CBE Engage Hybrid 3 Pin Review

From a backyard to the 3D archery competitions a good bow sight just can make or break the shots.

CBE Engage Hybrid sight is superlative for the best in both worlds hunting and archery shooting. It is top tier due user-friendly design still with durable construction. Rear-facing sight tape is precisely aligned with the pins but you also can mark it manually for the specific distance.

The Armguard system of CBE Engage Sight gives full-time protection and got four quad tracks for the stability of adjustments at eliminating rocking. Its entire rest is made with CNC machined aluminum (alloy) and coated with quality composites.


CBE Engage Hybrid
Pin size0.019”
Weight1.06 Pounds
ColorBlack (Green Ring)
Range100+ yards
MaterialCNC Aluminum
Mounting TypeDovetail
Side OrientationLeft/Right

Prominent Features

  • Rear-facing sight tape accurate with each pin – Water-proof.
  • Incorporated with 2nd axis leveling and fewer tool adjustments.
  • Stainless steel indicator needle – enclosed rheostat system.


  • Light-weight bow sight adds no impact on bows.
  • Has micro-adjustments and used moveable knobs to do.
  • 12 inches fiber transmits the light to the pin and reduces obnoxiousness.
  • Includes instant removable rheostat LEDs.
  • CNC Machined aluminum construction, blade pins used.
  • Has no engraved elevation marks.

Detailed Review of CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight

Top of the line dovetail mounting and Hybrid features of CBE Bow sight make it special for all-level archers. It is sturdy but still a light-weight bow sight that adds no further impact on compound bows. The best part is, the rheostat light system is detachable, it is just intended for meeting the legality of states. As a second source of light, the sight ring and pin ends have radioactive elements.

Here’re a few characteristics to know about the CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight.

Portability & Mounting

CBE Engage hybrid bow sight is 1.06 pounds weight sight and quite portable. Its dovetail mounting brackets enable you to move the head further away from the eye and be considered more accurate. The brackets are compatible with all the models of compound bows even you can install it works on recurve bows.

The bow sight is aligned properly with its dovetail extension, it is instant to attach and detach. You can easily take your bag while traveling to the field. Furthermore, mounting screws are also included in the package.


CBE Hybrid bow sight is designed with an adjustable setup. Its blade pins are moveable and there placed a lockable knob to set them for a specific distance. The first two pins are used to aim over a fixed distance and the third one is entirely moveable that archers can use to extend the range dramatically.

Not just but you also can set the height of the aiming view using the knobs. These elevation settings can be changed using knobs and even you can set horizontal axis with the micro-clicks. The dovetail bar features options to mount the sight high or low on the riser.

Incredible Sight Head

CBE Hybrid bow sight has a standard size housing with horizontal bar pins. The blade pins are made with quality fiber and have a bright radioactive end. Fiber optics are used to transmit light to make the pins brighter. While hunting in daylight, the fiber optics can cover the sight ring and reduce obnoxiousness.

One of the best things in CBE Engage bow sight is the precisely installed bubble level. Housing open has radioactive elements as the secondary source of light. These are helpful while hunting in low-light either the battery life is dead or alive.

Design & Construction

CBE Hybrid bow sight is designed with a user-friendly setup with tough built-quality. The frame is made using sturdy aluminum material passed through computer numerical controlled technology. For preserving it from the uncertainties of weather, the company coated the frame using composites. Pins are moveable and wrapped with durable fiberglass.

Brand & Affordability

Custom Bow Equipment is also known as CBE is a big archery organization that is passionate to bring the best archery accessory on top of the line. Engage Hybrid bow sight is one of the most demanded bow sights available for under $300.

Frequently Asked Question

Are the pins 0.01 or 0.019?

Each of the pins in the CBE Engage bow sight is 0.019”. Standard size housing used with the 0.019” diameter pin. Horizontal pins are made with high-quality fiber and include a bright end.

CBE Engage Hybrid 3 Pin Review


CBE Engage Hybrid is a top-rated 3 Pin bow sight that you can use for both hunting and target practicing.

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