TRUGLO Range Rover Pro Review 2022

Truglo is one of the best hunting accessories manufacturer out there with a wide variety of sighting accessories.

TRUGLO Range Rover Pro is one of the best bow sight manufactured by TRUGLO and here we are going to write an in-depth review of the sight as well as going to elaborate on the main features that it offers to its users.

Truglo Range Rover LED bow sight features an efficient center dot technology and makes a true picture of precision.

Its rapid adjustments ability makes the sight more devastating and features different modes to shoot in the uneven field.

Ultra-bright power dot technology infinite the aiming range and provides a wide field view. Quiver reversible mount adds comfortability to attach the sight on the left or right suitable side of bow’s riser.

Although there are premium bow sights available TRUGLO Range Rover still beat them with its remarkable highlights. Its sight housing is sold separately, which means you can use more lenses for higher magnification. There are many other exclusive things to know about the TRUGLO Range Rover Bow sight, so go through the article.


Aperture1.8 Inch
Range100+ Yards
Ratings4.5 Stars
MaterialAluminum & Composites

Prominent Features

  • Premium precision technology used
  • Wide field of view with no obstruction.
  • Increased accuracy over a long distance.
  • Adjustable mount brackets orientation.
  • Tool-less design & ultra-smooth to adjust.


  • Has a lighted dot in the center for shooting precisely.
  • Has zero in adjustments dial, accurate yardage adjustments.
  • Tool-less elevation adjustments.
  • Includes an adjustable mounting system.
  • Finger drivable wheel for shifting the modes.
  • Accurate bubble level with a radioactive element.
  • Need a replacement for batteries.
  • Slightly heavier.

Detailed Review of TRUGLO Range Rover Pro Bow Sight

Truglo Range Rover is one of the most asked dot sights yet in the archery industry. It has no pin but uses a power illuminated dot for aiming at targets over long distances. 5+ adjustable modes for brightness add comfortability in all environmental situations. Zero in ability sounds well rather than the regular mechanical sliders. It impressively brings the target under aim focus automatically. Radiative glow in the dark tape defines the ring in dusk or dawn.

Power Center Dot

Truglo bow sight is featuring illuminated center dot technology. It replaced the pin of the original range rover sight for the wide-field view with now windows. It encompasses the circle with the lighted center dot for outstanding accuracy. Revolutionized archery open housing is exclusively remarkable, especially for 3D archery competitions.

Zero in Dial

Instead of using hard sliders to manually focus on the targets, Truglo used a high-quality zero in the dial. It offers a smooth sliding system for bringing the focus on targets over long distances. Ultra-fast and precise yardage adjustments are the highlight the hunters still have to love.

Reversible Brackets

One of the several favorite things about the TRUGLO bow sight, it is possible with a quiver mounting bracket system. Using these brackets, archers can install the bow sight on their most comfortable side. Usually, single-side mounting brackets are composed to attach on the left side but the original PRO unit is typically best for both left or right-hand shooters.

2x Lens Kit  

Sight housing of TRUGLO Pro sight is sold separately and the purpose is, hunters may extend the range using a high magnifier lens. Ordinarily, the range rover accessory lens kit provides 2 times magnification and enough for shooting point to point arrows.

Micro Adjustments

Truglo bow sight has a tool-less frame and adds nobs for the adjustments of windage as well as elevations. It is made with a precision micro-click design and accurate to shoot in uneven fields. Additionally, Truglo also added a finger driven metal wheel for shifting the brightness modes for suitability.

Design & Construction

The sturdy frame of TRUGLO pro bow sight is made with high-quality computer numerical control aluminum. Extremely bright optical fiber is placed the upper side of housing ring, these are best to emit light on lens. Sight ring and many adjusting knobs are made with composites, these are light-weight and lasts a lifetime. Further, a mounting unit is also crafted with aircraft-grade metal in an open piercing design.

Brand & Affordability

TRUGLO is a world-wide company that has been bringing innovative bow sights, crossbow scopes, gun scopes, and magnifier devices for many other weapons for over a decade. Range-Rover Pro bow sight is a power magnifying dot sight significantly designed for focusing over 100 yards. it is just ready to use out of the box and costs under $160.

Other User’s Experiences

Directions in the Truglo sights are easy to follow. You can set the aperture to define specific yards, and the adjustment is effortless and smooth. The included tape is pretty visible in low light and easily markable. To be honest, there was a little issue with tape while correcting but overall, the sight is awesome. It’ll take time to align but surely you’ll get done.

It has a round dial for moving the dots that is the hunter’s most favored thing they do it over the slider. The wheel seems faster and accurate than the slider and shifting the modes is quite easy.

Important FAQs

Will this fit Mathews Drenalin?

Truglo bow sight is possible with reversible mounting units. The quiver offers hand orientations for left- and right-hand archers flexibly, so it is a great choice for all types of bows. Mathews Drenalin probably best to mount on the bow sight you can of course buy for it.

How visible is the yardage tape in low light?

Many hunters recommend using a fluorescent highlighter with the 5 yards mark. It makes them easy to sight in while hunting in low-light. There are many alternatives to fluorescent highlighters, you also can use tape supplied with the sight for the yardage indications.

Are dots colors indicating different Yardages?

Yes, if the green dot is 20 yards then the red dot must be at 40 yards. move the 40 yards, if the green is indicating 40 yards, the red dot will be at 60 yards and further.

What does it mean Sight housing sold separately?

Truglo Range-Rover Pro sight is available with Sold Separately housing unit. It allows the use of different lens and lens kits for extending the magnifying ability. Truglo lens kit offers 2 times magnification that is even enough for covering 100 yards and now it is up to you, how do you sound it.


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