IQ Pro Hunter Review

Keeping versatility in mind, IQ Pro Sight is designed with an adjustable dial.

Its slimmer two fixed pins are intended for the shorter range and the third floater pin can be dialed to a specific range. Exclusive patented Retina Lock Technology enables to catch aims for rapids shots and determining distance.

More with the micro-adjustable windage and elevations, it sports a laser-etched system for finer view. Its mounting brackets sports options for the quiver and mounting points which is another good thing and makes them compatible with all compound bow models.

Today’s article covers all upsides and downsides of IQ Pro Hunter Bow Sight.


ModelPro Hunter
TypeSlider Sight
Pin size0.019”
Weight8.6 Ounces
ColorBlack (Green Ring)
MaterialCNC Aluminum
Side OrientationRight Hand

Prominent Features

  • Iconic Retina Lock Technology for standby distance selection.
  • IQ sight light plugin – Additional ports for getting more lights.
  • Two yardage tapes – Waterproof and pre-marked for distance.


  • 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments.
  • 6061 durable aluminum used for construction.
  • Instantly lock all the settings for rapid shots.
  • Versatile mounting brackets are compatible with all bows.
  • Multiple bow and quiver mounting options.
  • Laser-etched windage and elevations.
  • Thinner blade – improved pin design 50% thinner.
  • A bit Overpriced.

Detailed Review of IQ Pro Hunter Bow Sight

IQ Pro Hunter sight is aesthetically appealing and well-built. Its rest is sturdy but still light-weight and sports tool-less adjustments. Ultimate bright pins are suitable with all the environments, its Rheostat light system features brightness options for added versatility. Here are a few more things to know about IQ Bow sight.

Versatile Aiming

Pro Hunter Bow Sight caters to multiple camps with its versatile Treestand design simple yet offering western Spot-and-stalker precision. It centers around three durable 0.019” diameter optic pins and two fixed and a floater pin that is adjustable via a knob located on the bottom of the sight panel.

Two yardage tapes are included for marking distances, these are water-resistant and best to mark manually with the pins. The mounting pattern is pretty impressive, one tape is fastened inside the housing and either one is outside of the sight ring. You don’t need to adjust the distance bars; the marks are accurate with the sight pins.  

Easy micro-adjustment knobs feature you an instant moveable system and also make the sight more versatile for a field shoot. Hunters shooting from the peak of a mount or uneven field, you can shift it to either mode with the memorable adjustments. Furthermore, IQ sports is still thinking to replace the knobs with moveable wheels in the future.

Sight Lights

Another good thing in IQ Pro Hunter bow sight, it is illuminated goodly with ultra-bright Rheostat LEDs and radioactive elements. As a secondary source of light, the edge of sight rings has a green ring with its glow in the dark feature.

Rheostat system offers different options for controlled brightness according to the environment. it is removable which is probably a good factor for state legalities. The pin ends are bright enough to aim in light or dark without adding obnoxiousness.

A built-in bubble level used for precise shooting in uneven fields, it also glows in dark due to radioactive background. High-quality fiber optics used for conveying light to pins ends. You also can cover the housing windows for suitability.  

Design & Mounting

IQ Pro Hunter bow sight is an aesthetic yet functional and durable bow sight that is typically designed for 3D shooting tournaments. CNC machined aluminum is used for its construction; it is durable enough to withstand all the uncertain conditions.

Unfortunately, the bow sight doesn’t sport a reversible mounting unit. The brackets have options for mounting the sight ring high or low in the bow riser. Its bolts are included in the package, you can use it to mount on Compound bows even with the recurve bows.

Brand & Affordability

IQ Sports is a worldwide company known for producing archery products. Pro hunter sight is all that it advertises about durability, it is a good model to understand the quality of a brand. You can buy the bow sight with all necessary components for under $250.

Known FAQs About IQ PRO Hunter Bow Sight

Can you put a light on this?

On the front of the sight, you can screw a sight light for further illumination in low-light. IQ Pro sight sports ports for plugging the LEDs, its battery life is pretty impressive and best to use in an endless hunting journey.

Is sight having an adjustable pin?

IQ Pro Hunter sight sports two micro-adjustable pins for fixed distanced and one floater pin which is adjustable entirely for either distance. It is best for long-range hunting, you can set for above 100 yards. Furthermore, there are knobs used for adjusting the pins.


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