Best Pendulum Bow Sight 2022 Review & Buyer’s Guide

Pendulum bow sight has a particular ability to aim at the target when a gradient is involved.

It is typically designed with Treestand Hunters in mind, they can have auto compensation of angles through the swing system of its frame. However, the concept is useful and not new in the archery industry but it hasn’t potted a lot of work, there are just fewer units available to buy.

Today’s review is entirely reader-based and covers reviews of Best Pendulum Bow Sights on Market these days.

Truglo Pendulum Ultimate Treestand Bow Sight

The sight itself is great and provides stickers to make sure accuracy over 100 yards.

Truglo Pendulum Sight is aesthetic yet lightweight and sturdily made with CNC machined aluminum. it takes away the disadvantages of having manual compensation over unbelievable yards. 35 yards must compensate automatically, you also can lock the sight ring to use on even grounds or field.


TypeSingle Pin pendulum
Pin size0.019”
Weight8.48 Ounces
MaterialCNC Aluminum
Mounting TypeReversible

Prominent Features

  • Sight Ring swings properly – Can be locked at the same time.
  • Includes Illuminating system for hunting in low-light.
  • Pre-printed yardage tape that can be marked after time.
  • Automatically compensate for hunting distance.

Pendulum Bow Sights Pros and Cons

  • Very quiet – doesn’t produce vibrations.
  • Wrapped with fiber, adjustable to left-right.
  • 1.8” diameter aperture for wide view.
  • Detachable Rheostat LEDs.
  • Thinner blade pin – 0.019” in diameter.
  • Brackets aren’t robust.

Detailed Review of Truglo Pendulum Ultimate Treestand Bow sight

Truglo Treestand bow sight is an ultimate choice for angular shooting; thanks to its gravity swing system that provides automatic compensation of angles. Either you are hunting in daylight or low light, the rheostat system provides an entirely illuminated field view. Here’re a few more characteristics to know about the Truglo Pendulum bow sight.

Angle Compensation

Taking away the disadvantage of manual compensation, Truglo brought the Ultimate Treestand bow sight with an auto compensation system which is accurate in 35 yards. Shooting with elevated positions is extremely easy, it has a gravity sight ring swing system.

Incredible adjustments make the particular bow sight excellent options for most bowhunters. Truglo replaced the Allen screws with knobs for instant adjustments, you don’t need to use Allen wrench for windage or elevations.

Sight in & View

Truglo pendulum sight is a single pin bow sight that has a swing ring system but it can also be locked at the same time. The sight ring movement is breakable to use it in even fields. It has a highly bright fiber optics that conveys light to the pin while aiming.

A Thin blade pin has a bright LED tip that is best to sight in dark. Exclusive Rheostat Light system features brightness options for suitability with environment. It is removable that is a considerable factor to creep up on the legalities of hunting states.

Reversible Mounting

Truglo Ultimate Treestand bow sight is compatible with all models of compound bows. it sports reversible brackets that allows hunters to mount it on their most comfortable side left or right. Truglo drilled multiple holes on the unit for mounting the bow sight high or low on the bow risers.

Many bowhunters ask about the Truglo sight; does it work on the recurve bows? It is compatible with all models of compound bows and should work accurately on recurve bows if you find a way to mount.

Design & Construction

Truglo Ultimate pendulum sight is a lightweight still sturdy bow sight that is made with CNC machined aluminum. It includes crystal fiber optics to convey light, the thin blade pin is purely made with fiber. High-quality coating preserves it from uncertain conditions. An accurate bubble level is attached to the sight ring.

Brand & Affordability

Truglo is a well-known archery company that has advertised exactly what it is with quality, durability, and affordability. Pendulum ultimate bow sight is typically designed for Treestand Shooters. It is available for under $70 with reversible brackets, you can buy for left- or right-hand bows.

What is Pendulum Bow Sight?

A type of bow sight that has a particular ability to focus targets from divers’ heightened angles. Mainly, it includes a moveable sight ring with a gravity swing system that compensates automatically for shooting from Treestand positions. Thanks to its pendulum adjustment system that makes it responsible for aligning with gravity and to annual height effects.

These shooting positions (angles) are entirely worse from zero, as you shoot from height or treetop. The pendulum sight can equally be locked for shooting in an even field. They are built with a lockable sight ring to use for multiple shooting types. Hunters find it in their cherished properties due to its dual shooting capability.

Benefits of Using a Pendulum Bow Sight

One of the basic reasons for buying an ultimate pendulum bow sight, it takes away the disadvantage of compensating for distance. Most bow sights on the market with a swinging dial can compensate for 35 yards accurately. Not for the entire field but it works extremely well from Treestand positions, a peak of mount or tree. Here I have listed a few benefits of pendulum sight.

  • Take away the manual distance compensation.
  • More comfortable to sight in from heightened positions.
  • Zero-in for making angular aims.
  • Add options to use in even ground field and mount.
  • Offers accurate aiming from elevated positions.
  • Entirely customizable with windage, elevation, and all axis.
  • Ideal precision with the unique pin setup over distance.
  • Designed with reversible brackets to mount each side.


For the archers, who are intended to shoot from elevated positions, a pendulum bow sight is an ideal choice. Since these bow sights are lockable with a sighting dial so you can also use them to shoot in even fields. Ground hunters would go with simple pin bow sights in their scenario because those sights are considered more accurate in the plane field.


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