Trophy Ridge Joker Review

Apart from simplistic approach, the Joker bow sight is deadly accurate either the target is a whitetail or a stiff board.

Sometimes, bow sight with its basic adjustment is all that bowhunter needs to go for hunting or practicing archery. Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight is typically intended for the same purpose, you only have to do a few basic manual tweaks to get it working in the field.

Trophy Ridge preceded other firms and launched its innovative 4 Pin model. The best part is, pins are entirely detachable and also can be set to heightened measures. Today’s article covers everything about the Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight that buyers should know.


TypePin Sight
Pin size0.019”
Weight5.6 Ounces
ColorBlack (Green Ring)
MaterialCNC Aluminum
Mounting TypeReversible
Side OrientationLeft/Right

Prominent Features

  • Sports instant basic adjustments for elevation windages.
  • Innovative four-pin model – pins are entirely removable.
  • Reversible brackets sports both hand orientations on bows.


  • Precisely installed built-in bubble level.
  • 3 and 4 pin setups for an increased range.
  • Made with CNC machined aluminum.
  • Multi-Pin mounting holes for high/low head.
  • Best 3 Pin Bow Sight under $50.
  • Takes time to align with distance.
  • Lasers don’t light up.

Detailed Review of Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Joker has long been synonymous with the 4 pin bow sight and deemed more accurate for heightened distances. It is available in 3 Pin and 4 Pin sight models with improved torque and performance. The panel of sight is entirely tooled less and you don’t have to find the diverse Allen keys and stuff. Here’re a few noteworthy characteristics of Trophy Ridge Joker bow sight for buyers.

Design & Construction

Trophy Ridge Joker is a very light-weight and durable bow sight model that is machined carefully and gives testimony of its good craftsmanship. The plastic hood has a green accent that is truly helpful for sight acquisition in low-light. The sight rest is made with durable machined aluminum and best to withstand uncertain conditions.

Mounting brackets of Joker sights is pretty satisfying, you can use it to mount the head on the favorite side of your compound bow. It has multiple drilled holes for flexibility and setting the bow sight high or low. Trophy Ridge ensured its compatibility with the bunch of killer compound bows.

Optic Sight Ring

Joker bow sight has durable fiber optic pins horizontally attached in housing. These pins are 0.019” standard in diameter and pick light utilizing the fiber optics very well. With your choice, each pin can be fixed individually on the vertical axis using an Allen wrench. Its single pin also can be removed but you need to be very gentle while eliminating otherwise the pin might break.

As I described earlier, the sight ring has a green ring for sight acquisition. It is made with glow in the dark material and behaves illuminated in low-light. The sight ring also includes a built-in bubble level that is another good thing to shoot in uneven fields.

Rheostat Light

Either you love to hunt in low-light or all day, the rheostat light system handles your all-light situations. It is removable and features multiple brightness options for gaining suitability with the environment. The simplistic approach makes it very effective to use for archers and also completes a reliable bow sight package.

Tool-Less adjustments

Apart from the pin adjustments, the entire bow sight is tool-less. It is straightforward to use and assemble on the compound bows. Trophy Ridge provided knobs to shift either adjustment. All the turrets can be controlled moveable knobs, you can maintain the height of sight view easily.

Horizontal direction (Windage) controllers are located on the panel of sight. All these settings are lockable and can be stuck or released with the movement of Allen screws. Furthermore, you also can adjust the bow sight pins but still the Alen wrench is needed.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a leading organization in archery and has been working with experienced engineers to bring more useful gadgets to the industry. Joker bow sight is especially intended for entry-level archers. it is available for both left- and right-hand mountable brackets which you can buy for under $30.

Known FAQs about Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight

Will Joker Sight fit on Youth Compound Bows?

Trophy Ridge designed the Joker bow sight with CNC machined aluminum mount. It is reversible and should install on all models of compound bows either left side or right side. Furthermore, the mounting unit has multiple drilled holes for additional flexibility, you can install it high or low on the bows.

Can a pin be removed?

Of course, yes, the joker 4 pin bow sight features options about pins. You can either remove the pins or set them for heightened distances. A simple Alen wrench is needed to do all but keep in mind, you’ll be gentle while eliminating it. Otherwise, the pin will break.

Polymer or aluminum frame?

Trophy Ridge joker bow sight is light-weight but still durable. its mounting unit is made with CNC machined aluminum but the head is constructed using sturdy polymer material. The concept of viewing plastic as not a sturdy material is as wrong as it was right in the past. However, the bow sight is coated using durable composite which is the best thing to withstand uncertainties of weather.


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