Best Single Pin Slider Bow Sight 2022

The slider bow sight is the best option for hunters who want to switch between ranges immediately without having multiple pins distraction.

It helps you to rearrange the pin of bow sight within seconds so you can aim at your prey at all yardages.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert hunter having a single pin slider bow sight will be very useful during hunting and target practice.

That’s why here we have reviewed some of the best single pin slider bow sights for hunters and archers.

But before we head towards the detailed reviews of these single pin bow sights let’s discuss a few important things you should know about these sights.

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How Does Slider Bow Sight Works?

Slider bow sight also referred to as moveable pin bow sight consists of a sliding/moving pin that is moved along a slider tap (marked with different yardage values) for changing the value of the pin.

The whole mechanism is very simple just guess or finds a range of your prey reset the slider sight and shot.

Types of Slider Bow Sights

Slider sights are getting more and more versatile but as of now, we have the below type of slider sights.

  • Single pin slider sights: These sights only have one moveable pin which can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Multiple pin slider sights: These sights consist of multiple pins, typically two fixed pins and one moveable pin. These types of sights are very useful for hunters as they have the opportunity to shot at their golden range (range at which fixed pin sight are adjusted) typically 20 and 30 yards. And one moveable pin which can be adjusted as needed.

Pros and Cons of Slider Bow Sights

Just like anything sliding sights have both pros and cons which we have discussed in detail and will help you to make your decision very wisely.

While if you want in-depth knowledge about these sights then consider reading the single pin slider sight guide by goHunt.


  • Clear sight view: Since there is only one pin that works for multiple pins so you get a clear view of the prey.
  • No Chance of Misjudging: A lot of hunters when using a multi-pin sight often choose the wrong pin and end up losing their target. But slider sights have a clear advantage and you can’t misjudge or use the wrong pin.
  • Precise Aim: Slider sights are versatile and can be adjusted to an exact distance of like 37 yards which provides precise aim.
  • Focus on Single object: Unlike multiple pin sights, you don’t have a diversified focus. You have only one pin in view which increases your focus both on pin and prey.
  • Clear field view: On single pin slider sights you don’t have much in housing which results in a clearer field view.
  • Get Rid of Pin Gaping: I have missed a lot of targets just because of pin gapping which using a 7 pin sight. Well, you won’t lose when using single pin moveable sight.
  • Easy Adjustability: Find the range and adjust the sight accordingly it’s that simple.


  • Takes Time: A complicated slider sight or a less practiced hunter can easily lose target as adjusting needs a little pin time and attention which may be the difference between your successfully hunt and returning home empty-handed.
  • More Movement: As sliding sights require adjustment which causes more movement and a closer prey may sense your movement and run away.
  • Not Suitable for Moving targets: Off course any deer or elk won’t’ wait for you to come to adjust sight and shot. A moving target can’t be aimed at using slider sights.

Reviews of Best Single Pin Slider Bow Sight

After spending a lot of time and researching for the best one pin moveable sight. We have reviewed each of the bow sight mentioned below in each and very aspect which is useful for users.

Trophy Ridge Drive Slider Bow Sight – Best for Money

The least number of pins reduces clutter in the picture and boosts a precision shooting system. Driver Slider bow sight by Trophy Ridge is known for its React Technology that brings to optimal location without manual interruption. It’s a single-pin bow sight that can be set for either distance range.

Prominent Features

  • Nylon bushing eliminates metal-to-metal contact.
  • Includes a Glow indicator tape to maintain accuracy.
  • Indicator pin for ultra-precise alterations and versatility.


Aperture1.9 Inch
Pin Diameter0.019”
Weight0.5 Pounds
Range60+ Yards
MaterialCNC Aluminum
BrandTrophy Ridge
  • 0.029” sizeable vertical optic pin.
  • Features windage and elevation adjustments
  • Ultra-bright housing for hunting low-light.
  • Versatile mounting brackets.
  • Powered by LED lights.
  • No option for adjusting left or right.
  • Light issues.

Detailed Review of Trophy Ridge Driver Slider Bow Sight

Driver Slider bow sights feature React Technology for a smarter career and carries unbelievable market value. Its sturdy mounting unit includes anchor point adjustability and designed for just right-handed archers. The sight itself is very instant to attach on compound bows, you need the least tools to install it.

Exclusive Adjustments

Driver Slider Single pin sight uses Allen keys to be adjusted for archers, it supports windage and elevation customizations. Lose the brass thumbscrew and just bring the slider pointer to the direction you want. It is one of the reasons why bowhunters love the Driver Slider sight most.

According to the poundage of your compound bow, it’ll be responding yards as 7, 20, or more. If you need to cover extraordinary distances then just set the pin lower in housing. Sight in can take your little time but once you set the pin, you’ll be led by it.

Mounting Features

An unfortunate thing about the Driver Slider sight, it doesn’t support a reversible mounting bracket. The panel is just designed for right-handed bows and can’t be flipped for right-handed bows. Anchor point adjustability enhances the level of comfort and enables you to set bow sight high or low on the riser.

Extra holes on the mounting panel are just drilled for low or high profile (anchor point adjustability) but still, it gives another benefit and makes it compatible with most compound bows. It is sturdy enough for carless attaching and detaching on a riser yet coated with soft composites as they eliminate vibrations.

Design & Construction

Trophy Ridge Driver Slider is a single-pin bow sight designed for precision shooting in both worlds of archery. Since its dial is a single pin, there is the least number of clusters in the picture. 

The bow sight rest is made using machined aluminium and coated with copolymers.

A built-in bubble level indicates the level of the riser in an uneven field. It has a lighted sight ring with glow-in-the-dark features for aiming in low-light. Furthermore, sliding the single pin is toll-less and just a breeze to do. Its pin is powered by radioactive elements for enough visibility in low-light.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a popular archery company and has been producing durable archery gear for over 3 decades. Driver Slider is a single-pin bow sight typically designed for archers who want to cover long-distances with a single-pin dial. It is available with all essential components for under $60.

Why should you buy it?

Trophy Ridge Driver Slider is an accurate bow sight available with a pin sliding feature. It is ready to use just out of the package. If you are looking for a single pin slider sight with a low-budget then it is the perfect choice ever.

Truglo Range-Rover – Best Single Pin Moveable Sight

Truglo Range-rover is the hunter’s most favored bow sight series and has long been synonymous with single pin sights. Its moveable single pin sight is particularly designed for bowmen who want the least number of pins in their dial to cover unpredicted distances.

Prominent Features

  • Adjustable yardage-stop for maximum yardage settings.
  • Flip the housing to the left or right is entirely the hunter’s will.
  • Pre-marked (40) yardage tape simply the bow sight setup.


TypeMoveable single pin
Pin Diameter0.019”
Range100+ Yards
  • Light-weight unit very instant to mount.
  • Laser marking for windage and elevations
  • Crafted from machined aluminum.
  • Entirely tool-less and support yardage lock.
  • The soft coating eliminates vibrations.
  • Issues with the sight linkage.

Detailed Review of Truglo Range-Rover Single Pin Bow Sight

Truglo Range-rover bow sight is one of the most affordable units in the single pin moveable model that puts incredible features and great market value together. No one will claim its unobstructed view as cluttered as HHA or Spot Hogg but it’s also true there is no competition with their durability. The bow sight is straightforward to assemble and customize for entry-level archers.

Single Pin Moveable Pin

The range-rover bow sight is available in 0.019” and 0.010” pin sizes. Although it’s the ultimate problem of preferences 0.010” is considered more optimized for long-ranges. At its bottom sides, the fiber is tightly enclosed which automatically brings your eyes to the target. There’s no disorder in the picture however the situation is low-light or bright-day. Premium rheostat light has no exception with the state’s rules and can be removed with an instant.

Easy of Adjustments

Range-rover sight supports most of the standard adjustments that archers must have in their bow sights such as windage and micro-pushes but it also continues with elevations that you can drive via a smooth dial. An additional elevation slider helps in adjusting the height of sight housing.

It is available with a pre-marked yardage tape that allows instant assembly and features you accurately on target. Once you mark the tape accurately, you can use it for shooting rapidly or measuring another distance. It gets even over 100 yards depending on the speed of your compound bow.

Design & Construction

Truglo Range-rover bow sight put durability and features together in its compact frame. It’s made using machined aluminium and sturdy to use in all seasons. The rest is coated using copolymers and break vibrations to transfer from bow to housing.

Sight housing can be flipped for the left or right-handed bows. Although the brackets don’t support anchor point adjustability, you can frequently move it vertically as if the brackets have a set of holes. An accurate bubble level is attached there for level indication.

Brand & Affordability  

Truglo is known as a leading manufacturer of fiber optic sights and other shooting accessories for bows. Range-rover is a popular bow sight series that has featured a moveable single pin bow sight, especially for precision shooting competitions. It is compatible with all models of compound bows and available in 0.019” and 0.010” pin sizes. You can buy Truglo sight with all the essential components for under $80.

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking for a single pin moveable bow sight then there’s no better option than Truglo’s Range-rover sight. It is sturdy, easy to assemble, and supports maximum customizations. As its housing can be flipped for left and right bows, so you can frequently buy.

HHA Optimizer Lite Bow Sight 3019 – Best for Beginner

Discard a hard time while focusing with the HHA Optimizer Lite Bow Sight. The sliding sight is light-weight, well-built, and brings you to unbelievable distances with its unobstructed housing in the field. Its chief version also known as Optimizer Ultra Sight is integrated with harmonic dampeners, a dial to move pins, and possible features.

Prominent Features

  • 2ft fiber length put performance and durability together.
  • Glow in the dark a peep sight ring adds precision and light source.
  • Brightness options with rheostat light which is removable yet.


BrandHHA Optimizer
Aperture1.9 Inch
Pin Diameter0.019”
TypeSingle pin slider
Range80 Yards
  • Features reinforced fiber optic pins.
  • Options to suit the environment.
  • Radioactively bright pins to aim at the target.
  • Uses reversible brackets mount with bows.
  • Vertical Pin sliding system.
  • Usually not considered better than a dial sight.

Detailed Review of HHA Optimizer Lite Bow Sight

Optimizer Lite is a single pin sliding bow sight particularly designed for beginner archers to shoot both worlds. It is available in two basic versions Optimizer Lite and Lite-Ultra with the possible integrated features. HHA added a pre-marked distance tape for unpredicted ranges, you also can mark manually.

Tool-less adjustments

The optimizer bow sight is straightforward to assemble and pretty tool-less to adjust. It is equipped with smoothly moveable knobs that drive windage and elevations. With just losing the thumbscrew and turning the dial to the crossbeam, you can adjust the horizontal axis.

The armor pin technology emphasizes the curve of generosity using stout fiber housing. It protects the rest from damage and the uncertainty of environments. Many hunters claimed for the pins and fiber but care is the just solution to keep it in conservation.

Single-Pin Sliding

Optimizer Lite bow sight features vertical adjustments on the fly-drive through the lever-arm works smoothly. You can travel further on the perimeter with little adjustments. Once you set the dial with tape, it is easy to shoot whether the situation is an uneven field or 3D completion.

The pin in housing is powered by a quality rheostat system which grants options for brightness control. It is frequently removable and fulfils the rules of hunting states. As a second source of light, a high-quality radioactive element is added to the scope.

Design & Construction

The optimizer bow sight is a light-weight yet sturdy unit crafted from sturdy alloy. Its hybrid construction transfers fewer vibrations to housing for a still and accurate picture. Mounting brackets are durable and compatible with all models of compound bows.

There’s an anti-glare coated bubble level located at the bottom of the sight ring. It consistently indicates the level of the riser and easy to see while aiming. Furthermore, the entire rest is coated with soft composites which prevent the sight from uncertain conditions.

Brand & Affordability

HHA Sports is an American company known for award-winning archery accessories. Optimize Lite is an ideal bow sight for all level archers which is available for under $100. It packages a sturdy single pin sight with all the essential components and the color choice is optional.

Why should you buy it?

 For entry-level archers, HHA’s Optimizer Lite is a perfect choice. It is light-weight, sturdy, and super easy to adjust. You can buy it for both left-handed and right-handed bows.

Black Gold Ascent Verdict Single Pin Bow Sight

For killing over 100 yards, verdict single pin bow sight is more particular than other options and still has rooms for range. It gives you target sight accuracy with legendary durability and super-easy adjustments. The dial-of-death knob lets you customize maximum windage and elevations.

Prominent Features

  • Features a dovetail mount system with a long extension.
  • A pre-marked distance tape is more visible while aiming.
  • Super grip knobs assure easy adjustments in sweaty conditions.


BrandBlack Gold
Pin Diameter0.019”
TypeSingle pin slider
Range100+ Yards
  • Easy to zero multi-pin head.
  • Pre-set distance choices.
  • Standard dog guard size.
  • Clear and accurate target picture.
  • Light-weight yet durable construction.
  • There’s nothing bad reported about the product.

Detailed Review of Ascent Verdict Single Pin Bow Sight

Now the verdict is in! Black Gold introduced an accurate single pin bow sight with legendary durability and performance. It features 3rd axis adjustability in its X-Frame for extra versatility. The indicator needle is index-able for the easy Zero-in and changing setup.

Design & Construction

Black Gold Ascent is a light-weight yet durable bow sight made using machined aluminium. It features splined vertical drive gear which provides solid fall and increases 80% durability. The photochromic shell changes color faster and tougher in performance.

The ascent bow sight is providing more range and adjustability with the angled 45° tape that can be seen from all the sides. You can choose out of 54 tapes as the most suitable for your situation. However, it is adjustable penal to provide 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustability.

It has a built-in bubble level which is easily visible while aiming.

Brand & Affordability

Black Gold is a popular company in producing innovative bow sights. Ascent verdict is its most demanded single pin bow sight which is doubtlessly built-well. It packages 57 distance tapes with the sight that you can buy for under $250.

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking for a functional single pin bow sight with maximum adjustments then the Ascent Verdict is a perfect choice. It has an X-Frame that boosts performance and durability up to 80% and best to use in all seasons.

CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight – Best overall

With pinpoint accuracy, a single bow sight that has hit the target is CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight. It features a sturdy armguard with the ultimate quad tracks for stability. The rear-facing tape which can be seen from every angle is aligned with pins and entirely water-proof.

Prominent Features

  • Tool-less adjustments with 2nd axis leveling.
  • Stainless steel indicator needle – powered by Rheostat System.
  • Water-proof rear-facing distance tape accurate with pins.


BrandCBE Engage
Pin size0.010”
ColorBlack (Green Ring)
Range100+ yards
MaterialCNC Aluminum
Mounting TypeDovetail
Side OrientationRight
  • Micro-adjustments with knobs.
  • 12 inches of fiber transmits light.
  • Light-weight but sturdy construction.
  • Coated frame gives a soft touch.
  • Dovetail mounting system.
  • Rapid drive elevation system.
  • Hasn’t engraved elevation marks.

Detailed Review of CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight

CBE Hybrid bow sight is a well-built unit available with a single pin in housing. It has a top-of-the-line dovetail mounting system that gives extension to move the sight away from the eye. It is powered by a rheostat light system and has radioactive elements as the second source of light.

Design & Construction

The CBE Engage bow sight is a little bit heavier than other units but is equipped with possible adjustments and features. It is straightforward to assemble and support a user-friendly panel for instant handy adjustments. The extremely bright pin has a unique shape with a thick fiber base.

Overall, the bow sight frame is made using machinedaluminiumm and coated with soft composites for a soft touch. Since it’s hybrid so, it transfers fewer vibrations to the housing. Standard housing provides a wide field view and has radioactive green peep to eliminate light needs in dark.

Brand & Affordability

CBE which is also known as custom bow equipment is a big archery company that has great value due to its innovative bow sights. Engage Hybrid is the best single pin slider sight which is available for under $300. It packages distance tape and all the basic components you need to assemble the bow sight.

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking for a single pin sliding bow sight with possible features then Engage Hybrid is a perfect choice. Although it is a pricier opinion but worth it as it includes axis leveling.

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