Trophy Ridge Pursuit Review 2022

Accurate range finding of targets is just possible with Trophy Ridge Pursuit Bow Sight.

It incorporates an objective visual scope-finding system that truly sounds good and propitious to aim in the uneven field.

Micro-click quick elevation settings exactly are the things that hunters need while shooting in the field. 

The best part is, its dial is moveable thus Treestand shooters can easily use it on stands. Its versatility is pretty suited for hunting, target shooting, and roving which is an impressive thing near users.

There are many other exclusive pieces of stuff to appreciate about the Trophy Ridge Pursuit Bow Sight in the review, so make sure to go through.


Trophy Ridge Pursuit Sight Specifications
Aperture1.8 Inch
Range60+ Yards
Weight0.55 Pounds
Item Dimension9 x 8 x 3 inches
MaterialAluminum & Composites

Prominent Features

  • High-performance vertical pin for precise adjustments.
  • Includes bright rheostat light system for shooing in low-light.
  • Multiple options for changing brightness levels accordingly.
  • Radioactive elements for ultimate visibility & clear picture.
  • Delrin bushes are used to avoid metal-on-metal contact.

Pros & Cons

  • Includes a glow in the dark ring that sounds good.
  • Built-in bubble level reduces mistakes while shooting.
  • Reversible units are used for mounting the bow sight.
  • Last lifetime, light-weight and adds no impact on a riser.
  • You need a couple of different Allen keys to adjust various parts.

Detailed Review of Trophy Ridge Pursuit Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Pursuit bow sight is typically intended for low-light shooters. It is harmonious to Treestand and various other angular positions due to the moveable dial.

A shifting mode is quite easier, it uses a bar slide instead of a wheel for instant action. The black color is absolute to shoot in dusk or dawn, further you get a reversible unit for the convenient mounting on the riser.

Design & Construction

Trophy Ridge Pursuit bow sight is made with pure composites and CNC grade aluminum. Computer Numerical Control technology features the ultimate durable and long-life lasting.

Material assists the consistent shape of all components. Anti-reflective coating preserves the frame from the uncertainty of the environment and other conditions.

100% engineered reversible brackets assist in easy mounting the bow sight on the riser. Since it is reversible so you can easily set it on the left or right most comfortable window of the bow.

It is also made with state-of-art aircraft quality aluminum. Pierced holes use extra parts for the smooth entry of bolts, you can position it high or low near the limbs.

Over the ring, a radioactively made element is used for the finer vision in low-light. Further in, it also uses Delrin made bushes for reduced metal-on-metal conduction and is beneficial in holding silent operations. All the adjustments use multiple Allen keys and cost you little time but you’ll do it accurately.

Sight In & Visibility

Trophy Ridge pursuit is a single pin bow sight that is straightforwardly intended for hunting. It offers superb vision in an uneven field through a 0.019” diameter optical pin.

Ultra-precise adjustments through windage and elevation settings, you can set the bow sight according to you.

The best part is, bow sight includes different options for brightness and picture settings. Quality fiber optics used over the entire ring, it intercepts the sunlight and conveys to the pin end for low-light shooting.

An exclusive built-in rheostat light system heightens the accuracy and makes the picture brighter.

Incredible radioactive elements with their glow in the dark inclinations are best when the batteries are dead or charged.

It is also coated on the entire 0.19” diameter pin. The 2nd and 3rd axis is adjustable and pretty helpful in comfortable sight. The pin is moveable and you can tighten it for a specific distance.

One of the most favored things near hunters is “built-in bubble level”. It consistently indicates the position of sight according to a compound bow. While shooting in an uneven field, it is a useful thing with scope. It also includes a radioactive impact that assists the bubble level to be bright in low-light.

Sliders assist the users to glide into focus and dial for a specific distance on targets.

High-quality Delrin bushes are used on its side to prevent the metal-on-metal conduction and also allow zeroing in targets rapidly.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge Pursuit is a light-weight, accurate, and reliable bow sight that is designed for a specific range. It offers ultimate visibility with a 0.019” diameter ultra-bright pin over various distances.

Whether the field surface is even or not, pursuit sight responds goodly. Mounting the sight is one of the most painful things near archers but now it is no more. Trophy Ridge added reversible brackets that allow both left and right orientations.

When it comes to brand, Trophy Ridge is a reliable company typically intended to bring the most accurate bow sights to the market.

Its innovative scopes are durable and at the same time affordable to buy. The pursuit bow sight is one of the most demanded sights that are available for under $90. It is best for all-level archers and we don’t consider any other bow sight with these innovative features at the same price range.

Important FAQs

Will this fit on a diamond infinite edge?

Trophy Ridge Pursuit bow sight is designed with a reversible bracket system. As long as you’ll go with the reversible system, the bow sight fits all models of compound bows. It offers a dual mounting system that is pretty adjustable and assists the sight to comfortability. It is the best answer to understand, pursuit sight will fit on a diamond infinite edge.

Does Pursuit Bow Sight come with a range Tap?

Unfortunately, pursuit bow sight isn’t available with the range type. Its aiming unit is designed with an adjustable single pin, you can set it for specific yardages. Furthermore, using the range tape will extend the yards accordingly to the draw weight of the bow.


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