Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Double Pin Review

Fast Eddie XL is the latest edition to the Spot Hogg Mobb Series.

Based on a loudly listened Fast Eddie variant the Eddie XL sight adds a 6-inch-long dovetail mount bar setup. The special feature got attention because it minimizes the weight and boosts strength. It is quite easy to remove and instant to reinstall on the perfect marks.

Fast Eddie XL is up for the challenge either you are heading to wooden boards or 3D tournaments. New MRT Multi-Pin housing is compact and features a quick-release bow mount with the micro-adjustable horizontal and vertical axis. Yardage knob also got an exclusive lock with the HRD technology, no buzz spread, no bushings are more to face.

NOTE: Mobb series is not your cut and dry line of sight, there are many variants available and we are going with Fast Eddie XL in this article.


Fast Eddie XL flavors vary with the choice and available with a vertical pin setup. These sights are compatible to mount with universal scope roads (1/4” 28). Buyers can go with a multi-pin sight with new MRT housing that features 3, 5, or 7 pins. The best part is, 7 pin Eddie sight is available with large internal triple rings for making on the spot aperture choice.

However, the Spot Hogg Double Pin bow sight is pretty impressive and effective to use compared to all the Mobb series. An accurate built-in bubble level in aperture consistently indicates the angular position from the ground cover level, it is visible with radioactive properties in low-light.

Fast Eddie XL sight is not intended for everyone in the field, here are the specs that buyers would give attention to.

Spot Hogg Double Pin
Pin size0.019”
Weight1 Pounds
ColorBlack (Green Ring)
Range100+ yards
MaterialCNC Aluminum
Mounting Type6” Dovetail

Prominent Features

  • Double-pin unique design ever in archery history!
  • MRT Technology is used for building sight housing.
  • Tool-less adjustments, no need of Alen wrench.
  • Micro 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments for the measured changes.
  • 6” dovetail extension to mount sight further away than the eye.


  • Silent clicks for adjustments hold a silent operation.
  • Rack-Stop for setting the yardage adjustment to zero.
  • Made with CNC machined aluminum that is light-weight.
  • Includes water-proof yardage tape accurate to pin alignment.
  • Smooth moves, instant to reinstall on bow sights.
  • It doesn’t come with the mounting screw.

Detailed Review of Spot Hogg Double Pin Bow Sight

Spot Hogg Eddie XL bow sight is typically meant for 3D archery shooting tournaments. It adds a precise housing aperture with a double pin attached vertically. Green and yellow aiming points are deemed more visible in low-light; it also enables a Rock Stop for returning to your zero without looking.

Here are a few worthy highlights of Fast Eddie XL bow sight that buyers would read.

Multi-Pin Adventure

While shooting in an uneven field, the multi-pin bow sight will be your choice. Although you aren’t a multi-pin shooter you’ll be feeling adventurous while shooting with the Spot Hogg bow sight. Throw arrows with another pin without changing anything up too much. It’ll be more helpful for both single-pin and multi-pin shooters, they have their choice in single Fast Eddie units. It has a single pin design but features two optimized size fiber optic pins.

Yardage Dial Wheel

Instead of using an alloy slide bar, the spot hogg fancied yardage dial wheel that is still redesigned in the Eddie XL model. It sports a large firm grip and sits with more flexibility from point to the sight tape. An easy-to-use yardage wheel is also given with the yardage wheel. After loosening it, you’ll be able to do modifications without noise. Since the spot hogg bow sight has a double pin system, therefore it has a double-pointer in the housing. The bottom pointer aligns with the ground pin while the other one aligns with the high pin. It has both green and yellow aiming options.

Yardage Rack Stop

One of the most impressive highlights in the Spot Hogg sight is the yardage rack stop. It returns to zero after setting to 20 yardages without producing any noise. Probably, the meaning is, hunters can shoot further 20 yards in the field after setting zero to the first 20 yards.

MRT Ring & Housing

Eddi XL bow sight is featuring MRT (Multi-Ring Technology) for the best-centered picture. While peeking the sight through peep it gives a unified view. Housing is wrapped with high-quality fiber-optic material for preventing the uncertainty of light. It incorporates a premium rheostat light system for controlled brightness prospects. Radioactive elements on sight ring, bubble level, and pin ends are pretty helpful while shooting without batteries.

Dovetail Mounting

One of the best features in the XL Eddi bow sight, it is available with a 6” dovetail extension. It was redesigned to improve the strength to weight ratio. As the sight is mounted far from the eye, it is considered more accurate. So, the Spot Hogg offers a compact 6 extension with the dovetail system for instant reinstalling.

Smooth Moves

Low profile yardage knobs are favored more due to their smooth tucked moves. Its fluid smooth movement helps in holding noise-free operations in fields that sound good. Furthermore, the sight sports 2nd and 3rd axis micro-adjustments for scaled changes.

Design & Construction

Spot Hogg Eddie XL bow sight is crafted with machined aluminum material. The mounting brackets are made with sturdy composites and you can install them on scope roads (1/4” 28). The brackets are reversible and allow release for mounting the sight high or low on either side of the compound bow.

Brand & Affordability

Spot Hogg is even to what it advertised, meant to durability. Its bow sights are known for their effective use and long-life durability. Fast Eddie XL bow sight is typically designed for 3D archery shooting tournaments but you also can use it for hunting or practicing. Where the price bracket is, you can buy it for under $299.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fast Eddi XL is the most advanced edition of Mobb series and available with the possible feature. it is compatible with all compound bows and even you can buy recurve bows. Overall, the sight is speechless, it is a good alternative for all-level archers and hunters.

Does the sight have vertical two pins?

Fast Eddie variant of the spot hog bow sights is available with a vertical pin with two fiber optics. It works great in single pin housing with multi-dots to aim over uneven yards without changing anything. Furthermore, multi-pin and single pin users can use it just out of the packaging, it works for all types of arrows seasonally.

Does it include yardage tape?

Of course, yes, the spot hogg offers a bunch of yardage tapes beside the Fast Eddie XL bow sights. The maximum yardage range on the tape is 100 yards.


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