Spot Hogg Hogg Father Review 2022

Hogg Father is a fantastic bow sight with the possible features that archers could ever want!

As the flagship sight of Spot Hogg, it certainly doesn’t disappoint archers at any spot.

Constant installation resolves all the problems about a sighting or angling aspect, it is very convenient to mount with the dovetail bar.

Since the size is huge so you can’t take it in your bow case but don’t be fret because Spot Hogg also accommodates a plastic case for taking it while traveling.

Luckily, the spot hogg father sight also includes a “teeter-totter” mechanism for moving the sight pin. Here’s a detailed article on the bow sight and buyers would read.


Spot Hogg Hogg Father
Type1-7 Optional
Pin Diameter 0.01-0.019”
Weight1 Pounds
Range100+ yards
MaterialCNC Aluminum
Mounting TypeDovetail
Amazon Rating4.6

Prominent Features

  • Moveable pin sight offers perfection personified.
  • Includes a traveling case with fancy packaging.
  • Quickly release dovetail mounting system to bows.
  • Move wheel being in the sky, it sounds good while hunting.
  • Minute adjustments with the micro-knobs on the panel.


  • Offers micro-adjustments for 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments.
  • HRD Technology for the stronger dovetail mounting.
  • Spreads out the sight marks so reading the yardages is easy.
  • Includes a universal scope rod, sight tape 20-100 yards.
  • Rotating the housing may be hard.
  • Its parts are often marred from over-tightening.

Detailed Review of Spot Hogg Hogg Father Bow Sight

Hogg Father bow sight is truly known for the precise experience from day one. It is super easy to sight in and features an accurate picture as we go with 10 yards. Either you are taking bullseyes from 110 yards or whitetails in your closer field, it is pretty easy to set up for everyone.

Here are a few characteristics of Spot Hogg Hogg Father Bow Sight and I hope you’ll love to know. 

Release Dovetail

Dovetail extension moves the sight far from the eye that essentially improves the accuracy. Thinking with the rifle, the front part of sight is further away than possible accuracy in long-range targeting. It is the reason why the dovetail extension is loved by archers. The dovetail extension can roughly set the sight 4-7 inches away then the Mathews bow. 

Hogg Father bow sight features two options for mounting the dovetail. You can either use the attractive knobs or set-screw for locking the unit. It has severed evenly spaced indentions that allow instant release knob to bite into pierced holes.

Micro Adjust Pointer

Anytime, when you get the mind to bring changes in arrow weight or yardage tape, a finer adjustment must be made in your pointer. Many sights available in markets need shooters to manually loosen the set of screws but the spot hogg eliminates the problem. With a single calming screw, you can set the pointer easily.

Preventive Measures

Hogg Father bow sight is actually designed to sort all the problems that mostly occur after extended use. Its Hardened Rail is adjustable and the housing around the yardage wheel can be tightened for taking slack that may develop over years. So, you can use any sight.

Wheel in the Sky

Bull Knob and yardage wheel are the part of the first mechanical portion you’ll encounter to move down the sight. The size is large but it is essentially helpful in two ways. It is easy to grasp as well as to rotate especially for the hunters who used to wear gloves. Either one is, its large size allows the spacing between the tape marks to be further apart that is pretty useful in taking the right range especially while hunting in dusk or dawn.

The sight wheel is easy for moving and has a host of other features. a vertical microdevice is located on the bottom side of the wheel. It locks the Bull Knob down for breaking the movement from the desired yardage. Inside the bull knob, a sight scale is located that enables micro-adjustments for further sight in.


The method in which you make the vertical adjustments to the pin is perhaps the most impressive detail that really sets the Hogg Father sight apart from other bow sights. Most of the moveable bow sights incorporate a teeter-totter mechanism for bringing a slight change to the sight pin. By pushing the rear of the adjustment arm down, the sight pin moves too high. Many companies are still using the teeter-totter but ordinarily, it is replaced with a wheel.

The hogg father bow sight uses a pinion gear system for adjusting the sight pin vertically. It eliminates unwanted movements in the sight. The gears are tight enough and helpful in quick shooting conditions.

Brand & Affordability

Spot Hogg advertised the Hogg Father that mirrored unbelievable durability besides the possible features. It has been bringing innovation in the archery field with a team of 22 years of experienced engineers. Hogg Father’s bow sight is made with 6061-grade aluminum and includes windage and elevation as well as 2nd, 3rd axis adjustments. It comes in your choice of 1, 3, 5, or 7 pins wrapped in bullet-proof aluminum pin housing. Pin size is also optional and the price varies with the model $370 – $540.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it fit on Hoyt Carbon Defiant?

Most asked questions about the compatibility; of course, the hogg father sight fits the carbon defiant. It includes a universal mounting unit with evenly pierced holes that have possible maximum fittings. Furthermore, the brackets are reversible, so you can attach the sight to your choice.

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