Best Single Pin Bow Sight 2022 For Hunting, Target Shooting

That being said, high results are reserved for those who know to merge their experience with technology no matter, whatever the field is.

Single Pin bow sights offer a 20x clear and aimed view to infinity yardage. Not just, these sights also include the magical bubble level to consider the bow level at different imperative positions. 

Predators mostly use these best one pin bow sights, they are pretty adjustable and easy to install.

However, a huge variety of top-rated single pin bow sights are available and that being said all that is not great to use. 

Reviews of Best Single Pin Bow Sights

We did research and manifest to bring the best quality products, especially to beginners, and therefore, we have designated 10 Best Single Pin Bow Sight 2022 here.

1. TRUGLO Range-Rover PRO – Best 1 PIN LED Bow Sight

Range-Rover PRO is a devastating bow sight featuring a power-dot illuminated center. 

The smart and manageable bow sight is compatible with all the models of compound bows and can clearly define a target from over 80 yards. 

Its illuminating display is the most wonderful highlight and also the reason why hunters demanded the TRUGLO sight. Customers love it a lot you can purchase it without any hesitation or read the full review of TRUGLO range rover pro.

Design & Visuality

The CNC machined unit of Truglo sight is compact and long-lasting. 

it is available with the added features of adjustability and many visual controls. Infinite vertical travels allow you to see across the lens to an unbelievable distance. 

Built-in rheostat light keeps the ring brightened while shooting in dark. Adjust the housing height using simple elevation adjustments. 

The knobs on the Truglo Range-rover Pro sight are tool-free and can be driven through the finger.

Brand & Affordability

TRUGLO is the world’s #1 brand in producing season weapons and bow sights. 

Its products are always considered reliable and affordable in competition. Range-Rover Pro Led Bow sight is one of the most demanded products that is actually designed for shooting long range. 

Its price is a little more than the other bow sights but its exclusive features are worth it. You can get a complete package of bow sight with all knobs and adjustments for under 20$.

  • Easy access to all the controls of the panel while using the bow.
  • The CNC machined unit is the most loved thing near me.
  • Compatible with all types of compound bows includes rheostat light.
  • You need to replace the battery after a specific time period.


Truglo Range-Rover Pro sight is an exclusive accessory for compound bows. it enhances the visual sense 20x more than the naked eye. 

Single dot sight is also useful for shooting a specific point with 0 +/- error. It is really an economic choice and its universal fitting is compatible with all the models of compound bows.

2. Trophy Ridge Pursuit – Best Vertical Pin Bow Sight

Pursuit is the bow sight that is specifically designed according to the predator’s needs. 

Its high-performance vertical pin allows several adjustments for precision and accuracy. Delrin bushes look like pretty good insight but they are actually attached for reducing metal-on-metal conduction.

We have also written a detailed review of Trophy Ridge Pursuit which will be very useful in case if you want to buy it.

Design & Visuality

Trophy Ridge bow sight is designed in a pattern that archers may adjust the ring at suitable positions. 

It offers several controls located on the panel for easy access. Simply adjust the brightness with micro clicks, its ring includes rheostat light for illumination in dark. 

Green indicating pins are attached on one side of the ring specifically for adjusting the accuracy.  

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is the loudest archery company in the entire industry. 

The reason being said, it has been keeping the quality of products maintained for over 6 decades. Pursuit vertical pin bow sight is a top-rated gadget that is more effective on targets. 

It is an economical choice and there is no product available with similar qualities in this price range. You can buy it with the entire setup for under 75$.

  • The ring has attached pins on one side for maintaining accuracy.
  • Pretty adjustable.
  • Compatible with all models of Compound Bows.
  • Offers ultimate visibility up to many yards.
  • Yardage tape is not available.


If you are looking for high-quality single pin bow sight with the rheostat light system then the Trophy Ridge Pursuit is a perfect choice. 

Its price is considered a little more than other compound bow sights but worth it.

3. HHA Optimizer Sight – Best Single Pin Sight for Long Range

When it comes to superior visual quality then there is the HHA Optimizer as the only bow sight comes louder to listen. 

It is an aluminum-made unit designed specifically for long-range shooting. Aesthetic nob setup is compatible with all types of compound bows and pretty adjustable. 

Although HHA Optimizer Lite is pricey, but it is worth it.

Design & Visuality

The optimizer Bow sight is designed with armor pins and includes tool-free micron windages. The black color with the green sight ring presents an exclusive view in dark. 

It includes a built-in bubble level for maintaining the bow position. 0.019 sight adds 20x times clear and focuses visibility in light. 

A.R.M.O.R sight pin technology makes it superior to the other bow sights. Furthermore, the entire unit is made with the state of art aluminum material and lasts long.

Brand & Affordability

HHA Archery is known as a big name in the archery industry. It has been working with a team of experienced hunters and ensures 100% product quality. 

Optimizer compound bow sight is an ideal choice for hunting across the boundary. Its entire setup with the tool-free windages is available for under 150$.

  • Different mods, rheostat light for illumination.
  • The adjustable panel, tool-free windages, high-definition unit.
  • May need to adjust the yardages manually.


HHA Optimizer Bow sight is relatively a good choice for compound bows. It is entirely made using high-grade aluminum material and includes a tool-free windage system. Furthermore, you can buy its entire setup for under 150$.

4. Trophy Ridge Driver Slide – Ultra-Bright Compound Bow Sight 

Driver Slide is another exclusive compound bow sight by Trophy Ridge

It is the improved model of Pursuit and available with the added features of rheostat lights. Ultra-bright display 0.29” large vertical optical pin imperatively narrow-in on the targets from infinite yardages. 

Its price is relatively lower than the other compound bow sight especially if we compare it with the HHA Optimizer.

Design & Visuality

Driver Slide bow sight is purely made using aluminum with the injection-molded technology. 

its fiber optical pin includes a brightened green endpin for the illumination in dark. The adjustable indicator pin narrow-in the yardages on the targets. 

The nylon bushing improves the ring design but is actually used for preventing metal-on-metal conduction. Built-in bubble level indicates the bow level and position with the ground level. 

Adjustable tool-free windages are pretty easy to drive with fingers.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a famous archery brand known for the durability and affordability of its products. 

Driver Slide is an ultra-bright single pin bow sight designed especially for taking down targets from distance. 

Trophy Ridge promises for the aligned shots, you can also use sight light for illumination dark. 

Driver Slide bow sight is compatible with all models of compound bows and available for under 70$.

  • Easy access to nobs for adjustments.
  • Economical choices, sight light to use in dark.
  • Aluminum made unit, tool-free adjustments.
  • There is nothing reported bad for the product.


If you are looking for a cheaper compound bow sight with the maintained product quality and view then the Trophy Ridge Driver Slide is a good choice. It is designed for narrow-in targets up-to many yards.

React One Pro – Best Single Pin Slider Sight

Ambitious archers would give a chance to Trophy Ridge React One Pro sight. It is specifically designed for the mathematical narrow-in on targets. 

Makes the easy correction with the tool-fewer micro-click windages and elevations.

Design & Visuality

Trophy ridge designed the React One Pro bow sight in an exclusive pattern, its unit is compatible with all the models of compound bows. 

100% durable stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum used for constructing the entire frame. 

It is specifically designed for the left-hand orientation on bows but you can adjust the sight ring for a comfortable view. Position pins add further accuracy and make sure the target is precise.

Brand & Affordability

The React One Pro is a fantastic bow sight in the entire archery market, it is 100% engineered to get 20X clear and focused view. 

Trophy Ridge is the world’s #1 archery company and known for the durability of its product. React One pro is one of the most demanded products which is available for under 200$.

  • Mathematical precis targets, rheostat light.
  • More effective on the long-range shot. 
  • Elevation, and adjustments.
  • Compatible with all models of compound bows.
  • Includes fiber optic yardage indicator.
  • Price would be appropriate according to the unit.


React One Pro is the superior bow sight ever designed for hunting and archery shooting. It is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and best for long-lasting use. Price is a little unfair but that being said, it’s worth it.

TRUGLO Pendulum Treestand – Best Pendulum Single Pin Bow Sight

Pendulum Treestand bow sight is relatively known for its CNC Machined unit. 

Its panel features all the adjustments and elevation on the right side for easy access. Fiber optic pin-bar in-ring gives a precise aim on targets. 

Overall, the bow is considerable for long-range shooting and available at a pocket-friend price.

Design & Visuality

Truglo Pendulum bow sight is capable of having automatic compensation up to 35 yards. It can be locked in place for the ground shooting which is a pretty good option. 

Highly durable fiber is wrapped with special material for long-lasting use. Pre-printed yardage tapes included for adding precision in shots.

Brand & Affordability

TRUGLO is a name of reliability and has been working in the archery field for over 3 decades. 

It is known for the extra-ordinary product quality and it especially cares about their extensive use. 

Pendulum Treestand bow sight is the best single pin unit which is available at a very cost-effective price. You can buy it with the entire setup for under 100$.

  • Simple and easy to install on bows, 20x aimed view.
  • Offers Sight light.
  • Ring pins for adding accuracy to shots.
  • Best Single Pin Bow Sight under $100.
  • Not best for the beginners.


TRUGLO is a reliable archery company and its products are always considered prominent in the list. 

The pendulum bow sight is an economical choice and isn’t cooperative on precise sight view. If you love long-range shooting then it is a perfect choice.

Spot Hogg Right hand Wrapped Sight – Top Rated

Spot Hogg bow sight is an incredible unit designed for aiming mathematically precise on targets. 

It is considered as accurate as of the best dot sight and that being its users hadn’t even 0 +/- error. 

The bow sight is available in 7-different models with a 1-pin, 3-pin, 5pin, and 7-pin setup.

Design & Construction

Spot Hogg is a unique bow sight with all the possible features.

its panel is made using aircraft grade material and supports elevation settings. Thanks to the universal unit which is compatible with all models of compound bows. 

Do configurations according to you and make the visuality suitable for the environment.

Brand & Affordability

Spot Hogg Archery is a well-known outdoor store and has been bringing incredible sports goods to the market. 

A right hand wrapped bow sight is one of the most demanded products which is available for under 400$. It is an entirely adjustable bow sight that has possible features.

  • Highly accurate, clear, and focused view through sight.
  • Aluminum made unite, best for all compound bow models.
  • Adjustable, easy to install.
  • It is a bit heavy on bows.


If you are looking for an outclass bow sight for clear visibility and aim then the Spot Hogg’s right-hand bow sight is a perfect choice. 

It is available in several configurations even if you can get it with a 7-pin setup. Its price ranges from 400$ – 500$ with the different units.

APEX GEAR Covert – Best 1 Pin Bow Sight

Covert is a simple and lightweight bow sight available with different pin setups. 

Its configurations and price vary but we highly recommend the AG211B or AG211B modals that are best overall. APEX allows you to choose the favorite pin color because it brought the Covert sight into the market with several modifications.

Design & Visuality

Apex Gear Covert sight is an adjustable unit that features Aperture housing with the vertical and horizontal tilt. 

Micro-adjustable windages and elevations are also included, you can drive nobs simply using the fingers. 

Glow in the Dark technology makes the sight illuminated and helps in focusing in dark. Orange and Yellow lines on the sight ring make it more aesthetic.

Brand & Affordability

APEX GEAR is a louder name in the entire hunting industry, that being said, its products are durable and available at very cost-effective prices. 

The covert is the best single pin bow sight which is available in different pin colors. it is more accurate due to aperture housing and includes adjustments for horizontal and vertical tilt.

  • Vertical and horizontal tilt adjustments.
  • Best for all models of compound bows. elevation settings.
  • Easy to install, illuminated bow sight.
  • There is nothing bad reported about the product.


If you are looking for the most effective bow sight then the APEX GEAR Covert is a perfect choice.

HHA Optimizer Tetra – Best Single Pin Archery Sight

Optimizer tetra is an exclusive bow sight that meets all the demands of archers. 

It includes a mechanical rheostat state light system for controlling the brightness of sight in the dark. Highly durable unit is made with aircraft-grade aluminum material and best for long lasting use.

Design & Construction

HHA Optimizer bow sight includes a very adjustable unit that has located elevation and other settings under fingers. 

It is made of durable material and due to its universal fitting, you can use it for all the models of compound bows. 

A machined aluminum carrier offers unmatched fiber protection that is actually a good thing for long-range shooting. 

The built-in bubble level keeps indicating the positions of bows.

Brand & Affordability

HHA Archery has been producing outdoor gear for over 6 decades. 

It is known for its durability as well as the affordability of its products. Optimizer Tetra 5519 bow sight is a unique model ever designed in archery history, and available at a very cost-effective price. You can buy its full setup for under 250$.

  • Made with the state of art durable material.
  • Includes built-in bubble level, best for long-range shooting.
  • Price is a little unfair according to the product’s quality.


If you are looking for a long-range bow sight with the built-in bubble level then the HHA Optimizer tetra is a perfect choice. It is durable and best for use in all seasons. Although, the bow is a little pricey but worth it.

Spot Hogg Double Pin Bow Sight – Best for Beginners

Spot Hogg double pin bow sight is specifically designed for long-range shooting. 

It includes an extraordinary rheostat-light system for controlling the brightness in the dark. Fiber optic pins are extremely accurate and include a brightened end which is best for color blinded archers.

Design & Construction

If we discuss the design of spot hogg bow sight, it is the single unit available in such an adjustable panel. 

With the easy tool-free nobs, hunters can control illumination, position, and level with the ground at a time. 

Adjust the 2nd and 3rd axis for sufficient accuracy in shots. Fiber optic aiming points help in shooting in dark.

Brand & Affordability

Spot Hogg is a reliable outdoor brand that has been working with a team of experienced engineers. 

Double pin bow sight is one of the most demanded products which is available at a cost-effective price. You can buy it with all the setup for under 300$.

  • Highly durable bow sight, adjustable axis.
  • Illuminated sight, the unit is pretty adjustable.
  • It is a pricey choice.


Spot Hogg Double pin bow sight is an incredible gadget for having a fine sight in all the season. Its panel is made using high-quality material and tested for standing in uncertain conditions. It is a pretty reliable choice, and beginners would give it a chance.

Guide to Choose the Best 1 Pin Bow Sight

Anyone who shoots a compound bow perceives that how critical is choosing its accessory mainly a bow sight. 

Even experienced predators stand less chance of shooting tight on targets or long-range hunting without it. When it comes to buying the best bow sight, there are many opinions that you would keep in mind, let me explain here.

Crucial Factors at 1st Observation

Number of Pins

The number of fiber optic pins always depends on your archery activity, where you hunt, or at what part of the day you have it. 

As in the east, hunters choose a 3-pin bow sight for whitetail hunting. The reasons are obvious, they don’t need to use a 40-yard pin after setting mine to 20 or 30 yards.

Out west, however, if you have frequent shot opportunities at long-range for instance at 60 yards, here extending the pins will be beneficial for max focus at a justified target of 60 yards. 

These cases are general and mostly occur for hunting mule deer, antelope, and caribou. If the west is your homeland then you would make sure that you are buying a bow sight that supports maximum fiber optic pins and color too.

Many hunters preferred single pin bow sight for the limited 20 yardages. They said that archers would learn how high or low they have to hold range before and beyond.

Keep them Fine

Although you are practicing archery, the hallmark of a sight pin is all about its fitness. As the end of the pin comes bigger, it makes it harder to shoot narrow on targets. 

So, you would check the pins for this purpose before hunting. Always compare the size of the pin with the targets if you really want precise hunting. If it is too huge then look for smaller pins for rightness.

Mostly the deer and other huge games are the healthy shots on the first and last time of light. So, make sure the bow sight is the illumination and always buy that one which is competent in standing in these uncertain conditions. 

Low Light Visibility

Many fiber optic pins behave illuminated naturally, that is because of the good raw material used in their manufacturing. Otherwise, you may need to range battery light of illumination. 

Frequently, pass up the arrow from your targets and I 100% guarantee, you’ll never use the poorly illuminated sight again. 

If you are using a peep sight then make sure, you can see through it in low light. Mainly, involve the ingredients paint or other material, that helps in finding the aperture in low light.  

Other Factors in Bow Sight Unit

A bow sight is an integrated unit of visuals and hardware parts. Its panel is completely conceived of soft metal and includes windage as well as elevation settings. Here are a few beliefs that you would keep in mind while buying the best bow sight.

  • Ease of Adjustments: Windage and elevation settings is the most prominent part of any bow sight. Different Allen keys and other tools are available for tuning it but a good bow sight is considered to be with metal knobs. These nobs can easily be derived using fingers at any state or spot.
  • On the Level: Many times, hunters need to check their bow level according to ground level. The latest bow sights are available with a built-in bubble level that helps in minimizing the canting of your bow. A canted bow usually stays due to a canted sight pin and can affect the impact of arrows.
  • Specialty Sight: As I described earlier that the number of fiber optic pins depends on your archery style but in this case, you don’t have to choose sight pins if you love to hunt with the tree stand then consider a pendulum bow sight. It swings to adjust the range out to a defined distance of 40 yards.

Single Pin Vs Multi-Pin Bow Sight Short Review

Bow sights are available in a huge variety and that being said all are not great to use. You need to follow the archer’s opinions to find the right pin configuration according to your shooting style and archery state. 

Here it’ll be manifest which bow sight is specifically designed for you. 

Single-Pin Bow Sight

Single pin bow sight appears like a straightforward unit without any complexity, archers have clearly defined focus through the single fiber optic pin. One thing which is quite limited in these types of sight “yardages”. 

Forgot the bunch of clutter in the form of other pins, the shots come faster through it. In terms of accuracy, it is also another opportunity for taking down large games in the range of 20-30 yards.

After benefits, the single pin bow sight further walks you through some drawbacks. Of course, there is nothing to do with accuracy but actually, archers need to adjust the sight for a limited distance. Suppose, you are aiming at a buck standing on 20 yards. The string is fully drawn and needs a little release. Instantly, the buck jumps to 42 yards, for sure, you have no way to have a successful kill.

  • Extensive sight picture.
  • Instant target acquisition
  • Defined Yardage Accuracy
  • You need to adjust the sight for each shot.
  • Limited yardages.

Multi-Pin Bow Sight

Multi-Pin bow sights are the most advised sights in the entire archery industry. They are available in different pin configurations of three, five, and seven sets. With these fiber optic needles, you also have the option to add a slider for the defined range of 20, 30, 40, and 60 yards. 

Each pin usually adds a figure of 10 yards in a range which is the probably biggest advantage of using multi-pin bow sights.

  • The best option for Beginners
  • Set of pins for wide yardages
  • Save time using it.
  • Pins cover the sight ring.
  • Must be aware of the pin gap between the sets.

Final Verdict

Overall, choosing the pin configuration for bow sights depends on the activity and range. If you are a beginner and love to hunt on over 20 yards then the multi-pin bow sight is the appropriate choice. 

Otherwise, our editors recommended the best Single Pin Bow Sight for short-range hunting. 

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