Trophy Ridge Fix Series Review

Either the Fix Series is your initial experience or not but I’m sure you’ll love using it.

Preserving accuracy over various angles, Trophy Ridge bow sight takes the targets either the sturdy board is its destination or a healthy stout whitetail. It features a standard set of pin adjustments with memorable micro-changes, once you sight in, you can lock the sight for rapid aiming.

Trophy Ridge Fix series sight gives its best no matter how many pins you choose. It is available in 3-Pin, 5-Pin, and 7-Pin variants intended for shooting over dependable distance and each set has consistent heightened accuracy. 


ModelFix 3, 5, 7 Pin (Optional)
MaterialCNC Aluminum
Mounting SideRight
Pin Diameter0.019”
TypePin Sight
Weight 0.53 Pounds

Prominent Features

  • Features onboard settings for instant aiming.
  • Adjustable mounting brackets with 4 mounting options.
  • Greenhood accent ring as a secondary light source.
  • 2nd & 3rd axis adjustments and leveling using knobs.
  • You can lock the elevation from the knob using the Alen wrench.


  • Offers dependable precision with the micro-adjustable pins.
  • Available in 3, 5, and 7 pin housing for heightened accuracy.
  • Ultimate visibility with ultra-bright fiber optic pins (0.019”).
  • Precision installed bubble level for angle indication.
  • Features radioactive elements for hunting in low-light.
  • Available to mount just on the right side of bows.

Detailed Review of Trophy Ridge Fix Series Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge fix series sight known for its onboard adjustments, it is solidly built and works great on all compound bows. Either you set the pin to 20 yards or 60 yards, its heightened accuracy is pretty impressive. High-quality fiberglass gets enough light for shooting in Sunrise/sunset anytime without making it obnoxious.

Here’re a few characteristics to know about the Trophy Ridge Fix Series Bow Sight.

Onboard Tools

Many hunters don’t like a lot of pins that actually add clutter to the sight picture and distract the focus. Fix series sight is out of it, no matter how many pins you choose because each setup is consistently accurate and includes dependable pins with the micro-adjustable feature. Once you set-up the pins, you can permanently lock them using onboard adjustment tools. Simply lose the screw and adjust the sight where you desire.

Outstanding Visibility

The Hood accent ring adds an extra source of light without batteries. it accommodates to center the sight with the rear peep sight for enhancing accuracy. Light gathering fiber optics are located as a station that reflects light to ultra-bright optic pins. High-quality Rheostat gives freedom from the dark picture, it features controlled brightness for abundant view.

Pin Options

Trophy Ridge Fix series bow sight is available in 3-Pin, 5 Pin, and 7-Pin options.

  • 3-Pins: Either you shoot from the Treestand over a big old buck’s rub or sitting in the uneven field, 3 pins is an ideal choice to shoot. No sight clutters, no distractions, the sight picture is simple for acquisition targets. Further, getting the targets fast keep the picture open, you also have optional settings for covering closer distance.
  • 5-Pins: Get more precision in 20 to 50 yards, if your bow sight gives a good draw-weight then you can set the first pin for 10-20 yards. In more open areas, the shots even reach 60 yards while with consistent accuracy. It is a good option to have confidence in your shots for the clean kill.
  • 7 Pins: For shooting long-range up-to 80 yards, the 7 pin fix series is the best option. it is actually good but unless you spend a lot of hours on practicing hitting the 9 in diameter target. However, if you plan the hunt in western states or wide-open mounts, it is a remarkable choice.

2nd Axis Adjustments

Fixe Series all sights are available with built-in bubble level and second axis adjustments. Trophy Ridge assured consistent accuracy over properly aligned shots. Aluminum brackets provide 4 different options to mount the sight high or low on the riser. All the components are covered against breakage for defecting in material and workmanship.

Design & Construction

Fix series sight is designed aesthetically keeping the thoughts of expert archers in mind. Machined aluminum (alloy) used for constructing its entire rest and is light-weight, durable, and long-lasting. The sight head is made with ballistic co-polymer material and has drilled holes for adding radioactive elements. Quality fiber optics used for the light sources; the pins are wrapped with sturdy material. Overall, the sight is best for tough use in all states.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is the world’s #1 bow sight company that is passionate about bringing innovation to the industry. Fix series is its incredible bow sight that is available in 3-Pin, 5-Pin, and 7-Pin variants. It is ready to use just out of the packaging and the price varies with the model from $70 – $100.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Fix series bow sight features dependable precision with micro memorable adjustments. You can use it for practicing archery or hunting in states frequently. Trophy Ridge assured adjustments for heightened over a long distance. However, here are FAQs asked commonly by the users of fixed series sight and you would know.

Is it left- or right-hand sight?

Trophy Ridge fix series sight is available just for mounting right-handed bows. it is compatible with all models of a compound bow and recurve bows. Furthermore, you find 4 different options for mounting the sight high or low in its brackets.

Are the pins micro or the sight housing?

Fixe series bow sight incorporates the housing and the pins both with the micro-adjustable features. Onboard settings enable rapid aims without taking the time. 2nd axis adjustments keep the consistent accuracy of sight maintained and also helpful in adjusting the sight head.


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