Trophy Ridge Drive Slider Bow Sight Review 2022

Looking for Driver Slider Bow Sight?

Here’s a comprehensive review of Trophy Ridge sight and we guarantee you’ll be clear to the conclusion after going through it.

Drive Slider is one of the best single pin bow sight, either you execute a whitetail in an uneven field or an elk on 40 yards filed, there is only a single pin to shoot.

It includes an outstanding rheostat system, tool-free adjustments, ultra-bright alterations to compensate for various environmental conditions with micro-clicks.


Aperture1.9 Inch
Pin Diameter0.019”
Weight0.5 Pounds
Range60+ Yards
MaterialCNC Aluminum
BrandTrophy Ridge

Prominent Features  

  • Tool-less micro windage and elevation adjustments.
  • 0.019” vertical fiber optic pin that easily narrows in targets.
  • Adjustable indicator pin with quality nylon bushing.
  • Reversible brackets for both size orientation.


  • Nylon bushing avoids metal-on-metal contact.
  • Fiber optics on the pin made a smaller size, wide-field view.
  • Built-tool for shooters, optimized pin length for finer view.
  • Properly align shots with precision installed bubble level.
  • Driver slide and sight light included in the package.
  • No option for adjusting the sides.
  • +/- 5 yards margin of error may occur.

Detailed Review of Trophy Ridge Driver Slider Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge driver slider synonymous alternative of React Pro sights. Its AS301 variant supports pin sliding and typically designed for hunting in low-light. Aiming the marks is pretty more precise and easier with an ultra-bright pin end. The bubble-level is replaceable with a huge one for easy sight while focusing.

Here are a few characteristics that buyers would know about Trophy Ridge Driver Slider Bow Sight.

Tool-less adjustments

Driver slider bow sight is entirely tool-less and offers elevation with micro-click. It is considerably easy and straightforward to assemble in the field. Finger-driven knobs used for axis adjustments; you don’t have to look for the different Allen keys. The AS301 variant still has further developed with the smoothly adjustable wheel. Driver slider quickly switches the modes according to environmental conditions with the ultra-price alternations.

One-Pin Sliding

One of my favorite features in driver slider bow sight is its moveable single pin. It is quite flexible that can be set to specific with just little clicks. The wheel works smoothly and deemed quick to use. You can have a further perimeter with the slider adjustments, it also includes a marked yardage tape for aiming over various distances.

The Rheostat Light

Rheostat light system features various brightness levels for getting suitability with environmental conditions. it reduces maximum obnoxiousness while hunting in day-light. in 3D leagues, the rheostat system helps to cover variable light conditions. The best part is, sight-ring shades are removable and at the same time, you can use them for hunting in low-light.

Radioactive Elements

Radiative elements have been impressive near the archers. These elements behave illuminated in the dark and optimize battery use. It’s fasted over sight-part and includes marks for precise archery shooting. An anti-glare coated green bubble level is replaceable with a large one that glows in the dark.

Design & Construction

Trophy Ridge Driver slider bow sight is made with high-quality composites and CNC machined aluminum. It includes an adjustable indicator pin that allows ultra-price adjustments with the micro-clicks. Its mounting brackets are made with aircraft quality material and quite reversible for both hand archers.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a world-wide bow sight company that is known for the durability and affordability of its products. Driver slide is a sturdy single pin bow sight intended for large games. it is entirely tool-less and needs micro clicks for windage and elevation adjustments. You can buy the sight with its all components for under $60.

Is the Trophy Ridge Driver Slider sight best for hunting?

Of course, yes, but you would keep in mind, Driver Slider is a single pin bow sight that is not intended to take all the games. Sliding movements are absolutely fine and smooth – thanks to its Rheostat Light Controlling system that reduces obnoxiousness while hunting in daylight.
Thanks to nylon bushings that sounds good for the silent hunting operations. Adjustments of the pin are very quick and easy to do for a specific distance. The visual field is better too because there are wide windows to sight in.
The best part is, you have only need to mess around the one pin that means no diversity – hesitation. Many times, hunters set the pin to remind distance, you can adjust the pin if the compound bow gives enough draw-weight to shoot an arrow over a long distance.


By now you are considering the single pin bow sight and a good option for bowhunters. Whether it is for you or not is a different question but I hope you got the answer after going through the review.

My opinion is positive about the Trophy Ridge Slider Bow sight, it is a good choice if you are on a budget or want to try a single pin sight.


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