Best 5 Pin Bow Sight For The Money 2022

“Keep the picture simplified using a smaller number of pins” is often said but there are certain conditions where you need 5 pin sights.

3 pin bow sights are deemed suitable for narrowing aims in 40 yards but over this limited distance, you need to extend the number of pins. 

Suppose your target jumps from 35 to 50 yards then you must have to configure the 5 Pins setup instead of 3 for shooting accurately.

However, bow sights are available in a huge diversity but choosing the appropriate option is pretty tough. 

Companies are doing business with the hunting gear and many times serve hidden gimmicks with their products. 

Reviews of Best 5 Pin Bow Sights 2022

Our editors used authentic resources to investigate the best quality bow sights and designated here the best 5 pin bow sights for hunting & target shooting that are entirely reliable and suits every-grade archer.

1. Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight – Best Overall

When it comes to visual excellence, Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight stands 1-grade comparatively to others. 

It is specifically designed for mathematical strengthening precision in shots even over 70 yards distance. 

Unit quality is pretty good, it offers glow in the dark fiber optic pins for fine visibility in low-light. Trophy Ridge React Pro is a pricey opinion but noteworthy as parallel to other bow sights.

Design & Visuality

Trophy Ridge React pro bow sight is crafted with special quality aluminum material and includes react technology. 

It configures the optic pins automatically on the optimal locations which is a pretty impressive factor for archers. advanced tool-less micro windages and elevations offer outstanding corrections. 

Highly strengthen accuracy with the several positions over a long distance, you can take down big games from unbelievable yardages.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a well-known archery manufacturer that needs no compliments. 

It has been bringing archery products for over 6 decades and is considered reliable due to their outstanding quality. 

React Pro bow sight is an ultra-bright bow sight designed for hunting in dusk or dawn. Its fiber-optic yardage indicators help in compensation for the various environments. 

It is a full package for accurate shooting over long distances for under $250.

  • Available in different pin diameter variations from 0.010” to 0.019”.
  • Can buy for both hands, glow in the dark sight ring.
  • Superb accuracy, perfect for long-range shooting.
  • React pro-technology, made with light-weight material.
  • The adjustable panel, windage, and elevation settings.
  • Bright fiber optic pins.
  • Sit bubble may fall down.


Our editor recommends the Trophy Ridge React pro sight to experienced archers, it is specifically designed for accuracy in shots over long distances. 

It is a pricey choice and actually best for taking down big games. Furthermore, the full package with all the necessary components you can get for under $350.

2. Trophy Ridge React H5 – Best 5-Pin Bow Sight

If you are looking for a devastating bow sight for shooting over huge distances then the Reach H5 by Trophy Ridge is a pretty good opinion. 

It is ready to perform just out of the box and helps in narrowing the aims on targets. The model comes with the rheostat light system and is actually helpful for shooting in low-light. 

Overall, React H5 is the improved version of React V5 and available at a pocket-friendly price.

Design & Visuality

Trophy Ridge React H5 sight is capable of aiming at over 70 yards distance. 

It includes 0.019” fiber optic pins and also features innovative react technology. Strengthen accuracy over long distances, highly precise sight reduces the chances of mistakes while hunting. 

Ballistic Copolymer systems reduce vibrations while maintaining light-weight strength. Its unit is compatible with all compound bow models; installation is pretty easy.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a world-wide archery brand and that is a full package in it. 

It is offering high-quality products at very pocket-friendly prices. React H5 bow sight is a remarkable scope for the compound bows that is exceptionally accurate and precise. 

Use metal knobs instead of Allen keys for adjusting the bow pin sights. It is available in different glows in the dark colors and can be installed on both sides. 

You can get the Best 5-Pin Bow sight for under $120.

  • strengthen accuracy over long distances.
  • Makes easy corrections with the advanced-level micro clicks.
  • React Por technology, Ballistic copolymer system.
  • Multiple glow in the dark color availability.
  • High-quality visuals, made with durable fiber material.
  • Many times, the light doesn’t work.


If you are looking for a lite version of V5 Trophy Ridge Bow Sight then the H5 react pro is a perfect choice. 

It is made with high-quality aluminum and fiber material and 100% tested for long-lasting use. Furthermore, optic pins include illuminated LED lights for clear visibility in low-light.

3. Trophy Ridge Pursuit Bow Sight – Best for Short-Range

As the Rule of Thumb, never use more pins than you need. 

If you are looking for an accurate bow sight for over 30 yards then the Trophy Ridge Pursuit is the most suitable choice. 

its high-performance vertical pin allows ultra-price adjustments for the sight. You can switch modes with the micro push lever and also can set the brightness according to the environment. 

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Bow sight is available with its all components at a reasonable price.  

Design & Visuality

Trophy Ridge Pursuit is a vertical single pin bow sight available with the windage and elevation settings. 

High-quality Delrin bushes prevent the metal-on-metal conduction and also makes the panel look impressive. 

Adjustable brightness features allow suitability with the environment, it is actually helpful while hunting at dawn or dusk. The optic pin has to indicate glow in the dark end for maintaining accuracy even in low-light.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a reliable archery company that is known for the durability and affordability of its products. 

Pursuit single pin bow sight is created with highly durable aluminum material, it doesn’t add effective mass to the riser. 

Rheostat light system maintains the brightness while hunting in low-light. 0.019” diameter pins for ultimate visibility, it also includes a built-in bubble level that ultimately indicates the position of the bow from ground level. 

Furthermore, the price of Trophy Ridge bow sight is really affordable, you can buy it for under $100.

  • High-quality manufacturing material used, accurate pin.
  • Includes a bright green LED bulb on the end of the pin, 
  • Elevation, and windage settings.
  • Best for low budget increased coverage.
  • May be uncomfortable to sight in.


There are many accurate bow sights available but Trophy Ridge Pursuit stands 1-grade up due to its react technology. 

It is an inexpensive choice and can be more suitable for beginners. Built-in bubble level helps in recognizing the bow position. 

Furthermore, it is compatible with all the latest versions of compound bows and can be adjusted on both sides of the riser.  

4. TRUGLO Carbon XS Bow Sight – Best for Low Budget

TRUGLO Carbon XS is a modern bow sight that is available with an intrepid shocking design. its color imperatively matches with each state and reduces the disruption opportunities. 

The ultra-lightweight unit adds no mass in the compound bows and is also compatible with its all models. Overall, carbon XS bow sight is the full package in its to deal with accuracy and range.

Design & Visuality

TRUGLO XS bow sight offers a circular field view, its aperture has a 1.8” inch inner diameter. 

High-quality reversible bracket for greater vertical adjustability. Glow in the dark metal crafted ring helps in aligning the peep sight in dusk or dawn. 

Its panel is fully adjustable and adds no weight to the riser. Light can be switched with the micro push buttons; it is a good opportunity for hunting in low-light. 

Two vertical bars help in leveling the sight in many positions.

Brand & Affordability

TRUGLO is the world’s #1 company in manufacturing high-quality bow sights. It has been working with a team of experienced engineers and promises for product quality. 

Carbon XS is an accurate carbon-composite bow sight that is made with highly durable fiber material. 

it is pretty adjustable for both hand orientations that means you can install the sight on the up or down both sides of the riser. 

Excellent visuals at even for under 40$ is a noteworthy choice for archers.

  • The ultra-light-weight unit features micro push illumination.
  • Fiber construction needs fewer adjustments.
  • Best for both hand orientations, compatible with all compound bow models.
  • Best Bow sight under $40, clear visuals, maintained accuracy.
  • The vertical bar level includes reversible brackets.
  • Molded plastic doesn’t hold the riser correctly.


According to us, TRUGLO Carbon XS Bow Sight is a devastating option for hunting over 50 yards. It is pretty accurate, weightless, and made with durable material. 

Furthermore, the visual quality is extremely good even in low-light, you can easily shoot in dawn or dusk.

5. TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Bow Sight – Affordable Choice

Carbon Hybrid is the most strengthened accurate bow sight that is designed for shooting over 60 yards distance. 

It is constructed with an optimized combination of carbon composites and aluminum material. With excellent strength to weight ratio and unparalleled durability, it is the most precise bow sight ever designed. 

TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid sight is available with all the necessary components at very economical packages.

Design & Visuality

TRUGLO Bow sight is available in PRO-BRITE Pin Design for improved durability and brightness. 

Its hybrid construction transfers less vibration to the needles while releasing the arrows. 

Extra-long fibers and reversible brackets offer maximum adjustment relief. Light-weight carbon composites manufactured unit adds no weight and mass on the riser. 

It offers standard and micro elevation adjustments. Furthermore, Tru-Fusion hybrid technology is considered best for maintaining accuracy in bow sight.

Brand & Affordability

TRUGLO is a big outdoor company and specifically known for its high-quality bow sights. 

Carbon Hybrid is one of the most demanded bow sights that is the full package with durability and accuracy. 

It is available in exclusive camouflage and black colors at a very cost-effective price. You can get the TRUGLO Carbon bow sight with its all components for under $70.

  • The adjustable second and third axis, 1.9” scope diameter.
  • Multi-pin sight mounting positions, PRO BRITE Pin design.
  • DDP decreasing diameter design, Soft-touch coating.
  • Best bow sight under $70, glow in the dark pins.
  • The Sights are good and also bright but the light doesn’t work many times.


Truglo Carbon is a hybrid bow sight that is known for transferring fewer vibrations in pins. It is available in different designs with the 5-pin setup. 

Both axes are pretty adjustable and great to shoot over 60 yards. It is available at a very pocket-friendly price, you have no need to attach any external component for its installation.

6. Trophy Ridge React V5 Bow Sight – Best for Long-range Shooting

If you are looking for a mathematically precise bow sight for shooting over long distances then meet the Trophy Ridge React V5. 

It includes React Pro technology that offers automatic configuration of pins on optimized locations. 

A clear unobstructed view of the targets with the vertical Line-Pin system is ideal for the archers. React V5 is the improved model of React Pro bow sight which is available at a very cost-effective price.

Design & Visuality

Trophy Ridge React V5 sight is exclusively designed for shooting over long-distances. The light-weight unit adds no mass on the riser and gives relief for both side adjustments. 

Not just but the react bow sight also reduces the vibrations while maintaining the ballistic Copolymer system.

Built-in bubble levels indicate the bow position comparatively to the surface of the ground. Dual-axis adjustments offer strengthened accuracy over large distances.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a well-honored archery company and has been serving its durable products for over 6 decades. 

React V5 bow sight is an incredible opinion and improved version of React Pro sight. It offers a great deal for high visuals and accuracy. 

Price is surprisingly very low; you can buy the React V5 bow sight with all the necessary components for under $150.

  • Mathematical Precision, built-in bubble level.
  • Unobstructed view, Vertical Pin technology.
  • React Technology for optimization of sight pins.
  • Best Bow Sight Under $150, Strengthen accuracy over long distances.
  • Polymer coating makes the bow sight look bent outward.


We highly recommend the trophy ridge React V5 bow sight to the beginner, it is pretty easy to adjust and available at a very cost-effective price. 

Furthermore, the rheostat light system is also included which is helpful in shooting accurately at dawn or dusk.

7. SAS Aluminum 5 Pin Bow Sight – Economical Choice

SAS bow sight is known for its accuracy, it is capable of narrowing arrows on targets over long distances. 

It includes tool-fewer micro-adjustments, there is no need for using Allen keys to drive the nobs. Its unit is made with CNC machined aluminum material and lasts long.

Design & Visuality

SAS Aluminum bow sight is an illuminated unit designed for shooting in dawn and dusk. Its fiber optic pins glow in the dark dot end for mathematical precision in low light. 

High-quality built-in bubble level continuously indicates the position of the bow from the surface level. It is a shake-test passed and available with 0.019” diameter pins.

Brand & Affordability

Southland Archery Supply is a reliable archery store and has been serving durable bow sights at very affordable prices. 

Aluminum 5-Pin Bow Sight is an incredible unit that is available with detachable LED light. Accurate markings for elevation and windages. 

It is a great deal with durability and accuracy, you can buy the SAS bow sight for under $50.

  • Available in black and camouflage design, adjustable knobs.
  • LED light for illumination in dark, shake-test passed.
  • 0.019” diameter pins, Best Bow Sight under $50.
  • May be hard to sight in.


SAS bow sight is an excellent choice for entry-level archers. It is crafted with high-quality aluminum material and coated with very soft material. 

The entire unit is adjustable, it offers nobs for the pin modifications. 

8. Black Gold Rush Bow Sight – Best for Mid-Level Archers

Black Gold Rush bow sight is known for its high-performance chromatic shell. It is 80 percent tougher and changes the color very fast. 

Illuminated fiber optic pins used for hunting in low-light, it features adjustable axes. 

Overall, the Black Gold Rush sight is a full package with strong accuracy, it is available at a very pocket-friendly price.

Design & Visuality

Black Gold Rush bow sight includes black in the dark sight ring. It is featuring interchangeable fluorescent sight rings that are pretty helpful while hunting in low-light. 

Bomb-Proof 1-piece machined micro groove pins are used that are adjustable. Aluminum guard offers maximum durability and protection in uncertain conditions. 

Calibrated horizontal and vertical gang adjustment helps in making the sight suitable for the environment.

Brand & Affordability

Black Gold is a popular archery company that is an expert in manufacturing durable archery products.

Rush is a 5-pin bow sight that is designed for shooting over 60 yards distance. it can be installed on both sides of the riser due to the flexible panel. 

Furthermore, the Gold Rush bow sight is available at a very cost-effective price, you can buy it for under $130.

  • Illuminated bow sight ring, built-in bubble level.
  • More versatile, pretty adjustable.
  • Interchangeable fluorescent ring.
  • Keys are needed for adjustments.


Black gold is a well-built 5 pin bow sight and designed for middle-level archers. It is available with illuminated sight pins and a ring. 

CNC machined Aluminum unit is lightweight and adds no mass on the riser.

9. Spot Hogg Grinder MRT Bow Sight – Accurate Sight Ever

If you are looking for a simple but manageable bow sight then the Spot Hogg Grinder is a perfect choice. 

It is pretty easy to install on a riser and compatible with all the latest models of compound bows. Glow in the dark sight ring and pins are really helpful in sighting in low-light. 

Spot Hogg MRT sight is available with all the necessary components at a very affordable price.

Design & Visuality

Spot Hogg MRT Bow sight is a really adjustable unit that is available with easy windage and elevation settings. 

High-quality metal knobs used instead of screwdrivers, you can drive without Allen keys. Rugged compact design lasts long and 100% tested to stand in uncertain conditions. 

It is crafted for the hard-working hill busting hunters in mind and best for long-range shooting.

Brand & Affordability

Spot Hogg is a reliable archery brand that has been serving its durable products for over 3 decades.

Grinder MRT is an accurate bow sight that is specifically designed for taking down big games. It includes glow in the dark ends on pins and sight rings.

Spot Hogg 100% guarantee for the accurate narrowing of targets. Grinder MRT is a full package with accuracy and durability. 

It is available with all the necessary components for under $250.  

  • Incredible design, glow in the dark ring.
  • Made with durable aluminum material.
  • Best for shooting over 60 yards distances, adjustable axis.
  • Pricey bow sight bot not worthy.


Spot Hogg Grinder MRT is a remarkable bow sight that is made with carbon composites and aluminum material. 

it is an accurate sight for shooting over 60 yards distances and includes an adjustable axis. Furthermore, high-quality glow in the dark pin ends and the sight ring are pretty helpful while shooting in low-light.

10. IQ Bowsight 5-Pin Micro – Best for Right Hand

When it comes to accuracy, IQ Bowsight stands 1-grade up than other bow sights. 

Best glow in the dark sight ring and pins are helpful while shooting in low-light. it can be the right choice for the Easton hunters, they can narrow perfect shots on whitetails.

Design & Visuality

IQ Micro is an ultra-bright bow sight that includes Retinal Lock technology that controls muscle memory. 

The right-handed molded design fits perfectly on the risers. Stack tight 0.019” diameter optic pin is appropriate with size and best focus on the targets over a long distance.

Brand & Affordability

IQ Bowsight is a well-known company that has been serving its accurate bow sights for over 6 decades. 

The 5-Pin Micro bow sight is best for shooting over 60 yards and keeping the accuracy. It is available at a very cost-effective price; you can buy the IQ bow for under $100.

  • Glow in the dark frame, bright needle ends.
  • Compatible with all bow models need no Allen key.
  • Best for money, adjustable axes.
  • Levels may split after many shots.


IQ Bowsight’s Micro sight is the best 5-Pin unit that is specifically designed for taking down games from over 70 yards. 

The package includes all the components and there is no need for Allen Key due to metal knobs. You can buy it for under $100.

Buyer Guide to Best 5 Pin Bow Sight

Whether you are an amateur or expert archer, it is part of the game and assists shot direction toward accuracy. It is being manufactured in various models on an industrial scale even many companies are doing business with these bow scopes.

However, buying a good bow sight can be tricky if you haven’t walked through the listed crucial factors. it consumes your little time but preserves a lot of precious money, so let’s begin.

Sight Considerations

The bow sight is consisting of a complex unit of optical and hardware. Its sight ring includes the visual pins for clearly aiming at targets and is purely manufactured with quality fiber or aluminum. Unlike the single dot bow sights, these pins are flexible and can be set to different distances.

Here’s the gist of what you need to know about sight from budget to build quality. So, consider every single factor if you truly want a significant difference in your shooting abilities.

  • Set a Budget: Experience and practice imperatively help in extending the protentional multi-pin bow sights but archers can’t lift a sight to withstand its limitations. Being seen bow sights are costing over 400$ but according to our expert hunting editors, you can go with 100-150$ for the appropriate decision. No doubt, it covers the adjustability but enough for even professional predators.
  • Apt Pin Size: Large pins cover the sight house that reduces accuracy while aiming over long distances. So, 0.019” to 0.010” is the most appropriate dimension referred to newcomers by expert archers. it’ll be more precise in aiming at games in 25 to 100 yards so eternally prefer the 0.019” start and 0.010” end pins for perfection in shots.
  • Adjustability: 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability add an exclusive impact in archery shooting. These tool-free regulations allow you to change the panel settings according to your comfortability. 2nd axis adjustability is becoming a standard feature while the 3rd axis can cost more. It helps in long-range shooting with steep angles and also enhances accuracy.
  • Durability: Ordinarily, aluminum material is rated superior for manufacturing the brackets and entire panel. But many archers prefer fiber made units and stayed them excellent due to their lightness. However, avoid plastic made bow sights, these stand fewer chances to survive in uncertain conditions.
  • Illumination: Most of the games are supposed to perfect shots of dusk or dawn. Certainly, you need a bright bow sight for taking down these animals so, make sure the illumination system of your sight. Many bow sights are available with glow in the dark sight ring and pin ends. That is just because of their good-quality manufacturing material that behaves uniformly gleaming in dark.
  • Brand: Since there are a lot of brands that are making archery equipment so a buyer should have knowledge about sight’s brand. Buying from a well-known brand is always a good option as you don’t need to be worried about customer service, support, and quality-related stuff. Below are a few well-known bow sight brands.

These are the crucial aspects that you must keep in mind while buying the 5-Pin Bow sight.

Single Pin Vs. Multi-Pin Decision

Choosing a satisfactory pin configuration is a must problem with newcomers. I spoke to grandfather (George Laius) for the solution, and they held the single statement “Never use more pins than you needed.” Let me clarify here which is the right decision for you.

  • Single-Pin Bow Sight: A high number of pins obstruct 40-50% view and you are a big fool if you are still falling for best 5-7 pin bow sights. Single-pin bow sights are considered straightforward for hunting small games in a limited 25 yards range. Over it, the sight goes to guesswork which is not pleasant.
  • Three-Pin Bow Sight:  if you love to take down whitetails in the states then a 3-pin bow sight is the most suitable choice. it usually ranges to 45 yards accurately in low-light, which is a good opportunity for killing large games.
  • Five-Pin Bow Scopes: Exclusively, 5-pin bow sight is designed for shooting over an extended range. It is the most used bow sight in the entire archery field and easily can aim at games from over 60 yards. For the Easton whitetail predators, it can be an appropriate decision.
  • Sven-Pin Bow Sight: The large number of pins usually used for shooting over 100-150 yards but it is a rare case for predators. Overall, extra pins obstruct the focus and there are fewer chances that archers miss the aim. 
  • Hybrid Bowsight: it’ll be right to say, Hybrid Bowsight is the most favored choice of predators. It supports an incredible hybrid system for configuring the pin in 1,3,5,7 different modules and you can covertly bow sight into any pin sight with the little modifications. It costs a little more than other sights but worth it.

Some General Tips

Ordinarily, 100-150$ costing bow sights includes all the required hallmarks but many other exclusive things such as accuracy bar, upgraded adjusters for axis, etc. cost over. Small and large both bars tend to be a bit more accurate and makes it easier to get around the bushes and trees without getting caught in.

These sights also incorporate an advanced relay system for fixing the axis. Such as, Allen bolts are replaced with high-quality nobs that you can raise for adjustability. Modify the 2nd and 3rd axis for owning a comfortable sight in.

Added great factor in these premium-class bow sights, their penal support picture modification. Not just, the jury also features different brightness levels for suitability in every environment.

Can you add more pins to bow sight?

Of course, anyone can add extra pins in his bow sight. It costs just $7 per pin and 10 minutes of your time. Usually, a hybrid unit supports multiple pin options and you can cover over 150 yards distance with a little modification.

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