Trophy Ridge Hotwire Review

Trophy Ridge industry leader presents sophistication “Hotwire” bow sight.

The concept is truly chilly and you have three-pins to shoot in standard 3-Pin ranges. Micro adjustments are handy to do with memorable clicks and helpful in easy sight in. Third-pin sports further range to shoot that’s good enough in archery shooting practice.

However, the simplicity of Hotwire 3 pin bow sight meets the air of sophistication and confidence. It is featuring on-board tools for the adjustments of two fixed pins. 0.019” standard size pins are powered by a rheostat light system and best to shoot in all environments.


BrandTrophy Ridge
ModelHotwire 3
Pins3 Pin
Pin size0.019”
Weight10 ounces
ColorBlack (Orange Ring)
Range100+ yards
MaterialCNC Aluminum
Aperture1.9 Inch

Prominent Features

  • Onboard Pin Adjustments – you don’t have to look for an Alen wrench.
  • Lockable Knobs are used for setting up windage and elevations.
  • Pins are powered by Ultra-Rheostat Light System.
  • Featuring options to mount the bow sight low or high on the riser.


  • Two pins are micro-adjustable but still the third-pin moveable too.
  • Strengthen accuracy over severe angles – Treestand feature.
  • Light-weight, made with quality fiber optics and CNC Aluminum.
  • Available with built-in bubble level and 2nd-axis adjustments.
  • Tricky to figure out the pins.
  • No instructions included in the package.

Detailed Review of Trophy Ridge Hotwire Bow Sight

Hotwire bow sight is as good as it gets for the price. Anything over the 40 yards takes money but still, the Trophy Ridge advertised opinion is reasonable with durability accuracy as well as price. Although the housing takes some tinkering once you set it on, it’s very easy to sight in. With the floater pin adjustment, you can figure the sight within 35-80 yards and 30-40 accurately with the already fixed dial. Moveable knobs don’t stick at any mark, you can shift either mode very smoothly.

Here are a few characteristics to know about the Trophy Ridge Hotwire Bow Sight.

On-Board Adjustments

An impressive piece of modernity, you get on-board tools for the adjustments of the dial. Hotwire is a 3-pin bow sight that can be used for shooting over long distances with little pin configurations. It features the last pin for shooting unpredictable distance and two pins with micro-adjustability for a fixed distance. Tool-off knobs are used for doing all these configurations, it is the best opinion for 3D archery tournaments.  

Strength accuracy with the several angular shots is truly possible with the 2nd axis leveling. It keeps you ready for all the hunting situations in the uneven fields or from the peak of the mountain. However, the dial takes little tinkering which is not too good to shoot the live animals, but if you want the best in the archery world, then it is a perfect choice.

Elevation & Mounting

Trophy Ridge Hotwire bow sight is intended for either side of the riser. Its mounting brackets have dual pierced holes for the low and high positions. Archers can move the sight head for their comfortability without using an Alen wrench. It is compatible with all the models of compound bows even you can use it for recurve bows with your alternation.

Smoothly moveable knobs turrets can set the height of the bow sight view (elevation). You can lock these knobs at specific marks using the Alen keys. However, the windage settings are also possible with knobs and you can easily adjust the horizontal direction of the bullet.

Sight Head View

Hotwire bow sight has three vertically attached pins in the sigh ring. These pins are evenly placed but you can adjust using onboard tools. The sight head has quality fiber optics that transmit light to bright the pins and also reduces the obnoxiousness. You can use these optics for controlling the light while hunting in the day.

Precise install built-in bubble level consistently indicates the riser level. It is helpful while shooting from the Treestand or uneven field. Overall, the housing displays a huge view with the open windows. Standard size (0.019”) pins are used for the finer calibration.

Rheostat Light System

While hunting in daylight, fiber optics are enough to maintain the view but a bright rheostat light system is needed for low-light shooting. However, it is detachable and can be removed with the needs. It features different brightness levels to suit the environment.

As a second source of light, the pin ends and sight ring has built-in radioactive elements. These are made with state of art glow dark material and pretty helpful in either world the battery is ended or not.

Design & Construction

Many archers asked about the construction of the Trophy Ridge Hotwire bow sight, its entire rest is made with CNC machined aluminum.Compact sight head is also made with alloy, it leads a life-long. Pins are wrapped with high-quality fiber, quality composites used for coating the frame. Overall, the bow sight is durable and best to withstand all uncertain conditions.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is the industry leader in archery accessories that is passionate to bring innovative gear. Hotwire is its best 3 pin bow sight that truly gets the aim with wide angles from huge distances. It is the best 3-Pin Bow Sight under $150 and ready just out of the packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Sight go out to 100 yards?

Hotwire bow sight can be adjusted for either distance depending on the speed of your arrow. You can go even 110 yards with the 350fps arrow speed because the third-pin is adjustable and can be configured for unpredicted long distances. It is only good for 3D archery competitions not for hunting animals because the dial takes tinkering and time in adjustment.

Is it for left-hand or right-hand?

Trophy Ridge Hotwire bow sight is designed for Right-hand bows. its mounting brackets are drilled dually and feature options to mount the sight high or low on the riser.


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