Bow Sight Aiming Method – How to Aim a Bow Sight The Right Way?

How to efficiently use a bow sight or what is the best method for aiming using bow sight is one of the first things that you should learn when getting started with bow sights.

A bow sight is a special gadget that helps you aim for accurate shots. These sights consist of pins and lenses in a circular housing that add a reference point for aiming.

Important Note: Before going to the hunting field a bow sight must be adjusted and distance being shot to get tighter groups with up, down, left, and right pin or housing configuration. These adjustments make a huge difference in the precision shooting system. So, first make sure to properly adjust your sight.

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Methods of Aiming Using Bow Sight

There Are two main ways to aim a bow – Bow sights and instinctive aiming.

Aiming A bow with Bow Sights

Bow sights work best usually when the distance between target and housing is known. Measuring the distance is very instant especially when you’re shooting from a ground blind or uphill. The matter is just lining up with the target and to eliminate it, you must practice judging the distance.

From kinky-dinky to sophistication, bow sights go all the ways. Beginners wouldn’t be fascinated while buying it because a simple bow sight is enough for fine practicing and ranged distances. 

Many bow sights support multi-pins for shooting a target at distances. In these sights, the top pin is used for aiming nearest yards, the middle pin to aim average-range, and the bottom pin for shooting high distances.

Instinctive Aiming with bows

Instinctive aiming isn’t easy for beginners that acquire practice to do well with the bows. It’s one of the most versatile aiming methods that can be done just with both open eyes. Instinctive development enables you to aim over different distances in no-time. It takes longer to get precision and perfection but reduces guesswork in several hunting conditions.

Recurve Bow vs. Compound Bow Aiming

Aiming at recurve bow and compound bow is entirely inconsistent especially for beginners. Ideal aiming through bow sights comparatively to recurve bow is slightly different near the experienced archers. 

Usually, recurve bow users tend to release arrows straightway but in the scenario of aiming the bow sight, it takes time for adjustments before draw and release.

Here’s what I’m talking about, many Olympic recurve bow archers come to draw taking very little time.

Now again watch the video and compare it to the previous one on how competitive compound bow archers came to draw taking a few seconds.

We know there’s a difference between aiming techniques but as we discussed earlier, it’s just because a compound bow needs adjustments before each shot but the recurve bow shooting is pretty like instinctive aiming which takes less time to shoot. 

Here’s why the shooting strategies are different.

  • Compared to a compound bow, a recurve bow is very easy to draw because they’ve clicker (below we have discussed what a clicker is?) to detect the accurate overdraw. But the compound bow has limited bow length and needs a long time to make a kill.
  • As compound bows are being used for hunting, archers have to be certain to kill the prey. They set their bow sight and draw arrows before the appearance of the target. It’s pretty easy for archers if the distance is known.

What is a Recurve Bow Clicker?

A recurve bow clicker is a very useful tool to maintain the draw length before releasing every shot. It enables archers to know he has drawn the bow accurately. Since it’s audible as soon as the archers sound the clock, they release the arrow to the target. It’s mostly made of tensile spring but archers also use a strong piece of wire as a clicker. Compound users don’t need it because they’ve got a limit to draw the string.


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