Truglo Pendulum Review 2022

The Truglo Pendulum Sight is superlative for shooting from elevated positions.

Most of the bow scopes are classified in Single-Pin or fixed-pin sights but it is a little dissimilar.

Truly, the pendulum system compensates automatically for killing targets from elevated positions and it is a huge benefit for the Treestand shooters.

At the same time, you also can lock the sight for particular positions while hunting from the ground. It’s enough to narrate the Truglo Pendulum Bow Sight for the hybrid configuration that works for both pendulum and single pin sight when users want.

Note: In the intact review, we just discuss the TG701 variant of sight that actually hit the TG700 and available with huge advantages.


Truglo Pendulum Bow Sight
TypeSingle pin
Pin Diameter0.019
Weight0.53 Pounds
Item Dimension8.5 x 8.25 x 1.25 inches
MaterialCNC Aluminum

Prominent Features

  • Advance Treestand system ever Available!
  • Pre-Printed yardage Tape is also included in the package.
  • It automatically compensates for over 35 yards.
  • An extra-Long Protected and fiber wrapped frame.


  • Removable LED Rheostat System for controlling brightness.
  • The pendulum can be locked for a specific position as a single pin.
  • Light-weight bow sight doesn’t add much more impact.
  • Reversible Brackets to mount the sight on the comfortable side.
  • Bubble level may be useless without a big peep.

Detailed Review of Truglo Pendulum Bow Sight

Hunters are familiar with the benefits of pendulum sight; it has been a top choice of Treestand shooters due to the highly precise compensating capability. Either shooting from elevated angles or uneven field, the Truglo pendulum sight is a perfect opinion. You can clasp the sight ring at the typical position and can use it as Best Single Pin Bow Sight. Beside it, the reversible brackets accommodate ultimate mounting on the most comfortable side of compound bows.

Hybrid Pendulum System

Truglo pendulum bow sight is featuring a hybrid housing that turns the pendulum sight to a good single pin bow sight at the same time. Archers can easily lock the position of the ring if they are shooting in an even the ground field. On the other side, its high-quality pendulum automatically compensates the positions while hunting from an elevated height.

The sliding mechanical setup adjusts the range of sight in lone pin housing. It is connected with the mounting brackets using a pendulum system that includes two internal-external tubes. The inner tube is moveable and helps in rotations while the outer tube is fixed. It is the reason why the housing wings freely compensate for angles.

Single Pin Configuration

In the configuration, archers can shoot over 80 yards depending on the draw-weight of their bows. The slower bow will run out of the target than the faster bows. The bunch of pre-printed yardages tapes allows easy marking of distance. Micro-clicks to lock and unlock the housing makes it instant in the field.

Accuracy & Precision

Truglo designed the pendulum bow sight with a built-in bubble level. Although it is located outside of sight housing may be an issue for most archers but pretty helpful in position indication. The sight gives mathematical precision over 100 yards either you are shooting from an elevated height on the ground. Sight housing and pin end are incorporated with Radioactive elements for shooting in low-light.

Pin Diameter & Light

0.019” is the most favored pin diameter used for the Truglo pendulum bow sights. Quality fiber wrapped around the sight housing is fully protected and extends the sight life. Extra-long fiber length makes the pin brighter for shooting in dawn or dusk. Rheostat LEDs used for controlled brightness in housing. Long fiber over the sight housing is also helpful in reducing sight obnoxiousness.

Ease of Adjustments

Standard adjustments featured on most single pin sights are used in the Truglo Pendulum bow sights. The windage setting is entirely manual and doesn’t support any micro-clicks. Luckily, the slide is marked which is best for keeping the adjustment memory. You can control the elevation adjustments using the slider likely other standard bow sights.

The biggest benefit of using the Truglo bow sight, it is featuring automatic compensation of angles from an elevated height. It delivers accurate shots up to 35 yards without guesswork.

Design & Construction

Truglo Pendulum bow sight is made with CNC machined aluminum and wrapped with high-quality composites. It protects the sight frame in uncertain conditions and extends life. Easy adjustments make the sight more versatile for the every-grade archer. Furthermore, you may need to use Allen keys for the adjustments.

Brand & Affordability

Truglo is a world-wide archery company that has been producing durable Bow Sights with an experienced team of engineers. Pendulum sight is a hybrid unit that can either be used for shooting from elevated angles or plan field. It is compatible with all the compound bows and available for under $70.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it fit on a PSE brute?

Where the fitting is, the Truglo pendulum sight mounting is originated with the extended pierced holes that provide options to install it high or low. It is compatible with all types of compound bows. The reversible brackets are not less than a blessing using which you can mount the sight on your most comfortable side.

Does it come with marked tape?

Truglo pendulum sight includes a pre-marked yardage tape. You also can mark it your own and set it for a specific distance.

Will it work for the ground?

As I described earlier, the Truglo pendulum sight includes a lockable pendulum system. Either you are shooting from ground or elevation positions, you can frequently use the sight for shooting. Housing is attached to the mounting unit via tubes. It is the reason why the ring swings frequently. Furthermore, you can lock it at a specific position if you are shooting on uneven ground.


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