IQ Micro Bow Sight Review

Either you are a beginner or expert, the concept of Retina Lock features you perfectly on boards.

IQ Micro Bow Sight is advertised as the most accurate scope with tighter groups and 100% guaranteed MONEY BACK! It controls the muscle memory using Retinal Lock Technology and forms consistent accuracy over long distances. Stack tight 0.019” fiber optic pins are bright enough for low-light visibility, hunters can set them for specific yards.

The best part is, the universal bracket of IQ bow sight is harmonious to all variants of compound bow even you can mount it on the recurve bow with the custom style. A built-in bubble level is located at the bottom of the sight ring, indicating the level of the riser and uneven field.


ModelIQ Micro
MaterialCNC Aluminum
Number of pins3, 5, 7
Mounting SideLeft/Right
Pin Diameter0.019”
TypePin Sight
Weight8 Ounces

Prominent Features

  • Retinal Lock Technology – Control muscle memory & for consistency.
  • Extremely lightweight units (8 ounces) reduces impact & vibrations.
  • The Dual-position mount features a particular shooting style attachment.
  • Rheostat S15000 outstanding system reduces obnoxiousness.
  • Instant feedback for identifying the slightest torque.


  • Micro adjustment dials, tool-free locking knobs.
  • Radioactive elements add another source of light.
  • Light-weight & durable, CNC machined alloy construction.
  • 2nd axis adjustments for enhancing the accuracy of sight.
  • May have an adjustability issue.

Detailed Review of IQ Micro Bow Sight

With the constant pinpoint accuracy and precise adjustments, it is easy to shoot rapidly using the IQ Bow Sight. Tool-less knobs allow you to set and lock the pins at different yards. You also can clasp windage and elevation in place without using Allen Wrench or other tools. 

Retina Lock Technology

Retina Lock enables archers to center the dot before the shots. it provides instant feedback that is enough to detect the slightest torque or changes in the anchor point. Overall, the feature is effective to extend the range and build the confidence of shooters. In the results, they get tight groups with increased accuracy and form.

Windage & Elevation

Next, the IQ bow sight is available with a micro movable dial. With the memorable windage and elevation adjustments, it allows you to sight in fast and easy. Lock all the changes using the tool-less knobs either screws, it is optional for buyers. Screws are included in the package and can be used to secure the settings forever.

Clutter-free visibility

IQ Micro bow sight is available in 3-pin, 5-pin, and 7-pin alternatives. Pins are evenly spaced but you can arrange them further for increasing range dramatically. High-quality fiber optics reduces disorder and transmit light to pins, fiber optics covers the sight housing and reduces the obnoxiousness for finer picture visibility.

A unique piece of tech, the rheostat light system S15000 used for controlling brightness. It features different illumination levels for attaining suitability with the environment. An accurate built-in bubble level consistently indicates the position of the riser that is also beneficial for Treestand shooters.

Design & Construction

IQ Micro is a durable bow sight made with CNC Machined Alloy. It is light-weight and includes many parts made with co-polymer material. The rest is wrapped with high-quality composites that protect the sight from uncertain weather conditions. The mounting unit is made with sturdy material and includes reversible brackets. Using it you can install the bow sight on either side of the bows.

Brand & Affordability

Field Logic is a well-known archery company that is known for its innovative products. IQ Micro bow sight is a compact scope for a bow that is available in 3-Pin, 5-Pin, and 7-Pin all alternatives. Its built-quality is pretty impressive and finished well. All the necessary components and bolts are included in the package, you can order for under $150.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have 3rd Axis Adjustments?

IQ Micro bow sight is available with the micro-adjustable dial, it features 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments with improved accuracy. Besides it, you also can adjust the pin and elevation settings according to your desire. Alan screws are replaced with moveable knobs that are tool-less.

Can you add more pins?

Yes, you can add more pins individually in the IQ Micro bow sight. Use the yardage tape and mark the distance where you want to shoot with the pin.


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