HHA Optimizer Lite Review 2022

Thinking of buying HHA Optimizer sight for your compound bow?

Well, it is always a good practice to read some reviews about anything before purchasing.

That’s why here I am going to review the HHA optimizer lite bow sight after using it for hunting for almost 3months.

HHA Optimizer Bow Sight is available in two basic versions, Optimizer Lite & Optimizer Ultra Series.

The chief variation is an ultra-version possibly integrated Harmonic Damper and uses a dial to move the pin while the standard lite model renders a simple lever arm. Ultra-version (Mathews) also helps in tamping vibrations while shooting.


Aperture1.9 Inch
TypeSingle pin
Pin Diameter0.019”
Weight0.8 Pounds
Ratings4.7 Stars
Range60+ Yards
MaterialCNC Aluminum

Each Version Offers Various Options

  • Housing /Ring diameter Ranges (1 5/8” – 2”).
  • Fiber Optic pin diameter (0.020”, 0.019”, 0.010”).
  • 5 brightness options for Rheostat Light System.
  • Fiber Optic element Length (3 to 6’)

Prominent Features

  • Armor Pin for shifting modes and mode indication.
  • Glow in the dark radioactive green sight ring.
  • One-Pin Slider for the vertical pin adjustments.
  • Exclusive Rheostat System for brightness adjustability.


  • Reinforced pin for consistent sturdiness.
  • Various mode options for environmental suitability.
  • The vertical pin is adjustable and can be set for a specific distance.
  • Round out radioactive elements for illumination in low-light.
  • A reversible mounting system adds more comfortability.
  • Not enough better than a dial bow sight.
  • Detailed Review of HHA Optimizer Lite Bow Sight

Detailed Review of HHA Optimizer Lite Bow Sight

HHA Optimizer has long synonymous with the single pin bow sight. Optimizer Lite is available in an improved variant “Lite Ultra” that adds a moveable dial, infinite strip range, and much additional exclusive stuff. The best part is, it is entirely tool-less, you don’t need to find diverse Allen keys for its adjustments.

Here are a few noteworthy factors of HHA optimizer Lite Bow Sight and you would go through.

Tool-less Adjustments

One of the most favored properties near archers, bow sight would be tool-lees and straightforward to assemble. Optimizer Lite sight is entirely tool-less and uses knobs for setting elevations. In its ultra-variant, these knobs are still replaced with wheels for additional smoothness. Its horizontal axis can be fixed by loosening the thumbscrew and then turning the dial to a crossbeam. After the whole adjustment, levers can be locked tight with a micro push.

One-Pin Slider

Optimizer Lite sight support to obtain vertical adjustments on the fly. In lite and ultra both versions, lever-arm, and wheel work smoothly and deemed easy to use. Even the wheel allows further travel along the perimeter itself. Farther apart yardage markings and dial to specific yardages sound exclusive especially while hunting in the uneven fields. An ultra-bright tape is marked about every yard for less guess-work and exact feet.

The Rheostat Light

Rheostat system grants easy adjustments of brightness over fiber optic pins. 0.010” sight pins tend to be used by hunters but it becomes extremely obnoxious after reflecting with the high light rays. After the discovery of rheostat controllers, most of the parts of fiber optics were shaded. It is pretty helpful in reducing the total light coming out of the end of a pin. While shooting outdoors, it is a great feature and allows variable lighting conditions. In 3D leagues where the light varies hugely, the rheostat controller is no less than a fortuity.

Armor Pin Technology

Armor pin technology emphasizes a generous curve with exclusive stout fiber housing. The generous curve protects the fiber from damage and other uncertainty of environments. It would be difficult to damage deflect the pin-out of position and typically the reason is housing, pin, and fiber works together. Dens hunting in brush or trees collected many claims about pins and fiber in the pasts and care as a solution is the best thing to prevent issues in the field.

Radioactive Elements

Another impressive feature of HHA optimizer bow sights, they feature round out yellow and green elements that help to align the sight with a peep, anti-glare coated large level, and aluminum construction. Archers can replace the small level with the large version for additional accuracy. Its bubble will be visible enough while focusing on the pin.

Design & Construction

Likely other bow sights, there is not any innovation in design but HHA tried to make the panel more featureful. It offers easy access to elevation and brightness controls. The entire unit is made with Computer Numerical Control grade aluminum and lasts long. Its mounting unit is made with aircraft-grade metal with extended holes for easy bolt entry. It is quite reversible and best to attach on both sides of the bow.

Brand & Affordability

HHA Sports is one of the leading archery companies in the single pin for the last 14 years. It is known for the durability and affordability of innovative archery products. Optimizer lite, which is also the best single pin bow sight, is widely available and its price varies from $80 to $240 depending on its model and features. 

Known FAQs About Optimizer Lite Bow Sight

Is this for a right-handed bow?

Yes, Optimizer Lite bow sight is designed for right-handed bows but they do make it for left-handed bows also. Many standard variants are available with reversible brackets for both side orientations at the same time. You just need to move the mounting unit for changing sides.

Will Optimizer sight fit an elite victory?

HHA optimizer Lite and Lite-ultra variants are compatible with all the models of compound bows. Their brackets are intended with universal brackets with extended pierced holes. These ports allow easy entry of bolts and you can use them for any compound bow.

Is yardage tape included?

The optimizer bow sight is available with yardage indicating tape. It has accurate marks at specific distances of 10 to 80 yards.

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