 Ounces
BatteryLithium AAA
  • Impressive design best to mount on all bow sights.
  • Silent operation with micro reset buttons.
  • Includes a built-in bubble level, instant to reinstall.
  • Unbelievable range to shoot, different pin selection.
  • Overpriced bow sight model.
  • Not exact with curve rail adjustments.

Why Should You Buy It?

Xero A1 is a premium bow sight that is designed for hunting either archery shooting. It is accurate in narrowing arrows over long distances and a great choice for all-level archers. Although the price is a little higher, a 100% guarantee worth it.

Burris Oracle Rangefinder Sight –

Next up, we have a unique piece of Tech for 3D archery shooting fans. Burris Oracle range finding bow sight is intended for multi-purpose from 3D shooting tournaments to Treestand hunting and practicing archery. It renders the exact aiming point at either distance with the silent push button.

Prominent Features

  • Innovated based experience with the latest technology.
  • Extreme angle handles with built-in inclinometers.
  • There is no glass used that’ll fog up with the uncertainty of weather.
  • Both hand orientations, it is available with reversible brackets.

Visual Capabilities

Burris oracle bow sight eliminates the guesswork with the built-in range finding system. it instantly calculates the distance with the exact aiming points from each angle. The perfect aiming dot narrows the marks accurately. It learns the trajectory or drop for the multiple arrow configurations and accommodates up to 176 inches at 100 yards.

Depending on the bow sight and type of arrow, the Burris oracle sight can range within 80 to 110 yards. it automatically detects the distance after mounting and reserves the readout LED. Real hunting happens with the sight in all uncertain conditions because its housing is specially designed for the purpose.

Design & Construction

Burris Oracle Range-finding bow sight made with rugged and durable aluminum material. it includes micro lockable adjustments and knobs, there is no glass used to glare or fog. It calibrates to all types of compound bows and uses CR123 batteries for 1,000 to 2,000 cycles.

Brand & Affordability

Burris Optic is a well-known bow sight company that is intended to bring innovation to archery products. Oracle Rangefinder bow sight is an incredible application that sports a built-in rangefinder. It is available for under $500 with all the necessary mounting bolts.


ModelBurris Oracle
TypeDigital Sight
Construction:Rugged Aluminum
Weight17 oz
RangeUp to 500 yards
  • Angle compensating rangefinder used for measurements.
  • Compatible with all models of the compound bow.
  • Left and right hand sported, light-weight 17 oz.
  • Made with Rugged Aluminum material that lasts long.
  • Not finished well, you may need repairs.

Why Should You Buy It?

Burris Oracle is an ultimate bow sight that delivers precision when needed. With the micro button, it instantly shows the display aiming at targets. The rugged aluminum constructions make it durable and best for withstanding uncertain conditions. It also includes a built-in bubble level for enhanced accuracy.

144 IQ Bowsight Define Range – 5 Pin Archery Sight

Define Range is an ideal concept for the hunters, it is a well-built bow sight that holds tool-less hardware with micro-adjustments. Bright fiber pins don’t bring the challenging time while sighting in, it sports a rheostat system for the controlled brightness options. Positive audible clicks while using the micro-adjustments are remarkably quiet for holding silent operations.

Prominent Features

  • Long-range accuracy with built-in 2nd & 3rd axis adjustments.
  • Definer’s integrated rangefinder gives true compensation.
  • Red Dot laser that for pin calibration, you don’t need to take Pros shop.

Visual Capabilities

IQ Bowsight puts away your handheld rangefinders, it incorporates an auto-range-finding system for quick distance measurement. It is ready to use with the 5-pin setup just out of the packaging. The system activates the rangefinder with a tiny silent push-button trigger with the adhesive backing that gives an easy placement spot on your bow.

An easy-to-read OLED display is pretty impressive and is located ahead of the yellow battery indicator. It is illuminated using built-in light and features multiple options for brightness. Definer’s pin offers windage and elevation settings without using any Alan wrench. With the little 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments, the archers can go further yards far, which also boosts accuracy.

Design & Construction

IQ Bowsight Define Range bow sight is made with CNC machined aluminum and sturdy composites. Its mounting unit is made with rugged metal and provides options to attach it on the most comfortable left either right. Widely pierced holes add flexibility for mounting the sight high or low in the bows.

Brand & Affordability

IQ is the world’s #1 Sports company that is recognized for its durable products. Define Rangefinder bow sight is its most demanded sight with built-in rangefinder, it is available with all the necessary components at an affordable ($200-$400) package. The mounting side is optional that you can choose while purchasing it.


TypePin Sight
ConstructionAluminum & Composites
Weight1 Pound
RangeUp to 500 yards
BrandIQ Sports
  • Exclusive design, 5 pin shooting adventure.
  • Includes a built-in light, 4 brightness options.
  • CR2 batteries are used for illumination in low-light.
  • High -quality built-in bubble level for angular shooting.
  • No option to choose a color.

Why should you buy it?

IQ rangefinder is an incredible bow sight and speechless choice for target shooting. It is made of computer numerical controlled grade aluminum and lasts long. High-quality composite made mounting unit sports reversible brackets and compatible with all models of compound bows.

22 IQ Define Pro Sight – Best for Money

Next, the IQ Define 7 pin pro sight is an incredible concept and application for finding range smartly while aiming at targets. OLED sported display is located in the same housing, it is incorporated with a highly accurate bubble level. Blue yardage and yellow battery indicators with an OLED display look cool in housing.

Prominent Features

  • It includes a Retinal Lock Technology and Compensation.
  • Ideal design with a built-in rangefinder.
  • Seven pins sported rangefinder sight – unbelievable

Visual Capability

The most loved thing about the IQ defines pro sight, it incorporates the Retinal Lock Technology that features micro scald adjustable for memorable changes. The outstanding housing shows 7 pins to shoot with a built-in rangefinder and is backed with a digital display. Overall, the bow sight looks smart, it has a seven-pin housing design and super sleek range finding capability.

Design & Construction

IQ define is an extremely sturdy bow sight made with CNC machined aluminum. It includes a built-in bubble level for enhanced accuracy. High-quality fiber optics used over the housing for the light throw on the pin ends. it is also helpful in daylight; you can cover the housing for reducing obnoxiousness.

Brand & Affordability

IQ Sports is a worldwide company and known for its innovative products. Define Pro 7 pin bow sight is an ideal choice for hunters either archery shooters. You can shoot over 150 yards with the 2-minute scan mode. Price is reasonable according to the bow sight; it is available for under $200.


Type7 Pin Sight
Construction:Aluminum & Composites
Weight1.6 Pound
RangeUp to 200 yards
BrandIQ Sports
  • Featuring a smart OLED display.
  • Micro-adjustable pins increased confidence.
  • High-quality fiber optics for controlling light.
  • Metal knobs for shifting modes.
  • Not accurate for long distances.

Why should you buy it?

IQ Pro range finding bow sight is designed for pin-based archers. In our opinion, it is a perfect option for entry-level archers. Price is also reasonable according to the site; you can buy it for under $200. 

A Buyer Guide to Bow Sight with Built-in Rangefinder

It’s not all about distance, you must inspect your 2-in-1 gadget that it works as a competent bow sight at its core.

All shouldn’t be lost if your precious rangefinder doge you especially if you are using a handheld rangefinder. A good bow sight with a built-in rangefinder still permits you to stay more in-game. Although this inestimable sight is not available on a huge scale, archers still make blunders while acquiring it.

To keep things in perspective, here are a few key points that buyers would consider before splurging on bow sights.

  • Track Record: Since the bow sights with rangefinders is a relatively new combo of technologies, so do your possible diligence. Read the customer reviews and go with great support and warranty. You’ll assure about the specific changes in bow sight with the developed faults and replacements.
  • Accuracy: Built-in rangefinder is still useless if it isn’t accurate and aligned with the pin. You can test it against other devices such as chronographs or ballistic systems for gaining standard accuracy. Ordinary bow sights keep accuracy accordingly to the draw-weight and angles (Treestand).
  • Pin/Dot Sight: Both variants are useful at different spots. The dot bow sight is favored over the pin because it has a tiny visible target aiming point and gives more relief with windows, but one significant issue with these sights, the lens gets fogged in season. On the other faction, pin bow sights are out of it and cover potential windows with the different pin sizes (0.010 – 0.019) but these are reflected as less accurate. However, beginners would go with the proficient recommended dot bow sight.
  • Legality: Since the lasers and little bit electronics are calibrated while using the bow sights, so make sure the state’s or area’s regulation, they do support electronic or not. Also, assure the legalities the sight that it has a removable rangefinder. 
  • Warranty: For protecting your purchase, invest in bow sight with a good warranty. The defective features or fired parts don’t offer satisfaction when you blindly invest in them. Once the hunting season or tournaments, we don’t think you want to be empty-handed or out of money. 
  • Bubble Level: Although the bow sights with built-in rangefinder are considered effective in accuracy but still need improvements for shooting angular shots. Make sure the bow sight has a built-in bubble level for the perfect level of compound bows in an uneven field.  
  • Sight Light: Many sights are designed with a secondary light source for making the sight brighter without using batteries. These chemically made radioactive elements consume sunlight and get glow in the dark. Manu sights have built-in radioactive parts but most manufacturers offer these sights lights as added accessories. Optional sight lights can be attached to the bow sights at pre-drilled openings located out of the housing. The sight pin gets brighter either with fiberglass or directly.  
  • Micro Adjustments: Generally, the gang adjustments are made using the screw, archers need to do loose it and then slide the housing to a new position but modern sights are designed with the built-in micro-adjustment knobs. These knobs are used for turning the elevation modifications. So, for instant gang adjustments in the field especially if you are using multi-pins, make sure the windage and elevation settings.

Machined Aluminum vs. Plastic

Today’s quality sights are made with CNC machined aluminum (Aluminum Alloy). Actually, it is an ideal raw material for this application because it is light-weight, compact, and doesn’t rust ever. With the modern machining technologies, the archers make an intricate aluminum design involving maintained precision. Besides all these properties, aluminum is also considered cheaper to buy than other composites, so, it is the reason, the alloy sights are common to see with some molded plastic parts.  

Advanced in the material, the companies go with the composites for manufacturing the hunting accessory. These are light-weight, reliable, and extremely durable favored among the hunters. Although it is expensive, the archery industry is catching up.

Trophy Ridge Cypher sight was also known for its durability with plastic construction. The present time has proven its durability and the concept of seeing the plastic sights from 100-foot poles has become as false as it was considered right in the past.

Budget Range

Rangefinder bow sights are more expensive than conventional sights these days. Standard bow sights are available for $400 and that may be too pricey for the archers on a budget tight especially for beginners. Proficient recommend to spend on these sights instead of on a handheld rangefinder and then sight further. So if you really love the archery adventure and ready to spend a lot of money then these bow sights are great investments to do.


As I described earlier, the Rangefinder bow sights are expensive than the more conventional sights available these days. Proficient favored to buy them as 2 in 1 gadget instead of handheld rangefinder further with the bow sights. However, these sights use calibrated lasers and electronics to perform, so make sure the area’s legality and play safe with the choice that features a detachable rangefinder.


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