Trophy Ridge React One Pro Review 2022

React One Pro is a devastating single pin bow sight with the signature React Technology and a bunch of other hallmarks.

Its relatively new React Technology allows an automatic adjustment of preset yardage that is a pretty cool feature for shooters.

The best part is, bow sight has 2nd and 3rd axis alterations since with the single pin setup. Micro click windage and elevation settings add comfortability, especially for the entry-level archers.

There are many other exciting features about the Trophy Ridge React One Sight so if you love to know go through the review.


Trophy Ridge React One Pro
Pin Diameter0.019”
Weight1 Pound
Item Dimension12 x 7 x 1 inches
Range60+ Yards
MaterialCNC Aluminum
Mounting TypeDovetail

Prominent Features

  • Strengthen accuracy over long distances.
  • Easy correction with the tool-less micro-click elevations.
  • Sever angle visibility that is actually best for Treestand shooters.
  • Optic yardage indicator compensates environmental conditions.
  • Stainless steel hardware with 100% engineered construction.


  • Increased accuracy with the far position pin from the shooter.
  • Automatically adjust the pins with React Pro Technology.
  • Master adjustment screw for sighting-in all the pins.
  • Reversible brackets for left and right and users.
  • High-quality Dovetail Mounting system, entirely tool-less.
  • Heavier than most bow sights available.

Detailed Review of Trophy Ridge React One Pro Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge React One Pro sight uses precise and faster sighting subjects than other single pin bow sights. It features highly sophisticated technology for hunting large game whether you are in daylight or dawn. Ultra-bright fiber optic pin used for increased accuracy in all environmental conditions. Strengthening accuracy over severe angles is also another factor to consider especially for Treestand shooters.

Here is the proper relocation of React One and React One Pro bow sight that buyers would read.

Number of Pins

Most preferably pin diameter “0.019 inches”, it transmits much light for reducing the obnoxiousness. The pins are bright and more accurate in low-light. Another pin option 0.01” doesn’t transmit light with the exceeded range and easy to sight in. it is considered more precise than the 0.019” for the large games closer to shooters.

Ease of Use

One of the reasons why hunters prefer React One Pro bow sight is also it’s easy to adjust windage and elevations. Adjusting these settings and axes is entirely trouble-free with the micro-clicks. It also features radioactive elements to glow in the dark.

Sight Tapes

Trophy Ridge React bow sight has custom One Pro sight tape. It helps to adjust the scope for a specific distance and also extends the accuracy. Since the sight is incorporated with the React One Pro Technology, there is no need for distance tapes but still archers can use the custom marks.

Construction & Strength

React one Pro sight is made with computer numerical controlled grade aluminum to withstand in all conditions. It still uses quality-composites for coating and manufacturing other units of bow sight. The mounting unit is terribly durable and made with aircraft-grade metal. it is reversible and best for favorite side orientation. Unlike plastic sights, these sites are durable and last life-time.

Brand & affordability

Trophy Ridge is one of the most archer’s favored sight companies and known for its quality bow scopes. There’re various options available for bow sights but React One Pro has its own tenderness for archers. it is available in 0.010 and 0.019 two-pin variations for under $200.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work at low draw weight?

Hunters favored React One Pro bow sight works goodly in low to high each draw weight. With 70# to 63# pounds, it was tried and we’ve got a pretty impressive response. You can shoot even the bow sight with 50lbs, it’ll be 100% in performance.

Is it for left-hand?

One of the common confusions about the React one bow sight, it is not made with reversible brackets. A mounting unit is just well-for right-hand but it is still an option for the buyers, they can also buy it for left-hand use.

What is different between Pro and just React one sight?

React One and React One Pro both are different variants and the sights are totally changed. Both sights work with React Technology and you don’t have to use distance tape while shooting. The original Pro sight includes a large sight-in ring that is best for entry-level archers.

Does it include 0.019 pins with 0.010” pins in the package?

Trophy Ridge bow sight is available in different sizes also including 0.019” and 0.010”. Where the package is, choosing the pin diameter is optional and it totally depends on the buyer. They can’t even replace the 0.019” to 0.010” pin.


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