HHA Optimizer Tetra Review 2022

Looking for the bow sight that won’t let you down in real moments.

HHA Optimizer Tetra Bow sight meets all interests of archers either hunters, it is made with machined aluminum and includes a water resistance tape for yardage marking.

Mechanical Rheostat LED system provides options for brightness control that sounds good especially for aiming in daylight.

Newly redesigned micro-adjust windage and dial allows 20 to 100 yards instant adjustments. Built quality and design of Tetra Optimizer bow sight really impressed predators, they can shoot hourly without hiccups.

As usual, HHA built the sight to be solid and easy to install. It is featuring a dovetail special tournament edition design that enables users to extend housing endlessly. 


HHA Optimizer Tetra
Range100+ Yards
Aperture1 5/8”
TypeSingle Pin
Pin Size0.010 – 0.019”
BrandHHA Optimizer

Prominent Features

  • Updated design and features comparatively HHA King.
  • Water-resistance yardage tape that can be marked manually.
  • Includes new two-stage Micro-Adjustments and windage design.
  • Exclusive integrated Vertical brackets with infinite-adjust.
  • Built-in 2nd and 3rd Axis Adjustments – biggest highlight ever.


  • Made with CNC machined aluminum – lasts long.
  • Infinite adjustments with windage and elevations.
  • Extremely light-weight bow sights produce no vibrations.
  • Ease of use, instant assembly without using Allen Wrench.
  • Very smooth dial, an exciting new design by standup.
  • Takes time to adjust with yardage tape.

Detailed Review of HHA Optimizer Tetra Bow Sight

Take an in-depth look at Optimizer Tetra bow sight, it is an Award-Winning unit due to its incredible housing and adjustability. The sight is easy to get set up and mount with the bows due to infinite-adjustable brackets. Aircraft-grade aluminum used for constructing the sight frame and wrapped with high-quality composites that protect the frame from the uncertainty of environments.

Here’s a bunch of characteristics to know about the HHA Optimizer Tetra Bow Sight.

Yardage Dial

Brand new sports yardage wheel design looks pretty unique and effective than other bow sights. HHA referred to the “Ninja-star wheel” as comfortable to use and grip. Wheel forward design in HHA Optimizer Tetra sights the clearance and eliminates issues with arrows as well as quivering. Although, there is no interchangeable yardage dial that still leads with the performance.

Sight Tapes

The best part of HHA Optimizer that I still consider is the water-resistance yardage tape. Although we don’t take it in water or use the sight in rain, we take the company’s words. The tape is distinctly available in different colors that are more visible in low light. More impressive thing is, the sight tapes for Tetra sight pins are exactly even. So, if you shoot any number on the tape, the results will be accurate.

Micro-Adjust Design  

The exclusive design of micro-adjust on HHA Optimizer Tetra sight is more effective to use. Most of the archers favored the windage bar; it is similar to the design of spot hogg. Two-stage pattern features adjustments merged with ½ inch of travel with the micro-adjust drive. Using it is the first step to set up the center pin to your arrow. Either one is the fine-tuning one clicks with the micro-adjust.

Compared to the HHA Optimizer King sight, the Tetra sight looks the same but has pretty much a difference in operation. It features infinite adjustments with windage and elevations that can be performed using a wheel. It is entirely made with carbon composites and lasts long.

Integrated Brackets

The previous version of HHA bow sight lacked a free-sliding vertical bracket for setting the position of housing but the Tetra sight design kicks the limited bolt setting in its new version. The huge benefit is, it allows to zero the sight at 20 yards using the yardage wheel at the starting position which gives the ability to step-up forward from 20 yards without looking.

Ease of use

Tetra bow sight is the most user-friendly sight from all the HHA series. its exclusive adjustments eliminate the need of users and they can figure the suitable configurations according to their state. Incredible mounting brackets are reversible and can be used to mount the sight high or low on the riser of bow sights.

2nd & 3rd Axis Adjustments

The earlier version of the HHA Optimizer bow sight doesn’t sport 2nd and 3rd adjustments but the Tetra sight luckily includes it. While performing 3D shooting competitions, these are the essential settings to align the shot at extreme angles. However, this new design puts the teeter sight par to the other high-rated bow sights.

Brand & Affordability

HHA Optimizer is one of the most popular archery companies that is known for the durability as well as the affordability of its products. Tetra bow sight is available in fewer configurations with 0.010 and 0.019”. 1 5/8 standard housing size is appropriate for all-level archers. Teeter bow sight is available for under $400.

Frequently Asked Question

HHA Optimizer Teeter is one of the most asked bow sights, especially for 3D archery shootings. It is made with machined aluminum and coated with high-quality composites. Sturdy fiber optics wrapped the housing and helpful in ejecting light on the pin. Green radiative pin end and sight rings with the glow in dark feature gets the hunter’s heart, they can use it in low light. The Rheostat LED system sounds good especially for hunting in daylight.

Does HHA Optimizer include Reversible Mounting brackets?

Of course, yes, the Tetra bow sight is incorporated with high-quality reversible mounting brackets. Widely patterned pierced holes offer flexibility while screwing up it to the risers, you find options to set the sight high or low in the riser. The best part is, it offers an extension for moving the bow sight further forward.


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